Can You Put Temporary Tattoos on Paper

Can You Put Temporary Tattoos on Paper?

Yes, you can. The most beautiful part about a temporary tattoo is its lack of limitation. You can put it on paper, plastic, and even glassware. Hence, you can have that temporary decor on paper for a beautiful addition to your art.

Other than that, you can make your DIY tattoo on paper, then transfer it to your skin. Something simple and personal, but trust me, it lasts long enough. Do you want to learn more about temporary tattoos on paper? Let’s get on to it;

Can You Put Temporary Tattoos on Paper?

Yes, you can put temporary tattoos on paper. Essentially, temporary tattoos refer to tattoos that last for a short time. Usually, the tattoo may last for a day, while options last for a month.

Let’s have a look at the different tattoos that you can put on paper;

Press-On Decal Temporary Tattoos

You will need;

  • A hard graph paper
  • A hardcover book or just a hardcover
  • Water spray
  • The press-on tattoo

Here is the process of putting the press-on decal on paper;

  1. Get the Design

First, get the design that you wish for your paper, which goes with the theme of your art or project.

Drawing the tattoo design on a paper
Drawing the tattoo design for the paper
  1. Fix the Tattoo on the Paper

Put the hard book or hardcover under the paper to prevent the paper from tearing. Unfortunately, this process involves spraying water on the paper, which weakens the paper.

Now, remove the foil covering the tattoo and press the tattoo on the piece of paper where you want it. Ensure that the side facing the paper is the side with the tattoo decal. Then, rub it gently to ensure that the contact is strong.

  1. Spray the Tattoo
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Use the water spray to spray some water on top of the tattoo without getting the water to wet the paper. Wetting the tattoo helps copy the tattoo more efficiently on paper.

  1. Gently Rub on the Tattoo Peel

Rub on the tattoo peel gently, encouraging the tattoo to copy on the paper. This step ensures that the design transfers completely onto the paper. Take your time to ensure that the whole design is on paper.

When you lift the paper from the hardcover, you should see the outline of the tattoo.

  1. Time to Peel Off!

Once you see the tattoo outline on the opposite side of the paper, gently peel off the tattoo peel from the paper.  And there! You have the press-on tattoo on paper.

Henna Tattoos on Paper

Fortunately, if you are practicing art, you can put henna tattoos on paper as well. Here is the process of ensuring that you finally get a lovely design on paper;

You will need the following;

  • Henna bottle or powder
  • A small bowl of water
  • A piece of paper
  • Pencil and eraser


  1. Get the Henna Tattoo Design

Mostly, you apply henna on the palms, hands, and feet. If you don’t know where to start, you can look up Pinterest for henna designs. You can also customize a unique design to sell. Once you have the idea, get on with the henna preparation.

  1. Henna Preparation

Henna is quite thick when in its bottle. So if you have the powder, you will also have to make a solution for it.

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You can neutralize the thickness with some water in a bowl, then mix the solution until it is even. Then, cover it to prevent it from thickening or drying. 

  1. Draw Your Design on Paper

Now, you can get on to paper, drawing your design. I find it easier to trace your foot or palm on the paper, which will give you the exact location and size where you want the design.

Draw your design using a pencil, as there is a high possibility that you will have more than a few corrections. 

Once you perfect the drawing with a pencil, get on to your henna. Apply the henna using a henna brush gently and take your time.

  1. Transfer the Henna Design on Your Skin

You can leave the design on the paper and keep it as part of your tattoo.

Now that you have the henna design on paper, you can transfer it onto your foot or palm, depending on your target area. Gently pick the paper and let the design rest on your skin. Hold it firmly on your palm for a minute, then peel off the paper.

There, you will have your henna design on your palm, hand, or foot. The best part is that you did it on your own, without external help.

Can You Draw a Temporary Tattoo on Paper?

Yes, you can draw a tempo tattoo on paper, which you can then transfer onto your skin. The above process of a henna tattoo is an example. However, if you want a less complicated version, here are some DIY tips for a process;

Firstly, get a simple design of your choice, and draw it using a pencil on a piece of paper. Once you perfect the drawing, trace it with an ink pen for a bolder design.

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Before the ink dries, place the paper on your skin where you want the tattoo and press it for optimal contact.

When you remove the paper, the tattoo remains on your skin, and it should take you a couple of days.

How to Put Temporary Tattoos on Plastic?

Other than paper, you can also put a temporary tattoo on plastic to customize a cup or an accessory. Here is a DIY on how to do this;

If you prefer press-on tattoos, get one that fits your plastic accessory and theme. Then, press it on the accessory just as you would on the paper, and add some water to enhance the tattoo design transfer. Next, rub it softly on the accessory, then remove the peel gently after some time.

What if you want a henna tattoo on plastic? You will need to draw the design using a pencil, but you can use the henna brush if you are already into the art. Come up with a design of your choice depending on the occasion and theme.

With henna, you can draw the design on paper, then transfer it to the area where you want it. Next, press it on the plastic for some minutes before removing it and then dry.

Point to Note;

Whenever you use a henna tattoo, whether on the skin or in plastic, ensure that you allow it to dry. Even after drying, do not expose it to water for at least 12 hours. This duration ensures that the tattoo lasts longer.

Final Thoughts

Can you put temporary tattoos on paper? Yes, you can. Better still, you can put any temporary tattoo on paper. It’s even more amazing when you can use the same temporary tattoo on paper and transfer it to your skin.