Can we use hair serum for daily

Can we use hair serum for daily?

Using hair serums can add so many benefits to your hair than you can imagine. There is no other hair product that can control frizz, protect your hair against conditions that might damage your hair, make your hair look and feel good, and improve the state of your hair. Since hair serum has got a lot to offer, can we use hair serum daily? 

Despite of hair serum having all this benefits, using it the wrong way can cause some serious side effects. This is not to discourage you against using hair serums. The negative side effects are avoidable. 

If you don’t know a thing about hair serums, you are in the right place. Keep reading this guide to find out how you can use hair serum. 

Can we use hair serum daily?

Hair serum is a liquid form of hair product that is formulated using silicone, amino acids, and several proteins that all aim in benefiting your hair. When you apply hair serum, you will be assured that your hair will be protected from environmental conditions that might damage your hair, aids in hair growth, and makes natural hair more manageable. Since hair serum is this beneficial can we use it daily?

Unfortunately, hair professionals advice against using hair serum daily on our hair. This is because silicone, the main component of hair serum can be both a blessing and a disaster to our hair. 

Using a hair serum that is not meant for your hair type and using hair serum the wrong way, you might end up dealing with some very serious negative side effects. Some of this side effects include;

Hair damage

While silicone creates a protective layer on your hair, it still has some drying properties that can strip off your hair it’s natural oils which might lead to hair damage.

Hair loss

 If you continue using a hair serum that has some drying effect for a long time, your hair starts to break and after a while, you will notice your will start to fall. 

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Irritating rashes 

Aside from hair loss, hair serum contains other chemicals that are added to the product to allow long shelf life. Some of this chemicals can be harsh to your hair and to your scalp. 

If hair serum finds it’s way to your scalp, you might end up having some irritating rashes which might develop into skin cancer. 

With all this serious negative side effects, is hair serum good for hair?

As we said before in the guide, all this negative side effects are manageable if you choose the right hair serum and use it in the right way. 

For starters, you should not use hair serum daily. You wouldn’t want to deal with this negative side effects. 

How often should I use hair serum?

Depending on which hair serum you are using and what you are aiming to achieve, you should use hair serum as often as possible. 

If you are using hair serum to aid in repair of damaged hair, you should use it after applying the other products that repair hair damage. This products can be worn for three days in a row without washing. Therefore you should also use hair serum for three days in a row in such a case. 

After you are sure the intended purpose is fulfilled, wash your hair to remove all the hair serum and the other products from your hair and allow it to breath. 

Removing the hair products will also let you know if the products are working as they promised. 

When should I use hair serum?

Since hair serum promises to do a lot to your hair, when you use hair serum depends on what you want to achieve. Some of the most common instances you should use hair serum includes;

When you want to hit the swimming pool

Silicone the main component of hair serum is waterproof. Once you apply it on your hair, it creates a coating to your hair. This means you can hit the pool without the fear of your hair shrinking or getting damaged.

Hydrolyzed protein another ingredient in hair serums controls the static charge that is responsible for hair frizz, flyaways, and split ends. 

When you are using other products that aid in repair of damaged hair

Dealing with hair damage can be so challenging if your hair is still exposed to the same conditions that lead to hair damage. 

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If you are in the process of hair repair, you should find a way to protect your hair against the same environmental conditions that lead to hair damage. 

After applying the hair products responsible for hair repair, you should apply hair serum. Hair serum will coat the hair ensuring the other products work without disturbances. 

When your want to straighten your hair

If you have natural hair, you have to deal with a lot of issues such as hair shrinkage. Sometimes you might be forced to use abrasive chemicals or heat to make your hair more manageable. 

While using this products are very harsh to your hair, you might think there are no alternatives. However, hair serum will come to your rescue. 

When you apply hair serum on your hair, it adds weight to your hair strands. This makes it easy to tame your hair. So, if you comb your hair and make it remain straight, it will stay straight. 

Protecting your hair from heat damage

There are times when your hair is too tangled and shrunk that you might be forced to use heat to straighten your hair. 

If you are in such a situation, you should apply hair serum on your hair before using heat in your hair. The protective coating formed on your hair strands will protect your hair from the harshness of the heat. 

You will therefore achieve the straight hair and your hair will feel and look good. 

When you want to define your natural curls

People with naturally curly hair struggle to find a hair product that will define their natural curls and leave their hair in a good state. 

Hair gels which are the most common used hair products will enhance your natural curls but you will have to deal with dry hair. 

Hair serum on the other hand will define your hairs natural curls and leave your hair moisturized the whole day. The protective layer will also ensure the curls last longer. You should however choose a hair serum that has some hydrating properties for this purpose. 

If you want to add shine on your hair

Not all hair products have a lot of benefits to your hair and at the same time make your hair look shiny and smooth.

When hair serum creates a protective layer to your hair, it makes your hair feel sleek and soft. The weight will also straighten your hair ensuring it does not tangle or make knots. 

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When all this is achieved, your hair becomes smooth. 

Silicone also reflects light making your hair look shiny. 

For you to achieve all the benefits discussed above, you should apply hair serum the right way. 

Some of the tips you should follow when using hair serum include;

  • Apply hair serum on wet hair. You can wash your hair first to ensure you have removed all the products that might be damaging your hair. 
  • Moisturize your hair before applying hair serum. 
  • Do not use your fingertips to apply shirt serum. Some products might be stuck on your fingertips causing some irritation. 
  • Do not apply hair serum on your scalp and definitely don’t use too much hair serum. If hair serum find it way to your scalp, you might have to deal with some skin irritations that might lead to rashes. 
  • Choose the right hair serum depending on your hair type. You can consult a hair professional if you are not sure what hair serum to choose. 
  • And lastly, ensure you observe and analyze how your hair react to hair serum after one day of use. If you continue using a hair serum that dries up your hair, you might be damaging your hair.


Despite of hair serum being beneficial to your hair, it can be damaging to your hair if you don’t use it the right way. 

For starters, hair serum has silicone which has some alcohol content that might cause your hair to dry. You should therefore not use hair serum on a daily basis. 

And while you can use hair serum often, ensure you are applying it on wet hair and moisturize your hair before applying hair serum. 

For the days you are not using hair serum, you can wash your hair, moisturize it and allow to your hair to breath. 


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