Can henna tattoos be permanent?

Can henna tattoos be permanent?

A colorful red-brownish stain you get after applying a paste of Lawsonia inermis plant is a henna tattoo.

The tattoo is entirely made of natural ingredients, but it’s temporary.

Few techniques are adopted to make the stain stay on your hand for a few days.

Can henna tattoos be permanent?

Let me be frank; you cannot make it permanent, no matter what. The stain is not engraved but rather a simple stain that comes out whenever you wash your hand.

Moreover, if the stain is not too much darker after application, it comes out even more quickly. So, it’s impossible to make it permanent.

Henna Tattoo arts on legs

Can brown henna tattoos become permanent?

Brown henna is made of the leaves of Lawsonia Inermis. After taking out the fresh leaves, a paste is made with a few drops of water. And boom! Your brown henna is prepared.

While applying, it is expected that your hand should be clean. No extra ingredient like body lotion or moisturizer should be on your hands because it will not let the henna sit on your skin correctly. After keeping your hand fresh with a simple pressure-on tube, designs are made of henna.

Is any chemical or preservatives added to keep it permanently in the process? No, right! That is why even though you want it to stay on your skin, it will not remain.

That’s why there are termed as temporary, not permanent. With time, the stain will start to fade away. It will just stay for 2 weeks.

Can black henna tattoos become permanent?

Black henna, too, is made of the same plant. But the twist here is that para-phenylenediamine (PPD), which is used here to make henna, gives longevity.

Moreover, black henna is permanent, too, due to the chemicals. It lasts longer than brown henna. Even for 3-5 years too!

Due to this PPD, the henna color will change. You will not receive reddish-brown color. Instead, you will have a black color stain. Plus, PPD is a toxic element used to make hair dye black, so it can be very allergic to the skin.

Black hair with henna dye is done by many, but it can cause severe damage to the skin. Even hair falls or chemical burning, scarring, or blistering on the skin might appear too.

Using PPD is strictly banned in many areas. But still, people use it, which creates life-threatening issues for ordinary people.

That’s why it’s best to avoid the black henna until you’re ready, even after hearing the consequences.

How long will a henna tattoo last?

Who doesn’t like a tattoo on their hand or shoulder? And it gets more fun when the tattoo is temporary. You can take it off anytime you want.

Be it any bridal design or any; hennas are applied to different functions to celebrate the occasion.

A henna tattoo is a perfect match if your requirements ask for that. As it just stays on your hand for 2 weeks or so! The reason behind this is the henna itself.

The addition of zero chemicals makes it completely natural, so even if you want to keep it for a longer duration, henna paste doesn’t allow that.

Well, there are a few techniques to keep the henna tattoo last longer than its estimated time.

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How to remove henna tattoos from the skin quickly?

Applying henna is fun but sometimes taking it off isn’t. If you do it correctly, the stain will not sit properly on your hand.

That might end up resulting in not so brownish color stain from henna.

That’s why we’ve developed a little segment discussing “how to remove henna tattoos from the skin quickly.”

Soap and warm water

Soap and Water for henna tattoo removal
Soap and water for henna removal

This process is quite relaxing as it feels like a massage. Rather than that, it’s pretty effective, too, for taking the henna out of hands.

Do not be very rough. Instead, let the solution soak into your hands to do its job.

Take a simple portion of lemon and squeeze the juice in it. Take the juice and warm water and give your hands a good rub. Eventually, it will come out of your hand.

Lemon juice

lemon juice for henna tattoo removal
lemon juice for henna tattoo removal

Lemon is acidic. If any sensitive person uses it, they must be cautious. After removal, she can apply ice and a thick moisturizer to keep her hands safe from allergies.

Exfoliating scrubs- Any branded scrubs from the super shop will do the work. Take a generous amount of scrub and rub your hands. The process is a bit harsher than other ones.

Because scrubbing elements contain sugar, not in a ground form, rigorous pressure can harm the skin. So it’s a must to apply moisturizer to calm your hands down.

Any oil

Oil for henna tattoo removal
Oil for henna tattoo removal

Oils are the savior when it comes to henna.

Also, this process is not so harsh. Take any oil, like baby oil or sesame oil, and rub your hand with it.

You’ll see the magic. Also, oil elongates the stain color too.

Micellar water

Micellar water for henna tattoo removal

In a cotton swab, take a dip in micellar water. Then scrub it on your hands.

As micellar water is a bit dry, it may cause sensitive skin damage.

So try to use any oil or moisturizer to mitigate the damage.

All these are very quick and easy procedures for removing the henna tattoo.

Many others are useful, too, but it may take a few more minutes to do the job.

You can check them from “how to remove henna tattoos from the skin quickly.”


We are at the end of our discussion! Do not use the chemical to keep the henna art sitting for extended periods. Instead, enjoy the simple, vibrant color stain for temporary days.

If needed, apply it again but stay away from chemicals to keep yourself safe and sound!