Can you dye your hair with food coloring

Can you dye your hair with food coloring?

Quick Answer

Yes, you can dye your hair using food coloring easily

Are you looking for a cost-effective and convenient way of dyeing your hair? But sure, you will never think about the food coloring for dying your hair.  

So, in this blog post, I think to share my experience on how to use food coloring to dye your hair. No more wasting time let’s move on to our exploring.  

Can you dye your hair with food coloring?  

Dye your hair with food coloring

Yes, why not you can dye your hair using food coloring. Food coloring is an inexpensive method of hair coloring rather than traditional hair color.  

You can easily purchase food coloring from grocery shops, and you can easily be prepared the dye and apply it to your hair at home without the need for a professional hair stylist.  

Most food coloring consists of natural ingredients therefore, that is an ideal option for persons with chemical allergies to traditional hair color.  

But you should remember food coloring is not equal to hair coloring.  

Because both colorings are formulated with different functions. As well as you can’t expect the same result after using food coloring.  

How to dye your hair with food coloring? 

How to dye your hair with food coloring

You can mix several ingredients with food coloring and apply them to your hair.

Such as coconut oil, Aloe Vera, tea, white vinegar, and deep conditioning to provide nourishment, and smooth, moisturize, and soothe hair to you.  

You can apply food coloring using several methods. Such as,  

1. Direct Application  

First, you need to choose suitable food coloring to apply to your hair. Because the food coloring is visible differently when you apply it over your natural hair. 

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Next, prepare the mixture by adding food coloring and the required amount of water. The amount of water will depend on the consistency of the food color.  

Now, you can apply the paste after wearing protective clothing to prevent stains.  

Then leave it for at least 30 minutes for better adhesion to your hair. After that, you can wash out the paste using warm water.  

2. Shampoo method  

Here you need to choose suitable food coloring to apply to your hair color. After that, mix the food color with your regular shampoo to create a tinted shampoo.  

Then apply the shampoo in the normal way you did. Now you must leave the tinted shampoo for at least 5-10 minutes and after that rinse it out.  

3. Conditioner Method  

Hair dye with food coloring and conditioner

Here also the same as the shampoo method.  You must choose suitable food coloring to apply to your hair.  

Next, you must prepare the mixture using food coloring and regular conditioner. After that apply the prepared tinted conditioner to your hair thoroughly. 

Next, apply the tinted conditioner after using your regular shampoo.  Then leave it for 5-10 minutes for better results.  

Finally, you can wash out the tinted conditioner using cold water.  

4. Spray Method  

First, you need to choose and suitable food color for your natural hair color. Then you must prepare a diluted solution by mixing food color with water.  

The amount of water for dilution will depend on the consistency of the food color. Then you need to fill the mixture into the spray bottle.  

Next, spray the mixture thoroughly onto your hair. After that, you can use a comb or brush for similarly spread it out through your hair.  

This method is ideal for creating an ombre effect.  

How long will food coloring stay in your hair? 

It can last for a few days to a week

We can’t exactly mention the time your food hair color will last on your hair. But on average it can last for a few days to a week. You can experience the fading of food hair color after the first washing of hair. 

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The period of food color will be determined by various factors. Such as the type of food color, the natural hair color, and texture of your hair, how many times you have been exposed to the sunlight as well as how often wash your hair.  

In general, food colors have a shorter shelf life than professional hair colors. And also every wash of your food hair color will fade away from your hair.  

But if you want a vibrant and long-staying hair color, you can apply gel food coloring to your hair. Because they are having longer shelf life than typical liquid food colorings.  

Moreover, you can use food color-safe shampoo and conditioner for your hair, prevent a prolonged cover-up to the sunlight, avoid washing out hair from chlorine water, and prevent warm hair styling tools.  

You can try those tips to extend the period of your food hair color.  

Can dry shampoo remove my DIY hair color with food coloring?  

Does dry shampoo remove food coloring hair dye

The dry shampoo cannot fully remove your DIY food hair color, but it can fade away some extent of your food hair color.  

Because the dry shampoo cannot be able to fade or strip the hair colors.  

They are designed to remove dirt, impurities, and sweat in your hair. And the food hair color does not perform and long staying as professional hair colors.  

If you want to protect your food hair color for a long time avoid the use of shampoo and conditioner which contains harsh chemicals.  

But if you need to remove the food hair color from the dry shampoo you can follow up these steps.  

First, you need to apply some amount of dry shampoo to your hair which is highly concentrated in food hair color.  

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After that, massage thoroughly the dry shampoo and apply it to your hair and scalp for better removal. Keep it on for a few minutes on your hair to absorb color pigments efficiently. 

Then, brush or comb your hair thoroughly to remove the excess food color and dry shampoo. 

If you need you can follow up these steps several times to achieve better results.  

Does food coloring damage my hair? 

Does food coloring damage my hair

No. It is safe for your hair.

In a general context, food hair colors consider as safer for hair coloring. But if you were unable to apply it properly or else more frequent use for hair can damage your hair.  

But it can dry out your hair and more susceptible to breakages and brittle. Furthermore, the food hair color will fade out with frequent washing and frequent use. Therefore, your natural glow and shine will be deprived.  

If you are unable to apply the food color properly to your hair it may cause staining of the scalp otherwise stains in the skin near to hairline. 

Those stains are difficult to remove and sometimes need special treatments or products to remove.  

Furthermore, you have recently colored your hair using professional hair color and now you have applied food hair color over it and that may damage your hair.  


Food hair colors are a good option for easily and inexpensively styling your natural hair. So, in this blog post, we have explored more details on how to dye your hair using food colors, how long it will last, whether dry shampoo can remove the food hair color as well as does it damage your hair. But keep in mind they are not long-lasting and perform as professional hair colors.