How to use temporary hair color spray

How to use temporary hair color spray?

Are you looking for a temporary way of coloring your hair?  So, temporary hair color spray gives you wings to pop up your hair amazingly.  

But without proper knowledge on in what manner to use the hair color spray, you will get into trouble easily and worsen your stunning look as well as lose your money.  

So, before applying the hair color spray read these articles to get more knowledge on every single stuff of hair spray.  

How to use temporary hair color spray? 

So, before applying any kind of hair color spray it is better to read and understand the given instructions on the product and does a patch test before to avoid allergies or skin irritations.  

1. Select appropriate hair color spray and color for your hair

Select appropriate hair color spray and color for your hair

The selection of products will depend on your requirement, natural hair color and type, eye color, and skin tone

 If you want to style up hair for a going party or any special event you can select brighter and more festive colors. But for the causal occasion, you need to use more delicate colors.  

Furthermore, if you own a warmer skin tone it is best to fit with warm hair colors like copper or golden blonde. 

But in contrast, if you own a cooler skin tone it is good to choose cooler hair colors (Blue and pink undertones) such as ash brown, cherry red, and platinum blonde.  

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2. Prepare your hair

Make sure to clean and dry your hair before applying the hair spray. You can shampoo and conditioner your hair. After that, comb your hair thoroughly to prevent tangling and divide hair into several sections that are easy to apply hair spray.  

3. Wear protective clothing

Wear protective clothing

You can wear an old shirt, towel, or any clothes to safeguard your cloth from stains. 

4. Apply the hair spray

Make sure to shake well the can before use. Because it is helpful for equal distribution of color. Then, hold the hair spray keeping a 6-8 inches distance between your hair and the spray. You need to apply the spray from the hair roots to the tips. If you want to apply colors to specific locations on hair then you can divide the sections and apply them according to your wish.  

5. Keep it dry

Finally, after finishing the spraying of hair color keep it completely dry without touching, rubbing, or combing. The keeping time will depend on your hair volume, the intensity of spraying, and the type of hair spray. 

6. Style your hair

After completely drying the hair you can able to style your hair according to your wish. But make sure to avoid forceful combing, tieing, and rubbing. That will cause for speed up the fading of the hair spray color. 

7. Rinse it out

If you want to clean it out then wash it out simply with your regular shampoo and warm water. You can completely remove it with a few washes.  

Tips and tricks for a perfect look 

  • You can prepare a stencil according to the latest and most suitable design for your hair and occasion.  You can draw some shapes or design on cardboard or paper and cut out it. Then place it over a specific place over your hair and apply the hair spray.  
  • You can mix multiple colors of hair sprays and create a unique shading of hair colors. Pink and purple or else blue and green-like colors can try out with mixing. That s a great idea to get you into a new look.  
  • To speed up the drying process and better adhesion of colors you can use a hair dryer. Make sure to use the hair dryer at low heat after applying the hair spray.  
  • You can apply temporary hair spray as a touch-up for hair roots or else hide your grey hair. 
  • You can add glitter or shimmer to the hair spray color before applying it to the hair. That can enhance your stunning look into a sparkling look. Just simply mix the loose glitter or spray-on shimmer product.  
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How long does temporary hair dye spray last? 

Temporary means the hairspray lasts for a few days or a few washes. But in a general context, they last until your first wash after spraying colors.  

That period can be 1-3 days, according to how much adhere to your hair and scalp. Furthermore, the lasting period can depend on some reasons such as the type of hair spray and its quality, natural hair color, and how frequently you wash the hair.  

Moreover, some hair sprays can rub off on your skin, clothes, and any surface in direct contact with them when especially apply hair spray on wet hair. So, that may be one reason for speeding up the fading out of your hair spray more quickly.  

If you spend a lot of time exposed to sunlight as well as swimming that is also another reason for reducing the lasting period of hair spray.  

But hoping to extend the lasting period don’t overuse hair spray and avoid excess heat styling. You can try out color-safe shampoo and conditioner to increase the lasting period to some extent.  

Temporary Hair color spray Staying-Period 
L’Oreal Colorista hair color spray 1-2 washes 
Manic Panic hair spray  2-4 weeks without washing 
Good Dye Young hair spray 1-2 weeks (1-2 washes) 
Lime Crime hair spray 1-2 weeks (Without washing) 
Jerome Russell hair color spray 1-2 washes 

How to make temporary hair dye spray last long?  

It is most important to your awareness of the proper selection, application, and aftercare of temporary hair spray colors. So, we have discussed how to safeguard your hair spray color after applying it to the hair.  

  • Make sure to prevent immediate washing out your hair after applying hair color spray. At least keep it for 24-48 hours to adhere colors well to your hair before washing.  
  • You are spent most of your time outdoors be careful to safeguard your hair from the sun’s harmful radiation. So, try to wear a hat or scarf to prevent sun exposure which can reduce fading out of hair colors.  
  • If you trying to stay longer periods of hair spray colors so you can reapply the hair spray when you need colors more intense or else when colors are beginning to fade away. 
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Final Thoughts  

You can try out multiple hair sprays with varying brands, prices, and qualities but you have to be more intelligent to choose appropriate products among them. So, for that, this blog cover-up more stuff on hair spray application, lasting period, tips for an increasing lasting period, tips for the perfect look, and so on. So, let’s start to pop up your hair using temporary hair color spray.