How to use concealer brush

How to use concealer brush?

Have you ever gone to a makeup artist store and wondered why there are many makeup brushes? The thing is that, every single brush has its own specific use. There are brushes for foundation, eyeshadow, powder, and concealer each coming in multiple options. 

While there are all these brushes, you should choose the right brush for a specific purpose and be able to use it the right way. Since it can be hard to know which brush is for what purpose, you are in luck today. 

I have prepared a guide explaining how you can use concealer brush for different purposes. Keep reading this guide to eliminate the mistakes you might do when using concealer brushes. 

How to use concealer brush?

Before you learn how to use a concealer brush, you first have to know how to buy the right concealer brush for different parts of your face. Luckily, I had prepared a guide all about concealer brushes. The guide will help you pick the right concealer brush before learning how to use them. 

However, since I care about you very much, I will still give you some tips you can use to choose the right concealer brush while still giving you important tips on how to use a concealer brush. 

Step 1: Prime your whole face

After doing your whole skincare routine, you will have to prime your face before applying your concealer

The type of primer you use is determined by the type of your skin and the type of concealer you will be using. 

If you have a dry skin, do not attempt to use a silicone-based primer. Silicone-based primer has some alcohol content that will dry up your skin leading to severe damage. 

A primer will create a smooth surface for concealer application. It also ensures the concealer blends perfectly. 

You can use a concealer brush to prime your face. 

Step 2: Color correct your face

If you want your concealer to look flawless, you will need to use a color corrector on your blemishes. There are different color correctors for people with different skin tones. 

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Step 3: Apply your concealer

Depending on the type of concealer you are using, you should know that each type of concealer has a different method of application. Also, each part of your face has its own type of concealer brush and application method. 

We will discuss what type of concealer brush and how you use it on different part of your face and different purposes. 

How to use an under eye concealer brush?

By know you know that each part of your face needs a different type of concealer brush. Brushes used for under the eyes are tiny and are the same size as your finger tips. 

For your under the eyes, ensure you have applied an eye cream first after priming before using a concealer. 

Most under eye concealers come with their applicator wand. So, you can use the wand to pick some concealer from the concealer bottle. The concealer you use for under the eyes should be a shade lighter than your skin tone. 

Apply the concealer from your inner corners and then start spreading it with the brush towards the outer corners of your eyes. 

Use the concealer brush to blend in the concealer. Do not drag the concealer on your face as it might leave some creases. Instead dab the concealer using the brush until you realize all the concealer is blended. 

You can then go ahead and apply other eye makeup as you wish. 

How to use a concealer brush for dark spot?

Dark spots and blemishes are very common amongst adults. Since you wouldn’t want to go attracting peoples attention for the wrong reason, you should use a concealer. 

Dark spots are usually more announced on your cheek area and the forehead. So, you will need a more fluffy brush for this purpose. 

Use a concealer two shades lighter than your foundation to lighten your dark spots. 

Most concealers come with an applicator wand that you can use to put concealer on your face. 

Use the dotting method to apply concealer on your face. Dotting ensures you do not use a lot of products and makes blending more easy. 

Go ahead and start dabbing the fluffy concealer brush on your face where you have applied concealer until all the concealer is perfect blended. You can then go ahead and apply other makeup like your blush. 

How to use eyebrows concealer corrector brush?

After using a pencil or powder to fill in your brows, you will need to clean up the edges to make the brows look perfect. 

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So, you need to find a tiny angled concealer brush for this purpose. 

You can use an applicator wand that comes with the concealer to scoop some concealer from the bottle. 

Since the applicator wand is not designed for that purpose, you should transfer the small amount of concealer you have scooped to your tiny concealer brush. 

Start from the inner corners of the brows as you go towards the outer corners. Use this techniques to clean up your brows. 

How to conceal large areas of your face?

If you are using a concealer as a foundation you will need a large fluffy and soft concealer brush for this purpose. 

Simply dab the tip of the concealer brush in the concealer of your choice. For this purpose you should use a cream concealer since it provides more coverage than liquid concealer. 

After the brush picks a small amount of concealer, tap the brush on your face and continue tapping the brush till you notice the concealer blending perfectly. Do not drag the concealer brush since it will crease. 

Once all the concealer is blended, you can go ahead and apply your full face makeup. 

How to use a concealer brush for contouring?

Another use of concealer is contouring. Contouring concealer should be two shades darker that your foundation so as to highlight the areas you are concealing. 

A contouring concealer brush should be thinner than other the brush used for your entire face. 

Use the tip of the brush to pick some concealer from the concealer bottle. You then choose the area you want to contour and start tapping the area with the concealer brush. 

Continue tapping until you are sure all your concealer is perfectly blended. You can then go ahead and apply finish powder to bake the makeup. 

Bake your makeup

After applying your concealer using a concealer brush and doing it the right way, you should go ahead and apply a finish powder to bake your makeup. 

Baking your makeup removes the glossy look concealer is likely to provide. 

Use a fluffy soft brush to bake the makeup. You should also use a loose powder rather than compact powder. When applying compact powder you are likely to scratch your makeup. 

Let the finish powder sit in your face for five minutes as you do other makeup like applying lipstick. 

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Afterwards, use the fluffy brush to remove all the excess powder and blend in the powder. 

Highlight your face

The finish powder main aim is to lock in the makeup. It also gets rid of the glossy look the concealer leaves on your face. However, the powder also leaves some dusty look. To get rid of the dustiness, use a concealer to give your face a color. 

Take a thin brush with very few bristles. Dab the tip on a highlight and use it to apply it on your face. The most common places you should highlight include the top of your brows, cheek bones, and the nose bridge. 

Use a setting spray

Setting up the makeup with setting spray
Setting up the makeup with setting spray

Even is you applied the concealer and the rest of the makeup the right way, you should set your makeup with a setting spray to make it last longer. 

Do not spray closer to your face to prevent a lot of product falling on one part of your face. Spray from a distance and in circular motion. You should consider using a waterproof setting spray to ensure your makeup last longer than it would ordinary do. 

After you are done you can put all your products and tools safely in an enclosed storage space to prevent bacteria buildup. 


With the lots of brushes available in the market, it is hard to know which brush suits which purpose. For example you will find quite a number of concealer brushes some for contouring, some for under your eyes and others for the entire face. 

Even after finding the right brush for a specific purpose, using it the wrong way will cost your makeup look. For example, if you drag your concealer brush when blending your concealer, it is likely to crease and spoil your entire makeup look. 

The guide above has a the right ways you should use a concealer brush for different purposes. Read it through and by the end, subscribe to this page for more beauty hacks. 


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