Where To Buy Temporary Tattoos

Where To Buy Temporary Tattoos? With 2022 TikTok Trends

Temporary tattoos are the best option for those of us with a thing for tattoos yet can’t stand an injection. 

You can either get one from a local tattoo parlor, or you could check out major stores that sell temporary tattoos.

There are several places where you can get temporary tattoos, whether you want a ready-made tattoo or one drawn by a tattoo artist.

Most tattoo parlors will have this option, but how about a few top-rated considerations if you are starting? 

But first; 

What are Temporary Tattoos?

Temporary Tattoos

These are tattoos that last approximately three days to a couple of weeks.

Some will last a month, and there are semi-permanent tattoos that last as long as six months.

They are less painful compared to permanent tattoos, and actually, some inflict no pain at all. 

Temporary tattoos save you from permanent tattoo pain and allow you to have a new look for every occasion.

Besides that, you won’t have to deal with parents and guardians who have an eminent distaste for tattoos.

Moreover, they are not different from permanent tattoos in outlook, so it is not like your skin will go screaming fake Ink!

Usually, you get temporary tattoos through henna art, skin airbrush top skin injection, or a readily available tattoo stick-on.

Stick-on tattoos, airbrushes, and hennas are the most common of the three.

So, where do you buy these temporary tattoos?

Where To Buy Temporary Tattoos?

We will look at several stores and tattoo parlors that you can consider for different types of temporary tattoos;

Amazon: A Set of Several Temporary Tattoos

Are you looking for family tattoos in a single set?

Or probably so many temporary tattoos at once for change on different occasions?

Amazon has the best choices for you.

There are sets with completely different themes to suit men, women, and children in a family for a specific occasion, say a birthday party. 

Others are exclusive for one gender, say, men, for use by same-gender persons.

The latter is also a great option if you want to use the tattoos for a long time.

The best part is that they are different from having a new outlook with the same theme for each occasion.

There are also large sets that you can use for different body parts so that you don’t have to buy different packages of tattoos for different body parts.

The best part about buying from Amazon is that you will have the set you wish from almost any part of the world.

In addition, you only have to pay delivery fees, and you can have a world-class press-on decal on your skin.

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Tattly: Tattoos with Nature Themes

If you love nature, you have probably dreamt of having a part of your body covered with it, even if just for a short time.

Tattly temporary tattoos bring your dream to reality.

Whether you want a petite garden on your arm, a bunch of lilies, a few zebras on your back, or even some ladybirds on your palm, this place is an excellent choice to get a top option.

You can use one or a few of these tattoo sheets on special occasions such as International Environment Day to stand out as an environmentalist.

You can also select your kid’s favorite animal, flower, or plant for their birthday.

Since it is just a sheet of temporary tattoos, it will not cause you or your kid any danger or harm.

If you love Tattly tattoos, you can visit one of their stores.

The most conspicuous store retailers for the tattoos include;

  • Macy’s 
  • Blick Art
  • MoMA Store
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Whitney Museum
  • Ricky’s NYC
  • Conran Shop
  • Self Ridges
  • Manor AG

E-Bay: Bad Boy/ Bad Girl Temporary Tattoo

Sometimes all you want is to get out there and live a bad boy or bad girl life, at least for a weekend.

So put yourself out there and blow off some steam. Do you relate?

Sadly, most sites and stores may not exactly get what you want.

However, e-Bay always seems to have a thing for this kind of life.

So whether you want a gun tattoo on your waistline or scary glitters at the outline of your face, all these you will get on e-bay.

Better still, you can go for art with the ‘Bad Girl’ or ‘Bad Boy’ inscription added or in the middle of a beautiful decal.

Just as with Amazon, you only need to select your chosen package, enter your shipping details and pay for it.

But, of course, when you purchase anything online, you may have to consider purchasing it at least two weeks before the occasion. 

Inkbox: Get a Customized Tattoo

Sometimes you have an idea of the temporary Tattoo you want but can’t get anything close out there.

Sometimes it is your creativity, which means that it is unique. 

This makes it even more special, hence all the more reason you should have it on.

You never know; it may be your best way to advertise your design.

Inkbox makes this possible, giving you the option to upload your design to get your personalized sheet of Tattoo.

You also have the opportunity to book a tattoo artist who will put your customized design on your body using henna.

Inkbox ships their temporary tattoo decals worldwide, from  North America to New Zealand.

Therefore, your location should not deter you from getting that custom tattoo you’ve always had in mind.

Sticker You: Specialty Tattoos

Sticker You goes the extra mile and offers clients customized temporary tattoo stickers. The stickers have logos and names of professions, occasions, and patterns. 

You can use these tattoos for advertising your profession, say barbering, mechanics, and art.

You can also have one for a baby shower or bridal shower customization. 

