Are Temporary Tattoos Safe for Dogs

Are Temporary Tattoos Safe for Dogs? | Complete Guide

Quick Answer

Yes, they are. Temporary tattoos are harmless to the dog’s fur and skin, so you can go ahead and give your dog that amazing-themed tattoo for an occasion or a vacation. 

Creative grooming is all about using art to decorate animals and pets with no skin challenge. 

You can change your dog’s outlook to resemble a lion, a tiger, or any animal in the dog family.

Or, you could give your dog a paw imprint tattoo on its outer thigh for a lovely outlook.

Let’s dig into this and more interesting facts about dog tattooing;

Are Temporary Tattoos Safe for Dogs?

Are Temporary Tattoos Safe for Dogs

As long as the ink is pet-friendly, then yes

Temporary tattoos are safe for dogs. After all, they only last for as long as a week, and the dog goes back to its former outlook.

Or, if you dyed your dog fur a different shade, you could wash off the ink when it is no longer used.

Can You Give Your Dog a Tattoo?

Actually, people have always extended the art of human grooming to animals, including tattoos.

For example, Vets put tattoo marks on the bellies of dogs and cats after neutering and spaying them.

People are also encouraged to put small tattoos on their dogs to prevent them from getting lost

While most people agree that it is okay to tattoo your dog for identification, it has its limits.

Remember how Rodriguez, the tattoo artist, tattooed his two dogs, and this brought an uproar?

It is because even with identification, you can only go as far as giving your dog a tattoo of its whole security number.

Rodriguez’s case even caused the art of tattooing dogs permanently illegal in New York.

It was termed animal abuse, given that the dog’s belly has minimal fur and is quite sensitive.

It is too painful for the dog, not to mention quite meaningless.

So, while it is okay to give your pet dog a temporary tattoo for the summer vacation, the permanent tattoo may be illegal.

So, no, you cannot tattoo your dog permanently

Are Tattoos Bad for Dogs?

Are Tattoos Bad for Dogs

Essentially, temporary tattoos with pet-safe ink are not bad for dogs.

They are fun for their owners, and the dogs also seem to enjoy the attention.

However, the same cannot be said of permanent tattoos.

There are advantages and disadvantages to tattooing your dog permanently. 

Let’s start with the benefits;

  • A tattoo of your dog’s security number or something unique helps identify your dog among many. It also comes in handy when your dog gets lost, so you can easily find it. Being a manual identification method, anyone, from pet shelters to individuals who find your dog stranded, will bring it back to you.
  • The awesome tattoo keeps pet thieves off your dog. Thieves can steal anything worth it, and your pretty dog is no exception. However, the thief will most likely skip a dog with a permanent mark and go for an unmarked one.
  • A pretty personalized tattoo on your dog gives you a sense of ownership. It may be a customized design that you made for just your dog or your family that the dog is part of.

Sadly, tattooing a dog is not always a walk in the park.

Reasons why tattooing the dog is not a good idea;

  • A permanent tattoo is painful, even to humans. However, humans can persevere because they apply it intentionally and are sure to love the outcome. However, the dog, which does not even know why it is subjected to the pain in the first place, suffers great pain.
  • The tattoo opens a leeway to infections. Remember that the tattoo exposes the dog’s skin to a wound that it never had before. And, unlike you, the dog will not take care of the wound, keeping off dirt and infectious places. Therefore, the wound may end up infected, exposing the dog to an illness.
  • Tattooing the dog may land you on the wrong side of the law. It is currently illegal to pierce dogs and pets in New York City and other areas. Therefore, you may end up with animal abuse charges and probably lose your dog in the process.
  • The tattoo may expose the dog to psychological torture. Unfortunately, even after the tattooing experience, your dog will never understand why you did it. It may end up with the fear of coming close to you. Worse still, you might always tremble at the sight of tattooing materials, way after the ordeal.
  • The dog could become aggressive. Do you love the friendly nature of your dog? Subjecting the dog to pain could turn the tables, and the dog may even try to bite you when you try to touch it. Even regular vet checks may not be as peaceful as before.

So, Temporary Tattoos for Dogs?

With the popularity of temporary tattoos, people are getting an urge to decorate their dogs as well.

The best part about temporary tattoos is that they are safe for the dogs, and short-term at that.

Therefore, whether you finally want a panda in your dog for fun or want the smooth cute fur turning pink, you can do it.

Temporary tattoos could be a washable dye or the typical press-on decal tattoos, or even art is done using airbrushes.

But, of course, the most common are airbrushes and dyes.

Why is a temporary tattoo an excellent option for dogs?

  • It is painless, and most dogs don’t even fuse about it.
  • They get the dog’s attention, which the dogs kind of enjoy.
  • Temporary tattoos may be used for pet rescue campaigns.
  • The tattoo allows you to feel good about treating your pet (human psychology, though).
  • It is a way of grooming short-hair dogs to appear more attractive.
  • The dog matches the occasion, according to some temporary tattoo users.

Temporary tattoos for dogs are a custom that is growing rapidly

Today, you get it not only in the US but also in Australia and other regions globally.

It is common among animal groomers, and few human tattoo artists have embraced it.

Therefore, if you want a temporary tattoo for your dog, you can consult with your local pet groomer.

How To Do Temporary Tattoos for Dogs?

How to Do Temporary Tattoos for Dogs

Jorge Bendersky, a pet tattoo artist in the Upper East Side, recommends using dog ink-friendly ingredients. 

The artists use stencils, just as with temporary human tattooing.

The difference is that it is filled with pet skin-friendly glue. Then, they add glitters that look attractive on dogs and could add some rhinestones.

Use dog ink-friendly ingredients, stencils and pet skin-friendly glue

They have tons of unique designs for different dogs, but the dog parent can also customize a design for their dog.

It is advisable to always check the ingredients of your dog’s ink before applying it, which prevents the chances of allergies and risk factors.

Bottom Line

Temporary tattoos are safe for dogs, but only if the ink is designed from canine-safe ink.

So rather than rushing to have your dog tattooed, go through the dog groomer’s ingredients for the tattoos.

On the other hand, avoid permanent tattoos on your dog.

If you have to do it for identification, consult with your vet to know what the law dictates in this regard.

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