Howard’s many pedicures in a bottle of nail polish

How many pedicures in a bottle of nail polish? |Ultimate Guide

Have you ever asked yourself how many layers of nail polish you can get in one bottle?

Since you cannot apply all the nail polish at once, it is hard to know. Or is it? 

Simply Nailogical, an affluent nail YouTube channel, had the best time making unique nail art while testing the number of layers you can achieve from a nail polish bottle.

Can you guess how many layers she got from the experiment?

Well, the quick answer is an average of 100 coatings per bottle.

How many pedicures are in a bottle of nail polish?

Depending on your usage, a nail polish bottle can either go too fast or last for years.

Unfortunately, it is hard to count the number of layers your nail polish has.

Several nail artist gurus joined on a #polishmountain challenge to test the number of coats a nail polish bottle has.

It may have looked insane to apply a whole bottle to their hands.

However, all the results from different nail artists were astonishing. 

Simply Nailogical upped her game by adding layers of different colours of glittering nail polish.

But unfortunately, the application in itself was not that easy.

She had to wait for each layer to cure for a few seconds before adding more layers.

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And the further she went, the harder it was to fix the polish. 

Overall she spends more than 5 hours finishing the one bottle of nail polish.

And I am not sure I have the patience to wait that long.

But for the sake of the challenge, we are glad she satisfied our curiosity.  

Simply Nailogical counted 100+ layers of nail polish from one single bottle from the video. 

How many manicures can you get from one bottle of nail polish?

A nail polish bottle will give you more than 100 coats of polish.

The number of manicures you will get depends on how many layers of nail polish you apply per application. 

The polish mountain gave us the statistics we needed and art we had no idea existed.

Observe your application routine and divide with, let’s say, 150 layers.

For example, applying three coats of nail polish for every toe will get around 5-10 manicures. 

How many coats of polish can you get from one bottle?

On average, you will apply about three coats of nail polish on every nail.

However, since you cannot exhaust a single bottle in a day, it is difficult to count the number of coats your nail polish. 

Fortunately, we live in the internet era where there is always someone willing to take extra steps to test a thought.

#Polishmountain challenge aimed at giving us an idea of the number of coats you can get from one nail polish bottle. 

From all the videos I watched on the challenge, the nail gurus were getting between 150-and 200 coats. 

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Would you sit and apply nail polish for hours for a challenge?

Then, share with us your results if you happen to join the challenge. 

How many uses does nail polish have?

If you are like me, you have around 50 nail polish bottles but only use two or three of the nail polish.

But did you know you can use the rest of the nail polish for other services at home?

As a DIY enthusiast, I will give you a few different ways to use nail polish at home. 

  1. Making art

You can make marble-like art using nail polish. 

  • Simply pour some drops of different nail polish colours into a bucket of water.
  • Mix the polish to make the patterns you want to create. 
  • Insert, let’s say, a white shoe inside the bucket carefully using a technique known as hydro dipping. 
  • It prevents the enlargement of a tear on a cloth
  • You can apply nail polish on the end of a thread, making it easy to insert into a needle. 
  • Nail polish can be used to label food containers.
  • If you have the not so high-quality jewellery, you can apply a coating of clear nail polish to prevent jewellery from tarnishing. The layer also forms a protective layer between the skin and the jewellery. 
  • Nail polish coating on a button creates a protective layer that prevents the thread from running. 
  • If you have a problem figuring out which key is for which lock, you can apply different nail polish colours to other keys.
  • Sealing an envelope

In this article, nail polish has many other uses that we cannot exhaust. 

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The nail polish application is quite fun. You can create different forms of art from one bottle of nail polish (see this).

#Polishmountain challenge gave us an idea of how many coats you can expect from a nail polish bottle.

You can track your nail polish application routine and estimate how many coats you will achieve from a single bottle.

Despite nail application, you can use nail polish for other uses in your home.

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