Is Pravana Color Extractor Being Discontinued?

Is Pravana Color Extractor Being Discontinued In 2024?

Are you familiar with the term ‘color extractor’? Many hair experts believe that a new change in your hair makes your personality relive and attractive. Hair color extractors clear out artificial hair color so that you can have new hair color.

The actual question arises here Is Pravana Color Extractor Being Discontinued? The answer is Yes, the Pravana color extractor is discontinued

It was due to some issues with the product raw materials along with the marketing strategy. And there might even be some issues with the relocation of the company when taken over in 2014.

So lets see what was so special about the tube that even now the users are still remembering it. Even though the market is full of competitors, no one can come up with the idea of using plant derivates in exchange for chemical compounds the way Pravana did.

Background/ Origin of CompanyBackground/ Origin of Company

There is always a start to everything which makes the motivation, and the energy to go beyond and catch your dreams. The same thing happened with the owner of ‘Pravana’. In 2004 by Steve Goddard, a renowned stylist started this company. Since then he is working day in and out for revolutionary changes along with hair experts and scientists.

The mission is to have products that are not harmful to the skin, or the scalp and will redefine hairstyles. It can provide easy and redial effects on your hair despite the hair type you have.

With his team, he managed to come up with the idea of skin care products and hair products. These have no parabens, sulfites, sulfates, cocamide DEA, formaldehyde, or phthalates. Rather they work with proteins, amino acids, and polymers of amino acid to provide a new variety of their products. It is will soon be one of the popular leading hair brands all around the country some experts say.

After all the success and satisfying customers, the Henkel Beauty Care Professional bought the ‘Pravana’ brand in 2017. Yes this was a big step. But luckily, the hair products got more modified and had more customers in their line. Their office is now located at the world-class #AcademyofHair in Culver City, California.

Why was Pravana Color Extractor Discontinued?

Why was Pravana Color Extractor Discontinued?

Let’s see the detailed reasons.


The hair color extractor was very popular among the customers, but it might be possible that only a specific area was using it rather than the whole city or country, even though people using it or buying it will give some revenue but eventually the cost must be higher in making all the products.


The ‘Pravana’ hair color extractor was made from all amino acids and their polymers, using fewer to nil chemical compounds that can be harmful to the skin or to the environment. It might be a good chance that the product’s raw materials were worn out and new were not in range. Making it impossible to make the product.


The ‘Pravana’ hair color extractor has been relocated and another possibility of closing the product can be the expenses on shipments of the raw materials for the product and this can increase the cost price, making it difficult to work with low to nil profit.


If you see the marketing team was giving a very hard time to its competitors but still if you lose an important person, it can affect the campaign and the results can be very disturbing. The tag lines, the commercial catch, all these things are very important to grab the customers, and if there is a slight change in the product quality the customers might not buy Pravana products anymore.

Alternatives to Pravana Hair Color Extractor:

Alternatives to Pravana Hair Color Extractor:

The hairs are always up for a little treat and by using hair colors, and hair protein treatment, we can change the looks and texture of the hair. The ‘Pravana’ hair color extractor gave extraordinarily perfect results but since the product is now discontinued, you must be worried about your hair.

Here are a few of the other competitors, you can try instead.

  1. Color Oops Extra Conditioning Hair Color Remover:

It doesn’t have any ammonia or any bleach in the formula and is very helpful for hair color extraction. The product also has aloe vera which gives nourishment to the hair.

  1. Malibu Quick Fix for Color Correction:

It’s a simple step hair color extractor that readily affects the hairs. It is a good alternative to harsh chemicals and can be used in the shampoo also to get the desired result.

  1. Sephora Collection Heat Activated Color Fader:

It is a semi-permanent hair color fader that can be very helpful in protecting the hair color and removing the extra hair color. The Sephora extractor can easily work on all types of hair i.e., curly, straight, dull, etc.

  1. Good Dye Young Semi-Permanent Hair Color Fader:

As the name indicates this product helps in fading hair colors from the hairs. It is also paraben-free along with ammonia and other harsh chemicals. This is also a very eco-friendly product that will not be effecting your scalp or the environment.

  1. Joico Hair Color Intensity Eraser Size:

Even though this hair color has bleach in the ingredients, it works quickly in changing the hair color. The pack of the hair color said that it needs 30 min to extract the original hair color back.

  1. Revolution Haircare Hair Color Remover:

This hair color remover doesn’t have any animal fats as the key ingredient in it. The hair color remover helps to remove permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary hair color. This is possible with easily with the help of hair detoxes.

Where Can I Buy Pravana Hair Color Extractor

One of the most popular places to buy Pravana Hair Color Extractor is at Sally Beauty Supply. They carry a wide variety of Pravana products, including the Hair Color Extractor. You can either visit one of their physical stores or order online for delivery.

Another option is to purchase from Amazon. They have a large selection of Pravana products, including the Hair Color Extractor. You can easily compare prices and read reviews from other customers to help you make an informed decision.

Lastly, you can also check out the official Pravana website. They offer a store locator tool that can help you find a local retailer that carries their products, including the Hair Color Extractor.

Why Pravana Hair Color Extractor is Popular?

Why Pravana Hair Color Extractor is Popular?

If a product is widely asked around by customers, then there must be something special in the product. To find this, we must look around the product box to unveil the mystery of popularity.

When we do a quick sweep, we can easily find the difference between any hair extractor and the ‘Pravana’ hair color extractor.

The main reason for its popularity is the use of natural ingredients rather than using chemical compounds which can be harmful to the natural color of hair.

There is no bleach or formaldehyde or ammonia in the tube, but you can have all the natural products derived from plants that can extract the original color of the hairs.

The cocoa seed butter present in the tube act as a natural conditioner for the hairs leaving them healthy, smooth, and shiny whereas artificial conditioners can be seen in other products.


The discontinuation of any product can be very disturbing as your body, hair, and hair skin got used to using the hair product, changing the product might get adverse effects on the hair but ultimately, it’s not in our power to judge or see the circumstances faced by the company and the marketing team.

There might be any possibility that the other product will be the same, but it doesn’t work well with having all the chemicals rather than any plant-based derived chemical in it. The hair color product seems to be small, but it matters a lot to the personality and the change in it might change your look too.

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