How long does a henna tattoo last

How long does a henna tattoo last?(Ultimate Guide)

Quick Answer

It last 2 week more or less.

Henna, a reddish brown tint, is used to adorn the body’s beauty and make them feel beautiful.

For over 5000 years to till now, be it just for fun or a special occasion, the henna application is always there.

More or less, we all are curious about how long does a henna tattoo last?

Let’s know about it in detail.

How long does a henna tattoo last?

Well, if you’re still wondering how long does it last?

It lasts for two weeks, more or less.

But why not more than that? Henna is a natural tint that is applied after extraction from henna leaves.

How long henna tattoo last

Henna doesn’t last long due to our regular day-to-day life activities.

Some key factors are not cleaning hands before application of it, or the moist was not kept for long enough, etc.

These work as a factor in fading of henna tattoos.

After two weeks, the natural henna tint starts to lose its color and fade away.

How to make a henna tattoo last longer?

The henna tattoo doesn’t last long if not adequately applied.

After hours of experimentation and talent showcasing, nobody wants to get their tattoo color gets faded within a few days.

However, some methods will make the henna tattoo last longer.

Let’s check them out.

Keep the past as long as possible
Keep the past as long as possible
  • Another technique is to apply natural oils like sesame seed and coconut oil to it after washing when it is dried. But do not soak it in water for at least 24 hours! The best will be to keep it overnight. A pro tip: Try to warm your hands in the fire after applying oil. But be very careful that the fire doesn’t harm you. But it will help your tint to give a darker color shade.
  • Always make sure that your skin is properly cleaned before applying henna. Because lotions, sweat, or hair products act as a barrier between the skin and henna, the stain will not sit properly.
properly clean the skin before applying henna
Properly clean the skin before applying henna
  • Coming in contact with chlorinated water will fade henna comparatively quickly. Try to keep yourself refrain from it as much as possible.
  • Try to avoid exfoliating soap and lotion as much as possible, as this can wash off the color more quickly than it’s supposed to stay in hand.
Avoid exfoliating soap and lotion
Avoid exfoliating soap and lotion
Product NameProduct InfoLasting period
The henna guys pure henna powderBoosts hair growth comparatively more than others.
Regular usage improves hair health.
Organically grown and cruelty-free.
Easy to apply and rinse it off after application. 
4-8 weeks
Biotique Bio Henna fresh powderMango kernel and the bark of the Arjun tree are incorporated here with other natural elements.
Apply it and keep it for 1 hour and get olive green color.
Regular use is recommended.
Safe for every age people uses.  
3 weeks
Just Jaivik Organic Usda Henna powderIt has no chemical additives.
No chemicals, bleaches, ppd and parabens present.
Rich in Lawson content which ensures the best color for your hair.
Triple-sifted powder that’s a why easy application.
Maintains the pH balance too.
2 weeks
VedaOils Hena PowderGMO-free
Both vegan and non-vegan can use it.
Their henna claims to treat infection too.
Provides instant relief from high fever.
No fragrance is added here.
2 weeks
H & C 100% natural henna powderHas no PPD or chemicals.
Organically originated.
Triple-sifted powder, so say bye to hassle.
It gives a green tint.
1 week
Lasting periods and product info of different henna powder brands

Does long-lasting henna cause my skin damage?

No, it does not.

Those henna with additives claims to add nourishment and richness to your hair within a few minutes after application.

But no such thing happens; instead, it does more harm than others.

Well, if you are applying pure organic henna, it’s entirely safe for your skin and hair.

But sadly, in markets, several henna powders are not organic and have additives.

Henna is mainly considered safest if applied from fresh leaves.

But these additives might irritate or even cause damage to your body.

Some side effects like redness, itching, burning, or sometimes blisters might occur too.

This happens due to the allergic reactions of the additives that are being used for more richness of color.

Choose henna which is henna, and it will naturally take time to give you a long-lasting tint without doing any damage.


Other than regular tattoos, people have been going crazy about henna tattoos for ages.

Choosing the wrong product can make this totally fun procedure a big hassle.

That’s why we’ve come up with an article about “How long does a henna tattoo last?” so that you can choose wisely.

Hope this article helps!

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