Can You Make Temporary Tattoos With a Cricut

Can You Make Temporary Tattoos With a Cricut? Updated

Quick Answer

Yes, No doubts. You can make temporary tattoos with your cricut. Follow our 7 easy steps.

  • Step 01: Get the Items You Need in Place
  • Step 02: Research for the Tattoo Design
  • Step 03: Upload the Images in the Cricut Design
  • Step 04: Prepare the Skin for the Tattoo
  • Step 05: Print the Designs
  • Step 06: Use the Cricut Machine
  • Step 07: Apply the Tattoo On the Skin

The Cricut is not designed for designing tattoos, but it brings out amazing temporary tattoo designs.

And, when looking for DIY ideas, all you need is something readily available to try out your tips, right?

Amazingly, having a Cricut for temporary tattoos allows you to either customize your designs or get some excellent graphics online to work with.

So, let’s dig into the process of making temporary tattoos with a Cricut and much more surrounding the topic;

Can You Make Temporary Tattoos With a Cricut?

Cricut device and tattoo design from it

Yes, all you need are printing accessories to go with the tattoo printout; 

  • Waterslide paper
  • Inkjet printer
  • A laptop/ phone/ tablet
  • Photo printing paper (not necessary)

Together with a Cricut, these items will surprise you with temporary tattoos that last for as long as five days.

Most amazingly, you can have tattoos for plastics, papers, and other suitable accessories on top of the skin.

If it makes you feel better, since they are temporary, there is still a way of removing the temporary tattoos within a day.

How Do You Create a Temporary Tattoo with a Cricut?

How to create temporary tattoo with cricut

Let’s skip to a simplified process of using Cricut for temporary tattoos;

Step 01: Get the Items You Need in Place

First, ensure that you have the items you need in place for a smooth process.

you can get tattoo paper or any adhesive paper that is convenient for you.

Then, get the printer, the laptop, and the Cricut powered on, ready for the task.

Step 02: Research for the Tattoo Design

Get down to work, looking for favorable tattoo designs.

You can subscribe to a tattoo design page, or you can use Photoshop. 

Unfortunately, printable tattoos are too small for printing paper.

However, this shouldn’t worry you; look for several tattoos you can incorporate into your project. 

You don’t have to use them, though, as they are just for filling up the paper.

Nevertheless, looking for suitable filling tattoos is also recommended, as you may end up considering a different option.

You can also come up with theme words using Microsoft Word in the font that appeals best to you. 

However, you have to write them flipped with words to get them in the right order on paper.

Step 03: Upload the Images in the Cricut Design Space

Then, upload your images in the Cricut design space.

It will help you get rid of unnecessary background images and get a clear design. 

Moreover, the design space also gives you the outline of the sheet you need only to put enough tattoo designs.

You will also not use minimal designs for the sheet.

Step 04: Prepare the Skin for the Tattoo

After you cut the temporary tattoos with the Cricut machine, they will be ready for immediate application.

Therefore, prepare your skin before printing the tattoo.

Ensure that you shave the skin, especially if it is on the leg, chest, or arm and you are hairy.

Then, exfoliate the skin, and clean it thoroughly.

Once the skin is clean and dry, it keeps the ink longer, and your tattoo will manage the five days that it should.

Step 05: Print the Designs

Print the designs on the waterslide paper, and ensure that the printout is on the glossy side of the paper. 

Sealing the ink in the waterslide paper, use a ruler for ironing out any ink bubbles that may be trapped inside.

Step 06: Use the Cricut Machine

Cricut Device
Cricut device

Finally, load the waterslide paper onto the Cricut machine, carefully ensuring that the designs are central.

Next, you will select the Vinyl setting for efficient waterslide paper cutting.

Sunnyscopa Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper

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Once done, use scissors to cut out any block of the design, ready to put the design on the skin.

This process will leave the designs sticky for ease in application.

Step 07: Apply the Tattoo On the Skin

Apply tattoo on skin and press with a wet cloth
Apply tattoo on the skin and press it with a wet cloth

With the different designs that the Cricut machine gave you, select the most attractive for you.

Then, pick it up and apply the sticky part to your clean, prepared skin.

Put the wet towel on the design for approximately thirty minutes.

When the design is fully transferred to the skin, the adhesive paper will lose stickiness.

Remove it and watch your homemade temporary tattoo.

Factors to Consider When Making a Temporary Tattoo with a Cricut

Tips to making temporary tattoo with cricut

Here are a few tips that you should consider for a successful temporary tattoo with a Cricut;

  • First, ensure that you get a simple design, as opposed to an intricate one. It should have a maximum of a couple of colors, which brings out the best design on the skin.
  • Drawings and wordings bring out the best of printable tattoos. Hence, if you can, consider them over photo tattoos.
  • Always put your designs flipped when designing the tattoo to get upright Cricut tattoo designs.

Can I Make My Own Temporary Tattoo Designs with a Cricut?

Yes, You can.

If you are an aspiring artist or tattoo artist, you can bring your creativity to reality using a Cricut.

Use your graphics design tools to come up with your preferred designs.

The Cricut will help bring out an intricate piece with no borders.

Well, the printed circuit tattoos will fade in water, even if it is only in a shower. Do Cricut Temporary Tattoos Come Off in Water? This article is recommended to read for make your temporary tattoo last longer.

However, they fade over time, which means that you will still get to enjoy a swim in your newly-found designs.

Cricut Explore Air 2 

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  • Compatible with all device

How to Remove Cricut Temporary Tattoos?

When you want the temporary tattoo gone before it fades on its own, you can use coconut oil or baby oil.

Simply apply the oil to the tattoo and allow the tattoo to disintegrate for a few minutes.

Then, scrub it off with a washcloth, and it will disappear without much pressure.

Can You Make a Cricut Temporary Tattoo for Children?

Yes, Cricut temporary tattoos are harmless, and you can apply them to kids as well.

After all, they are only on the skin’s surface and fade within less than a week. 

Besides, temporary tattoos that you make with a Cricut are not painful.

Whether you apply them on the skin or remove them, there is no pain associated with the tattoos.

The printing ink is also not harmful to the skin.

Therefore, there is no chance the child will react or get an allergy from using the Cricut temporary tattoo.

When applying temporary tattoos to children, it’s crucial to carefully follow the application instructions & keep an eye on them.

Rather than using the unpredictable black henna on the kid, the Cricut tattoo is safer.

Lastly, with Cricut tattoos, you have the option to choose from a wide range of child-friendly designs.

Therefore, the kid will only get what is safe and favorable for them.

Hence, there is no reason why you shouldn’t let your child bask in the glory of childhood when you can.

Parting Shot

Can you make temporary tattoos with a Cricut? Yes, you can.

The Cricut is an excellent addition to your printing items, and it will come in handy in getting clean designs.

So, are you looking for some borderless printed temporary tattoos?

The Cricut lying in your home office may be just the addition you need to actualize your dream.

So, let’s get that wild creativity that you have into the best designs you dream of.

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