Are Temporary Tattoos a Sin

Are Temporary Tattoos a Sin? Find Out Before Getting a Tattoo

Quick Answer

No, As the readings of the Bible, temporary tattoos are not a sin.

Whether temporary tattoos are a sin has become a controversial issue discussed among people for a long time.

While we all know that the Bible kicks against making Tattoos on the skin, some people believe temporary tattoos are exempt.

Some people even argued that temporary tattoos are fake Tattoos; hence they should not be considered a sin.

But before I jump right in, let’s see what a temporary tattoo is.

Temporary Tattoos are decorative images that are applied to the skin for a short time. Unlike permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos are novelty items, and a good example is “henna“.

Temporary Tattoos are not as painful as applying permanent tattoos, and they also are affordable compared to permanent tattoos.

Are Temporary Tattoos a sin?

Are Temporary Tattoos a sin

I strongly believe that temporary tattoos are not a sin

As long as the temporary Tattoos are not for idolatry or witchcraft, they should be worn with pride.

Many people have argued this; it doesn’t change that temporary tattoos do not involve cutting the skin.

After all, that’s what the Bible refers to as a sin.

In the end, it all buzzes down to your conviction.

Deep down, do you think a temporary tattoo is a sin?

Some questions you could ask yourself before deciding to do a temporary tattoo include, what does the quick tattoo means, or why am I getting a temporary tattoo?

If you can answer the two questions honestly, then you can make the best decision whether to get a temporary tattoo or not.

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Is getting a tattoo a mortal sin?

As long as a tattoo does not cause you or others to sway away from serving God, it is not considered a mortal sin

Tattoos are just another form of art and creativity.

Some churches view tattoos as a cultural heritage; hence, cultures should be respected.

Most Catholic churches have no objections to wearing a tattoo.

All that matters is what a tattoo portrays.

As long as it does not make you engage in mortal sins like envy, vanity, stealing, murder, etc., it is safe to draw your favorite art on your skin.

Does the Bible say not to get tattoos?

In the Bible,  Leviticus 19:28 says, thou shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead or tattoo any marks on you

This is the commonly referred scriptural verse when it comes to the subject of getting a tattoo.

Still, it doesn’t rule out or kick against getting a tattoo. Allow me to explain.

Getting a tattoo, especially in this era, does not have anything to do with the dead.

Many people opt for tattoos to look good and enhance their appearance—the same works with make-up, body creams, and clothing.

As earlier mentioned, getting a tattoo is safe if you answer the two questions without a cliché.

The simple truth is that tattoos are just another form of the invention, just like cars, airplanes, and other technological advancements.

So, if using these technologies is not a sin, wearing a tattoo is not a sin either.

Is it a sin to get a tattoo of a cross?

Depending on your taste and motives, there are no limits to how creative you can get with tattoos.

It’s all about creativity.

If getting a tattoo of a cross seems fine to you, go ahead and make yourself happy.

Be proud to show your creativity to the world.

The world needs more creativity not to be boring to live in.

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What does the Bible say about tattoos in revelations?

In the Bible, there’s a scripture that points out tattoos on the body of Jesus Christ.

Surprising, isn’t it? Revelation 19:16 says, Jesus has a name written on his thigh, and if you will ask me, that’s another creativity with tattoos.

So, if you decide to go with a favorite image of yours or a name on your skin, be rest assured you are not doing anything bad.

Never forget this, Jesus had one, and you can too. So, happy tattooing.

The best place to put a temporary tattoo

Not all places on your body are great for temporary tattoos.

Where you decide to put a temporary tattoo can determine the longevity of your temporary tattoo.

Some parts of the skin are prone to warp and stretch and can make a temporary tattoo not last long.

So keep reading to see the best places to put a temporary tattoo.

Your back:

Getting a temporary tattoo on your back seems logical with creativity.

It is ideal for protecting temporary tattoos from UV rays since it’s always covered with clothing

The back is a stable part of the body.

It rarely gets stretched or affected by external factors.

A man wearing a tattoo on his back

Your thighs:

You can opt to place a temporary tattoo on your thigh.

The thigh is not always open in the sun, so it stands to be an excellent place to put a temporary tattoo

Apart from being protected from UV rays, the tights complement most temporary tattoo designs.

Your ribcage:

Another great place to put temporary tattoos is the rib cage.

The rib cage also protects temporary tattoos from UV rays

But make sure the temporary Tattoos do not extend to your abdomen because the abdomen is always prone to stretch and wraps.

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Even more, extending a tattoo to the abdomen can be risky, should you eventually get pregnant.

Your Arm:

If you are always under the sun, you can consider placing your temporary tattoo on your inner arm to make it last longer.

Outside the arm is a good idea for people who hardly get under the sun

Also, you can choose to hide your temporary tattoo undersleeves or wear armless clothes to make them visible.

The choice is yours.

But whichever you decide, tattoo experts claim that the arm is an excellent spot for temporary tattoos with the added advantage of preventing them from fading quickly.

Your shoulders:

Aging does not affect the skin around the shoulders.

So it’s a great spot for placing a temporary tattoo

Be rest assured that a temporary tattoo on your shoulder will stay put and stand the test of time.

Flower tattoo on the shoulder
Flower tattoo on the shoulder
Simple bird tattoo on the shoulder
Simple bird tattoo on the shoulder
A branch of flower tattoo on the woman's shoulder
A branch of flower tattoo on the woman’s shoulder

Your Hairline:

If you want to get creative with placing temporary tattoos on your body, your hairline is a good place to consider.

Getting temporary tattoos on the hairline is not common as with the other parts of the body.

However, it is unique for temporary tattoos since the area is not constantly exposed to sunlight.

It’s a plus for your temporary tattoo if you have long hair that covers your hairline.

As a note, the worst places to put a temporary tattoo are your feet, hands, fingers, crease lines, and abdomen.

These areas of the body are open to UV rays and skin stretching.


While it is okay to get temporary tattoos and get creative with them, you should only do what pleases you and resonates with your faith.

Depending on your conviction, you can decide to apply a tattoo on your skin or decide to stay away from it.

Nevertheless, a tattoo is an art and embeds so many talents, cultural history, and creation.