Why is my henna tattoo orange

Why is my henna tattoo orange?

The natural henna powder color is green. After application of the paste, the stain that is more or less seen in the hand is red, orange, and brown. These three stages of color outcomes pop out after how you’ve taken care of after applying the henna.

Why is my henna tattoo orange?

After henna removal, the color can be in a shade of red, orange, or brown. And if your one comes out orange, don’t be hopeless.

If you do not wash it with water or redo it and keep it just like it is for 48 hours, the stain will deepen and enrich into a richer reddish-brown tone.

Why is my henna tattoo orange

Why is my henna not showing up yet?

Henna technically needs some time to show its actual color. Even after 48 hours of application of henna, your henna is not showing a dark henna color.

There could be some reasons which have affected the tattoo application. Let’s look at that.

  • Squeeze the first half of the cone to get darkened color.
  • Using lotion or having sanitizer, sweat, and hair products on hand can be a reason.
  • The hand is not properly cleaned.
  • Henna was not left on hand for at least 2-3 hours
  • The henna has not oxidized yet.
  • Too much exfoliation can be a reason.
  • The henna was not completely dried.
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These are a few mistakes that are often made, which can lead to an orangish tattoo color.

Moreover, it might not let the henna sit on your hand in the first place. That’s why it’s best to avoid these steps and get a rich reddish-brown tone.

Orange henna tattoo

How to make the henna stain dark?

Everyone wants a rich color, but the application will not bring it.

You’ve to be cautious and follow some basic procedures and actions to make the henna stain a darker shade. Let’s hop on to that steps.

Wash your hands with soap and water

Wash with soap and water before having henna tattoo
Wash with soap and water before having henna tattoo

First and foremost, do not forget to wash your hands properly with soap and water.

Why is this so much important? Because anything like lotion or sanitizer will not let the henna sit on your hand correctly.

How will the stain become darker if the henna does not sit properly? Logical, right?

Dry henna naturally

Let to dry henna naturally
Let to dry henna naturally

Allow the henna to dry naturally, do not use a blow dryer or try to move it much, as it will only smudge your design, nothing else.

Don’t touch water

Don't touch water with henna tattoo
Don’t touch water with henna tattoo

After it’s dried, please do not take it off with water or any water solution. Try to take off the dried leaves with any brush or with another hand.

But at least refrain from any contact with water for at least 24 hours.

Apply some safe oil

Apply some safe oil
Apply some safe oil

Meanwhile, it’s not in contact with water. Apply eucalyptus oil. If not present, apply vaseline, olive oil, or sesame oil to protect your henna tattoo.

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Also, do not use creams which has many chemicals, as they might do the opposite instead of doing good.

Warm up the tattoo stain

Try to smoke it up. Turn on the heat, place your hand at a safe distance, and try to give your hand a warm heat. That will help your stain to have a darker tone too.

No waxing, pedicure, and manicure treatments after henna application. You’ve to understand the henna is just a top layer that can come out if you wax your hand. Even if you still want to use a razor.

Often it’s said that henna doesn’t want to sit on your hand because of hairs. If you have a lot of hair in that case, too, henna doesn’t want to sit correctly. That ended up giving you a light color shade.

Do not do such activities which involve much friction. Too much exfoliation will cause the henna to fade and will not allow it to give great color. Try to remain still so that the henna doesn’t get damaged.

Always keep in mind that henna takes ½ day to give its rich brownish color. At least for that time, you must hold patience and try it to sit and show its glam.

Can I remove and reapply the henna tattoo?

Well, technically, it is possible. If you have already applied henna and it’s on your hand for 5-10 minutes, and you do not like the design. In this scenario, immediately wash off your hand and redo it.

But reapplication is considered a bit harmful too. It is recommended that reapply should be done once a time in a day.

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Even if you are doing so, do not forget to moisturize your skin so that your skin doesn’t feel dried or irritated.


Henna is an art that needs patience to deliver its best to the audience. Always take some time in hand and apply henna on your hand. So that the pamper is good enough to get a beautiful rich brownish color.