Will Coconut Oil Remove Temporary Tattoos

Will Coconut Oil Remove Temporary Tattoos? Of Course, It Will!

Yes, coconut oil removes press-on decals and airbrush tattoos.

Surprisingly, you can also use coconut oil to remove henna temporary tattoos.

The best part about temporary tattoos is that they don’t last long.

Some will take less than a week, the longest barely a month.

Nevertheless, there are situations where you will want the tattoo to last shorter than its lifetime. 

This is where we step in, coconut oil, which is readily available at home, in hand;

Will Coconut Oil Remove Temporary Tattoos?

Yes, coconut oil is beneficial when removing temporary tattoos. 

Sometimes you want a temporary for just a day’s occasion, and it no longer serves a purpose when the occasion is over.

Other times your large sleeve tattoo has to go as you need to attend a serious interview.

Then there are times when your anti-tattoo parents or guardians suddenly decide to visit you.

Regardless of your scenario, there are times when you need homemade products to save your day.

And when this day is about temporary tattoo removal, coconut oil is among the top solutions.

Despite the temporary tattoo type, the good news is that coconut oil has a way around it.

How Can You Remove Temporary Tattoo Using Coconut Oil?

Though coconut oil is favorable for removing any temporary tattoo, the process is different for each.

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Let’s skip to the different procedures;

Removing Press-On Decal and Airbrush Tattoos Using Coconut Oil

Press-on decal and airbrush tattoos are simpler to remove than henna tattoos. So, let’s dig into the process;

You will need the following;

  • A bowl of coconut oil
  • Awash towel
Extracted fresh coconut oil from coconut
Extracted fresh coconut oil from coconut


  1. Apply the Coconut Oil on the Tattoo

First, dip a part of the washcloth in the coconut oil, and apply it gently to the tattoo.

Ensure that you are generous on the areas where the tattoo is most stressed, such as the edges and major features.

  1. Leave the Oil on the Tattoo

Then, leave the oil to work on the tattoo for some minutes.

The oil disintegrates the ink and weakens it.

The weakened ink is simpler to remove and at least doesn’t cause any pain.

  1. Rub the Oil On the Tattoo

After some minutes, rub the oily tattoo with the washcloth.

You don’t have to be vigorous, as this could hurt you, but apply pressure on the washcloth.

You will see the tattoo start to crack, which is a great thing.

Continue to scrub it until the ink fades away completely.

  1. Wash the Area With Soap and Water

Your skin will look oily by the time you are done with the coconut oil scrubbing.

So, wash the area with soap and water to get rid of the oil.

Be gentle with the wash, as the area is quite sensitive from the scrubbing.

And finally, you have your clean slate skin, with no trace of the tattoo.

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Removing Henna Tattoo Using Coconut Oil

Unlike airbrushes and press-on tattoos, henna is quite difficult to remove.

It is already deeper in the skin, which hardens the task.

Luckily, this does not equate to impossibility.

For this reason, let’s get on to the process of removing henna tattoos using coconut oil;

You will need the following;

  • Raw brown sugar
  • Coconut oil
  • A washcloth
Brown sugar
Brown sugar
  1. Rub Coconut Oil On the Tattoo

Start with rubbing coconut oil on the tattoo, and if you can, liquefy the oil before the application.

Let it rest on the area for some minutes, which will give it time to disintegrate the ink.

  1. Add Brown Sugar to the Tattoo

On top of the coconut oil, add raw brown sugar.

The sugar helps enhance the scrubbing process, fastening the henna tattoo removal.

  1. Scrub the Tattoo

Take the washcloth and scrub the sugar-oil mix all over the tattoo—stress on the edges and areas where the ink is more concentrated.

Then, leave the mixture in the area for some time, allowing the coconut oil more time to disintegrate the ink. 

  1. Wash the Area with Soap and Water

After some minutes of thorough scrubbing, get soapy water and wash the area.

It is more likely that the ink will have faded away but not fully gone.

In this case, repeat the procedure with coconut oil and brown sugar until the henna fades away completely.

Henna tattoo removing tips

Why Is Coconut Oil the Best for Temporary Tattoo Removal?

A Natural essential oil that moisturizes the skin

Coconut oil is a natural essential oil that moisturizes the skin.

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Therefore, it is skin-friendly, and it ensures that the skin does not crack under pressure.

Therefore, it is a great choice for safe temporary tattoo removal.

Over and above that, coconut oil disintegrates ink that is on the skin’s surface.

Therefore, while it speeds the healing process after a permanent tattoo, it is not friendly to temporary ink.

Thus, you can use it for temporary ink removal to fasten the process of removal.

Temporary ink does not last long, and within a month, the most stubborn will be off.

Hence, if coconut oil, which disintegrates it, is used, the removal will be a walk in the park.

Finally, coconut oil is an oil-based product. Most safe oil-based products are suitable for removing temporary tattoos.

Whether you use baby oil, other essential oils, or coconut oil, you will get faster and more efficient results.

Coconut Oil for Temporary Tattoo Removal

If you want a tattoo for a day or have had your kid decorate themselves for an occasion, coconut oil comes in handy at the end of the day.

Even when the tattoo is still new, the oil-based product will ensure that you get it off at will.

The henna tattoo also can be removed using coconut oil.

Final Word

Coconut oil is an excellent solution when you want to remove henna, press-on tattoos, and airbrushes.

It disintegrates the ink within minutes while scrubbing the tattoo with the oil removes the tattoo completely. 

You may need additional brown sugar to help with henna, but coconut oil remains the main ingredient.

So, now you have your DIY solution confirmation.

You can finally face your temporary tattoo with confidence.

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