Does temporary hair color wash out

Does temporary hair color wash out? Complete Guide

Quick Answer

Most probably yes, It may completely or more than half will be faded out with your first hair wash.

Do you like mixing up your style now and then? And is that changing your hair? If that’s you, then temporary dyes are for you.

You can change the color of your hair and get an exciting new look without committing to it long-term.

We’ll let you contemplate whether this is the best option for a temporary makeover or if should you choose some other way to dazzle!

Then, read on further to know how to express yourself well. 

What are temporary dyes?

Temporary hair color
Hair dying tools

Temporary colors or semi-permanent color is to change the color of your hair for a really short term

The dye acts as a coating on the hair’s surface instead of permanently changing it.

This creates an easy color on/off solution that you can apply by mixing colors. 

These colors usually last over a month; you just need to apply them to your hair and leave it for 30 minutes.

Then, wash off and get the color you want.

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Do the temporary dye last long?

Most probably yes! Temporary colors do eventually wash out completely after every hair wash

The color, however, starts washing out with every shower, but the fade-out look is something else. 

However, if you want to keep it long, you should look for a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner and a color-protecting primer that should be applied after the hair wash that protects your hair against styling products and UV rays.

Temporary hair dye does gorgeous things
Temporary hair dye does gorgeous things

If you are struggling with How long temporary hair color last, Simply go through our complete guide included everything you should know and tips to make them last longer.

Permanent vs. temporary hair colors

Permanent colors vary a lot when compared to temporary ones.

Some of these differences are:

  • Their chemical compositions are different altogether. Good branded semi-permanent dyes are peroxide and ammonia-free, whereas permanent colors contain hardcore chemicals.
  • Semi-permanent colors don’t change the color of the hair. It just creates a coat over the hair.
  • Permanent colors have a permanent effect as compared to semi-permanent ones.
  • Removing permanent colors is more damaging to your hair than removing semi-permanent dyes. Since you need to change the color of the hair shaft, strong chemicals can do that. That will be very harmful to your hair’s health.
Property of Hair DyeTemporary Hair DyePermanent Hair Dye
Color longevityWashes out gradually after a few washesLong-lasting color – can last for months or even years
Damage to hairMinimal damage to hairCan cause significant damage to hair, especially if not done properly
CostTypically less expensive than permanent dyesTypically more expensive than temporary dyes
Color optionsAvailable a considerable color rangeWide range of color options available
Commitment levelNo commitment to the color changeHigh commitment to the color change, as it may take a while to fade or remove
Temporary hair color vs. Permanent hair color

Does temporary hair dye wash out completely?

Does it wash out
Does it wash out?

Most probably yes! Temporary colors do eventually wash out completely after every hair wash

This is only because the color doesn’t actually change the hair’s original color but rather creates a coating over it.

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If you like a hair color that you’ve applied and wish to keep long, you should reapply every few weeks.

If you wish to apply an entirely different color or wish to come back to your original hair, wait for about two months or so.

Is the temporary hair color damaging my scalp?

Because it is not made of harsh chemicals that could damage your scalp or hair-like permanent colors can do, semi-permanent colors are healthier that way.

If you buy from some good brands, they contain sunflower extracts and various essential oils too that are rich in vitamins and minerals that would prove to be nourishing food material.

Therefore, your hair is left healthy if not improved too.

Are tools or skills needed to apply temporary hair dye?

Not really! Since these products are created by professionals and are also recommended by them, they should be used by them only.

However, you could also find toolkits that these professionals use online and use by following their step-by-step guide, which will make your experience especially well. 

There are so many tutorials online that you could follow with following some hair-protecting routines so that you don’t damage your hair unintentionally.

Apply temporary hair color at home

FAQs for application and effect

How many washes does the semi-permanent color last?

How many washes does my temporary hair color remove?
How many washes does my temporary hair color remove?

With moderate to low use, as well as the composition of less exposure to the sun and swimming pools since they contain chlorine.

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Semi-permanent colors could last around 4 to 6 weeks.

Is a color rinse bad for your hair?

No! It is not since it doesn’t contain ammonia; therefore, it is less damaging than the permanent colors.

Of course, since hair color rinse doesn’t penetrate through the hair strand, it doesn’t last forever, and you will have to repeat the whole process.

Does color rinse cover gray?

Even tones remove brassiness and blend the gray away as a result.

It is non-damaging and instantaneous.

Fortunately, We have an interesting guide on Will temporary hair color cover your gray hair for more information about to cover up your gray hair with temporary hair color.

How do you remove semi-permanent hair color?

Baking soda can be used to strip your hair of the semi-permanent dye by slightly fading it out.

If you wish to use baking soda, make a paste of it and apply over your hair and wash it afterward.


After all this hassle of a read, you can very well make out that semi-permanent dyes are the absolute way to go! 

These are temporary, so you are not stuck with a color.

They can also improve your hair health, and so you’re not stuck with unruly and unhealthy hair.

Also, you can apply these yourselves too. 

if you just follow the professional’s guide step by step, You can simply choose a color or mix two shades and create a new look without the risk of damaging your beautiful and luscious locks.

Therefore, it can be concluded that these are worthy of being bought to dazzle your style and give you a makeover that everyone will talk about.

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