All About Concealer Brush

All About Concealer Brush

If you want your makeup to appear flawless, the method of application will make a huge impact in the process. Although you can apply concealer with your hands, blending with your hands will not be effective especially if you are using a makeup that dries up faster. Therefore, if you want to attained something closer to perfection, you can use a concealer brush.

Most concealer brushes have bristles that are soft yet firm. This brushes will spread and blend the makeup without leaving some harsh lines.

There are different types of brushes for different purposes in the market. Choosing the right concealer as well right concealer brushes might be very hard. But that should not worry you anymore. I will give you all the features of a concealer brush and what you should check when buying a concealer brush in this guide.

All about concealer brush

If you ever visit any beauty store within your city, you would be shocked by the number of makeup brushes in that store. Typically, every part of the face and different makeups have a specific brush made for that purpose.

Shopping for concealer brushes can be a really stressful process if you don’t know nothing makeup. Luckily, I have a master guide of concealer for my beginners.

From the guide, you can see there are different types of concealer. Each type has an intended purpose, and a different way of application. Unfortunately, each way of concealer application requires a different tool.

With all the brushes in the market, choosing the right type of brush can be a huge hustle. But with this guide, you will choose the right type of concealer brush with ease. I will start by giving you the type of concealer brushes, then teach you how to use concealer brushes like a pro. Don’t go anywhere.

Types of concealer brushes

There is no way you can use the under the eyes concealer brush to for contouring or the whole face concealer application. So, you should learn how to tell the different concealer brushes apart.

Concealer brushes can be classified into distinctive types based on where they are used, what they are used for, price, how long they last, and how easy are the brushes to carry around.

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With the wide range of concealers available in the market, you can get confused which brush you should choose. I will tell you what are the characteristics of a good concealer brush. You can always compare the brush you are eyeing with this guide, to pick something worthy.

Features of a good concealer brush

  • Concealer brush should be dense and fluffy
  • The bristles of the brush should be soft and firm.
  • Concealer brush should be eco-friendly
  • Handles should be firm.
  • Concealer brushes should be easy to clean.
  • They should fit in a travel bag easily.
  • A good concealer should not shed.
  • They should have the capability to blend makeup without forming crises on your makeup.
  • They should fulfill the purpose they were made for perfectly and with ease.

With the knowledge you have gained about concealer brushes, you are know ready to go to the next step of knowing the type of brushes you should buy.

  • Concealer brush for under the eyes: Your concealer brush for under the eye should be as thick as your fingertip. The bristles should be fluffy, soft and firm. When using this concealer brush for under the eyes, apply the Concealer from the inner corners going outwards.
  • Concealer brush for contouring: Brushes designed for contouring are angled. This helps create an perfect illusions of sharper face edges you are aiming. They should however have fluffy and firm bristles.
  • For Acne: If you have some heavy acne, you should find a brush that is firm and has a pointed tip.
  • Heavy coverage: If you are trying to conceal a tattoo or heavy freckles on your face and neck area, the best heavy coverage concealer brush should be flat. If the flat brush does not work, you can try Airbrush.
  • Airbrush: If you want to see perfection when applying makeup is by using an Airbrush. Airbrush makeup is not that common among beauty enthusiast. This is because airbrush makeup is very expensive.

However, you can buy your Airbrush machine with the products and go through our complete guides to learn how to use Airbrush.

How to use concealer brush like a pro

Every part of the face uses different type of concealers brush. I will therefore give you a detailed guide on how to use different concealer brushes based on my personal experience and what other makeup artist do to achieve perfection.

Concealer for under the eyes

If you are applying concealer under the eyes, first you need an angled brush that is the same size as your fingertips.

 You can use an applicator wand found in most concealers to apply concealer on the inner circles of the eyes, then start spreading the concealer outwards using the under the eyes concealer brush.

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Use small amount of concealer and start blending before the concealer starts to dry up.

Blend in the concealer and when the concealer is well blended, go ahead and apply other eye makeup.

