Is ogx niacin and caffeine shampoo discontinued

Is Ogx Niacin And Caffeine Shampoo Discontinued?

Lots of people want to get the answer to this common query, Is OGX niacin and caffeine shampoo discontinued? So, let us explore the right answer!

Yes, the OGX niacin and caffeine shampoo have been discontinued. It is phased out from most of the stores. The product is withdrawn and dropped from the shops because it was speculated that it leads to hair loss, brings scalp irritation, and other hair-related problems.

Below you can see more of the reasons why this shampoo got discontinued and withdrawn:

Why was ogx niacin and caffeine shampoo discontinued?

why was ogx niacin and caffeine shampoo discontinued

Lots of reasons have been stated and speculated. If you bought it make sure to read these details first of all:

  • It is alleged that this shampoo leads to hair loss problems. It brings irritation and redness to the scalp.
  • A case has been filed against this product and the final verdict is yet to come.
  • According to the customers from Canada, this brand has been falsely presented. It claimed to nourish, hydrate, and moisturize the strands but no promises were fulfilled.
  • It is believed that it has an ingredient in it that results in hair loss and it is DMDM hydantoin. This same ingredient also causes scalp irritation. On the other hand, the supporters of this shampoo have stated that DMDM hydantoin is a safe ingredient and is primarily used to preserve the product.
  • Moreover, it is assumed that it has formaldehyde in it which is another harmful and risky ingredient. This product got discontinued and withdrawn from the shops because the brand failed to explain why they used formaldehyde. You must know that formaldehyde is a human carcinogen and it brings a lot of destruction to your body when your skin absorbs it.
  • Some customers are of the opinion that this brand has risked the lives of its customers. They have deceived the public and made false promises.

Allegations were filed against the OGX niacin and caffeine shampoo

There are other allegations as well which are filed against this shampoo. Some celebs like Emily Blunt have complained about these issues as well. As we have already told you that this shampoo has DMDM hydantoin in it and some customers have complained that this ingredient brought hair loss problems. It is not a safe and natural ingredient and brings risk and unwanted damage to your hair’s health.

Some customers have given out the opinion that it is marked dangerous as well as unsafe. They have shared a lot of their personal experiences that their hair starts to fall out and the texture becomes rough. In addition, they witness scalp irritation. Overall, the brand made fake and false claims.

The company has not warned about the potential dangers and risks to their customers when using their products. On the package labeling, it is not clearly cut explained that the ingredients used in this shampoo will bring a risk of a significant amount of hair loss and even scalp irritation.

Promises made by the OGX niacin and caffeine shampoo

It is promised by the brand that this product prevents falls out but so far none of these claims and big promises are fulfilled. Their products are made on a powerful formulation and show a blend of niacin and caffeine. Other ingredients are alpha hydroxy acid, as well as natural DHT blockers. The band guaranteed that using it will make your scalp happy and hair radiant looking, but zero outcomes were delivered.

The company also endorsed that these shampoos stimulate hair follicles and prevent breakage. They stop fallout which is eventually caused by breakage. But uncountable customers have received zero results. Though these shampoos are sulfate-free and paraben-free failed results are exhibited in front of the customer.

How to use OGX niacin and caffeine shampoo?

Using it is simple. You have to apply it to your wet hair and take a little amount of it. Massage it gently, produce lather and make it apply evenly on your roots and ends. After that, you can rinse and wash your hair thoroughly. Later on, apply the conditioner. And make sure that the shampoo does not make a contact with the eyes. You must rinse your eyes immediately if you notice irritation and a burning sensation.


So, if anyone asked you, is OGX niacin and caffeine shampoo discontinued? You can answer back, yes it is discontinued!

It is available in a limited number of shops. Customers are not happy with its quality because they have complained of hair loss problems and scalp irritation issues. In addition, these shampoos failed to help out the customer to prevent falls out and breakage.

Experts and other committees are of the view that the brand did not stand by and fulfilled its promises. It made fake claims and false promises. If you have tried out their shampoos and conditioners, let us know your feedback.

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