How long does hair color wax last

How long does hair color wax last? | Know it now

It depends on a wide range of factors.

With fashion becoming everyone’s point of focus, several related industries are witnessing rapid growth.

By 2025, the market size worth will be approximately $41.84 million, thanks to the immense popularity of hair colors.

But the regular liquid or powdered dyes that you will get in the market take a lot of time to color your hair. 

Whenever I wanted to dye my hair, I had to apply the color products at least thrice. Even then my hair color didn’t become prominent or dark enough to be noticed.

That’s when I decided to go with the instant dyeing option- hair color wax.

Hair color wax looks on hair
Hair color wax looks on hair

From the name itself, you can understand that these are wax-based products.

Initially, I was unsure about it.

So, I got a small bottle so that my money wouldn’t go in vain.

After its application, I was gobsmacked! 

In fact, if I say that I was simply shocked would be an understatement.

The coloring was done instantly and my hair didn’t even become dry.

Since then, I have been using this particular hair color product. 

How long does hair color wax last? 

The longevity of the hair color wax depends on a wide range of factors

The longevity depends on starting from the components used in the product to the shampoo you use regularly.

However, certain ways are used which the wax dyes can last for longer times.

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What are wax color dyes?

Applying hair color wax
Applying hair color wax

Wax is a by-product obtained after processing crude petroleum.

It is processed in factories to get the required consistency, density, shape, and so on.

From waxing pellets to candles, it is this by-product that forms the main component. 

To make the hair-colored dyes, several other ingredients are added to this material.

The additives are very gentle and won’t damage your hair or make its texture rough and frizzy.

Apart from this, pigments are also present in the wax but in huge concentrations. 

The hair color waxes are meant for giving an instant color to your hair.

Hence, if the pigment is not present in a huge concentration, the color won’t be dark.

Once the desired color is obtained, the wax is stored in small containers or tubes. 

What are the advantages of using wax hair colors over regular dyes?

Using wax colors instead of regular dyes does sound too strange.

But trust me when I say that using the such product is the best solution.

To give you a little more clarification, we have discussed its benefits below. 

  • The wax hair colors have several additional materials that are gentle. That’s why after application, your texture won’t change or degrade. 
  • If you want instant hair color change, you can easily use these wax dyes. Apply it over the hair strands and wait for a couple of minutes to get the desired look. 
  • Often you will see that the color doesn’t set properly after using the powdered dyes on rougher hair textures. But the wax hair dyes are suitable for all types of textures. 
  • You can combine two or more wax colors to get unique hair looks. For example, mixing pink, red, and white, you can obtain peach color. 
  • Sometimes, the wax hair dyes will make your hair look more voluminous and gorgeous. 
  • Glittery hair color waxes will add a subtle luster in your hair that will help you prepare yourself for parties. 
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Will the hair color wax last for long time?

Different hair colors with hair color wax
Different hair colors with hair color wax

So, when I first tried out the hair color wax, I too researched a lot for this answer.

Quite surprisingly, I found that its longevity is in my hand.

For example, if I can avoid washing or shampooing my hair for a week, the color will stay till that time. 

Usually, the wax colors can last for three to four days

But it is possible only when you don’t apply water or any other liquid-based product to your hair. 

Does hair color wax wash out?

The hair color waxes are thick in terms of consistency.

it may not get washed off immediately after you wet your hairs

It may take some time, about two to three days after which the substance will completely get drained from the hair strands. 

But if you want to remove it quicky, you can try out these following tricks: 

  • Use a shampoo that will cleanse the wax and cause the color to fade. Make sure that you are keeping the shampoo’s lather for at least ten to fifteen minutes before washing. 
  • Apply oil in your hair first and then use the wax dye. The oil will prevent the colors from affecting the keratin concentration, thereby allowing you to wash it off easily. 
  • Using heat treatment is another way by which you can remove the color from your hair strands. Due to the high temperature, the wax will melt and the colored pigments will also fade away. 

How to keep hair color wax for a longer period?

If you love the color of your hair after applying the wax on the strands, you will obviously want it to stay for longer time.

For doing so, you need to keep two things in mind: 

  1. The application of the hair color wax should be done properly. 
  2. All the precautionary measures need to be followed after application. 

In what ways can you apply the hair color wax perfectly? 

Step 1:

First, make sure to cover yourself with a protective clothing.

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This will prevent the wax to stain your shirt or any other apparel you are wearing. 

Wear protection clothes for prevent wax stain
Wear protective clothes for prevent wax stain

Step 2:

Since the hair strands often stay tangled with each other, use a spray solution for detangling the knots.

It will also help you to group the strands properly for wax application. 

Use a spray solution for detangling
Use a spray solution for detangling

Step 3:

Wear gloves so that the colored wax doesn’t cause any allergic reaction in your skin. 

Wear gloves to prevent allergies
Wear gloves to prevent allergies

Step 4:

Using a pointed comb end, part the hairs and hold a strand. It will be best to start from the very middle. 

Use a pointed comb end to part hair
Use a pointed comb end to part the hair

Step 5:

Scoop out the wax using your fingers and apply it over the hair strands. Make sure that the wax layer is evenly applied on the hair. 

Apply hair wax on hair parts
Apply hair wax on hair parts

Step 6:

Once you have covered all the hair strands, leave them to get dried completely. You should move the hairs when the wax is still in semi-wet condition. 

Let hair color wax to dry
Let hair color wax to dry

What are the precautionary steps you need to follow for making the hair color wax last longer?

For increasing the longevity of the temporary hair color wax, you must follow these below-mentioned steps,

  • Do not wash your hair for at least a week. 
  • If you want to take shower, use a hair cap so that the water doesn’t come in contact with your hair. 
  • Do not apply any heat to the hair strands. This means you can’t use a curling iron, blow dryer, or hair straightener. 
  • Another way by which you can make the color stay longer is by using products where the wax’s pigment concentration is high. 

Final thoughts 

In this entire article, I have talked about how you can apply the hair color wax on your hair strands and make it stay for the longest possible time.

Now, it’s up to you how you want to take care of the dyed hair.

Furthermore, from my experience, make sure you only use a high-quality products. 

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