Concealer brush for hiding acne

Depending on the level of acne you are trying to hide, you can always balance the amount of concealer you are using.

Put some small amount of concealer on the concealer brush and start spreading the Concealer everywhere.

You can control the brush to spread the concealer without forming harsh lines.

Start tapping on the concealer using the brush until it is all incorporated in the skin. You can then go ahead and complete your makeup routine.

Concealer brush for heavy coverage

If you are dealing with tattoo issue, you need a strong brush that will be able to conceal the tattoos completely. You might also be forced to use a lot of concealer.

Put a lot of creamy concealer on your fluffy brush, start spreading the concealer and pat until it is all blended in your skin. You should apply a number of layers to ensure that the tattoos are hidden well.


Applying Airbrush concealer is the most complicated way of makeup application. You need to choose the right type of concealer specifically made for Airbrush.

Start spraying the concealer on your skin from a distance and move around the face to touch every part of your face.

You can add more layers if you are going for deep coverage. Or, apply only one layer if you are looking for light coverage.

After applying concealer, you can go ahead and complete your makeup routine. With the guide, your makeup look will be fully perfect.

Is it better to blend concealer using fingers or a brush?

If you want your concealer to appear perfect, you should use a concealer brush made specifically for where you want to apply concealer. For example, for your eyes, you should use a concealer brush the same size as your fingertips.

Using this brush will spread the concealer perfectly, while blending and removing excess concealer.

Fingers of the other hands will not spread the concealer perfectly and since they are hard, they will form some harsh lines. So, if you have a concealer brush, it is better to use it than using your fingers.

Can you use a concealer brush to apply eyeshadow

Since the under the eye concealer brush is tiny and firm enough, you can use it to apply eyeshadow. However, you should have a number of under the eye concealer brush if you want to use one for eyeshadow application.

Cleanse the eye lids and apply some hydrating cream around your eyes. Use the concealer brush to apply concealer on your inner eyes and start spreading it outwards.

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After you have spread all the concealer and blended perfectly, then take another under eye concealer brush and apply the first later of eyeshadow. You can apply different layers of eyeshadow if you want a detailed eye makeup look.

Four concealer brush tricks

Aside from using concealer brushes for concealer application, you can introduce other ways you can use concealer brush.

1. Use a concealer brush to apply a primer

Instead of using hands to spread primer on your face, you can use a concealer brush. Applying a primer using your hands is not very hygienic.

Put small amount of primer on the brush and start spreading and dabbing on your face until it is all incorporated.

2. To perfect your lipstick

It is not uncommon for your lipstick to get to the face after you are done with your full face makeup. Instead of wiping the lipstick using some makeup removal wipes, you can use a concealer brush to perfect your lipstick.

  • Put some small amount of concealer on the brush.
  • Start outlining the lipstick on the edge of the lips.
  • Do not use a lot of concealer to avoid having to deal with other issues all together.

After outlining your lips and ensuring your lipstick is perfect, you can then use another brush without any product to blend the concealer lines with the face makeup.

3. Use small amount of concealer

If you want to achieve perfection when applying concealer, using small amount of concealer will go a long way. Start by putting some concealer on the brush. Dab the brush on your skin and start blending until it is fully incorporated.

4. Do not drag the concealer on your face

When applying concealer on your face, you only need to tap the brush on the skin and keeping dabbing until every part of your face has some concealer. Dragging the concealer will makeup will produce harsh lines that are hard to get rid off.

How to clean concealer brushes

You should make an effort of cleaning your concealer brushes at least twice a month. This will help reduce chances of bacteria buildup that might end up damaging your skin.

Cleaning concealer brushes is not complicated. You can use this guide to do it perfectly.


Applying concealer to perfection requires you to use a concealer brush rather than using your fingers. Your hands touch a lot of surfaces and might end up carrying bacteria from this other sites to your face.

If you don’t know what to look in a concealer brush, you should read the guide above and learn the different types of concealer brushes available. You should also subscribe to this page and follow our FB page for more makeup tips and hacks if your are a beginner or someone who wants to advance their make-up expertise.