What is a henna tattoo

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Quick Answer

Henna tattoo is a type of traditional and painless tattooing method using the powder of the henna plant.

Painless temporary tattooing is a henna that lets you decorate your body with different eye-catching designs.

Along with decorating your hands and feet, it keeps your head cool for a certain period.

Hence, Hennas are applied on the hand, hair, feet, back of the shoulders, etc.

This affordable tattooing comes in red, orange, brown, or burgundy colors.

Mainly henna is applied during,

  • weddings,
  • Eid
  • Birthdays
  • or any special occasion

Black Henna Vs. Brown Henna

Black henna vs Brown henna
Black henna vs. Brown henna

Between black henna and brown henna, differences are of enormous variety.

Though both are called henna, their stain and properties create a lot of differences.

Let’s check the fundamental discrepancies out.

FeaturesBlack HennaBrown Henna
Ingredients of themDried leaves of the Lawsonia plant with PPD and other loads of chemicals.Fresh leaves of Lawsonia inermis with no chemicals  
ColorDarker reddish colorReddish brown, orangish or brownish
Smells likeMost of the time odourless but gives a paraffin-type smellIt comes with a natural smell, such as earth like the smell  
Longevity of leaving it on hand30-45 minutes and get a black stainKeep it as long as possible to get a beautiful colour.  
Shelf-stableMore than 6 months3-5 days. After that, throw it away.
Stays on handAround 1- 3 weeks. Due to the chemical, it stays longer than brown henna.Not more than 2 weeks.

What is a henna tattoo made of?

Henna tattoos are made of a natural plant
Henna tattoos powder

Henna tattoos are made of a natural plant. But due to some addition of chemicals the color, the duration of staying in hand has changed.

It’s better to avoid a chemical-based one because it might harm your skin more.

Brown Henna

Henna powder and plant
Henna powder and Plant

From the henna plant named Lawsonia Inermis, the ground-up leaves are used for making brown henna.

Simply making a paste of those leaves gives a fresh brown color stain.

No additives or chemicals are used for this kind of henna.

That’s why the stain color is also pure reddish brown.

And the duration of it to stay on your hand is so less.

Black Henna

Black Henna Tattoo
Black Henna Tattoo

Whereas black henna is comparatively different.

Though the same plant leaves are being used, they are dried here.

And for longevity and hair dyes PPD named chemical is used here.

Other chemicals are used, too, to ensure it stays a bit more than ordinary henna.

That is why one uses it to get a nice color, but instead of doing any good, it does more harm to the skin. Such as skin reactions like burning, blistering, etc.

The burning is often so dangerous that one must rush to the hospital.

That’s why check the ingredients properly before application.

Does a henna tattoo hurt?

Tattoos done with henna shouldn’t hurt at all.

But after application, they sometimes may feel a bit itchy and icy too.

Moreover, the application procedure is super easy and convenient.

As no needles are used for this kind of tattooing.

The bottle comes in a tube. And when you apply pressure, a smooth, brownish paste comes out.

You apply that to your hands, let dry for about an hour, and then peel off the top layer to reveal a stain that lasts for about a week.

Henna should never hurt.

But if you’re facing an allergic reaction, remove it as soon as possible to prevent inflammation.

However, if you purchase regular henna, happening it is pretty uncommon.

How long will a henna tattoo last?

Brown Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoos are all natural and don’t remain on your hand for more than 2 weeks.

Our routine actions are the cause.

Unfortunately, with time it will automatically start to fade away!

But there are some more tactics for keeping it somewhat long-lasting.

For further details, check out on our article “How long does a henna tattoo last” from Onviw.

Does henna tattoos become permanent?

No. Just beforehand, I mentioned that it’s temporary.

Due to showering in the pool, the chlorine water even can take your beautiful mehendi away.

Well, you can mix lemon juice and white sugar and apply them to your design.

That way, it can help your henna to last longer comparatively.

Plus, try using natural oils like sesame and coconut and warmly massage your hand to keep the stain longer.

But, with time, it will start to fade away as no chemical is used here.

So, there is no chance of making it permanent.

But certain factors if you follow you’ll be able to keep it last longer.

Check out “can a henna tattoo be permanent” for more details.

How to make it last longer?

Henna tattoo for long lasting
Henna tattoo for long lasting

As far as we’ve discussed, the answer is NO, and you can’t make it permanent.

Hennas are temporary; all you can do is keep them for ยฝ day more to stay on your hand.

There are a few techniques for longevity and the desire to keep it in hands.

  • Wash your hand properly before applying henna
  • Make sure there is no lotion, oils, or anything leftover on your hand.
  • Just after applying henna, try not to wash away your hand so that the stain gets the chance to sit better on your hand.
  • After taking out the henna, take either sesame oil or coconut oil and rub them in your hands properly.
  • Try to give your oil-dipped hand a warm heat massage that deepens the color of your henna.
  • Use creams like Sanibalm to extend the period of your henna on your body parts.

Best henna ideas for 2023

The henna application is all about showing your creativity.

But recreating a few masterpieces can never be an issue, right?

Some youtube and TikTok videos are being offered here.

DIY Hanna Tattoo Tutorial
Henna Drills for Beginners
The easy way if you are unlike to drawings


Henna is an art that has occupied a massive craze for people worldwide as a temporary tattoo.

This henna gives you a tattoo and is a natural medium to keep your cold icy.

Basically, a Henna tattoo is an emotion, a way to celebrate your special occasion and maintain your health healthy and safe.

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