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There are also glitter tattoos, which accessorize occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

They also make a lovable glow-in-the-dark theme for clubs and festivals.

The tattoos have neither mercury nor lead, so even expectant women and children safely use the Tattoo.

Moreover, you can remove the Tattoo easily by just applying baby oil.

Hence, if it was just for an occasion, you don’t have to walk around in it feeling weird.

Momentary Ink: Bold and Realistic temporary Tattoos

Do you envy those bold tattoos that must have cost a lot of Ink to fit into an arm, forearm, chest, or hip?

You can get the feel as well before you decide whether you need the Ink permanently.

Momentary Ink has this type of temporary Ink, and you can bet your life that it would take an expert to know that the Ink isn’t genuine.

Unlike stickers, this Tattoo comes as a sheet, which you place on your preferred area.

It leaves the Tattoo on your hand when you remove the sheet from your hand.

Therefore, even if someone tried to pull it, this would never happen.

You can get a blooming rose flower, a large animal head, or any other bold theme of your choice.

The temporary Tattoo comes with a sticky gel that you apply on your hand before and after sticking the Tattoo on your skin.

This gel keeps it waterproof, and the Ink can last for a couple of weeks.

Inked: Modest Tattoos

While some of us feel better with the bold and conspicuous Ink, others prefer the modest type.

The type of Tattoo that will make someone a good look at you to notice.

It comes with a special aura, creating a classy yet straightforward persona around you.

Inked has this type of temporary Tattoo.

However, even their most prominent tattoos still have a minimalist design, beautiful and straightforward attraction.

Don’t get me wrong; the Tattoo does not have to be cool.

It could be something crazy, as crazy as a snake, a pistol, or a ‘Trust Your Vibes’ inscription but only recognizable by a person who comes close to you.

But, on the other hand, it could be a simple wave, sunshine, or a simplified drawing of a wildflower.

Inked further offers free deliveries on all offers above $21, saving you the shipping costs if you buy more than a few at a go.

2022 Temporary Tattoo trends on TikTok

Temporary tattoo trends are updating day by day as the new technological devices take place.

It’s not consume your valuable time to design and paste temporary tattoos anymore. Just look at this TikTok!

Girls! You don’t need out of fashion eye makeups anymore.

New trends have replaced them with temporary tattoo fashions. Let’s see.

What Are the Things to Consider Before Buying a Temporary Tattoo?

You must be excited to get your hands on the best temporary Tattoo that you only dreamt of.

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Probably a customized option, or one you only just learned existed.

Nevertheless, consider these things about temporary tattoos before embarking on the store;

Type of Temporary Tattoo

We have already mentioned three types of temporary tattoos; henna tattoo drawing, sticker decal, and airbrushes.

But, first, you have to determine what kind of Tattoo you want, depending on the duration you wish to with the Tattoo and the impression you want to make.

Doing an airbrush tattoo
Doing an airbrush tattoo
Designing a henna tattoo on a hand
Drawing a henna tattoo on a hand

Henna will stick on the longest, at approximately one month.

This is because it fades away with exposure to water.

Therefore, it may take a longer or shorter duration depending on where you apply it.

For instance, it wears out faster on the palms due to constant exposure to water.

Press On Sticker Tattoo
Stick on sheet tattoo

Stick-on sheets and decals can stay for even hours, hence the best for occasions.

Therefore, if you want a feel of tattoos on your body for specific occasions, this type of Tattoo is best.


Temporary tattoos come in a variety of colors.

They are more diverse in color compared to permanent tattoos due to their temporal nature. 

They are also friendly to kids, and kids are into colorful things.

If you want a fundamental theme in Ink, temporary tattoos always come in handy. 

Therefore, go for the exact colors that you want without limiting yourself to blue and black.

You have no color limits with temporary tattoos.

A colorful temporary tattoo on a hand
A colorful temporary tattoo on a hand

Why Do You need the Tattoo?

Determine the reason you want the temporary Tattoo so that your choice can suit your purpose.

If you want a permanent tattoo and are using a temporary one to gauge your outlook, go for the exact Ink, theme, and pattern you want for your permanent Tattoo.

What if you want a tattoo to go with your bachelorette night?

You can consider a bachelorette theme, a bad girl theme, or night glitters. 

And, if you want to attend the legendary Hindu festivities, you may want more henna for your tattoos to blend.

Where to Buy the Temporary Tattoo

Determine the store or parlor that is most convenient for you.

For example, if you are looking for something to rock the following day, you definitely cannot consider an online store option.

On the other hand, if you feel pretty choosy and with a perfectionist personality, you may want to start your shopping earlier.

This way, you will end up with the store that best satisfies your demands, whether online or physical.


Today, people appreciate tattoos more and even use them for charitable courses, among other noble events.

If you are buying several temporary tattoos for such reasons, you may have to consider stores that offer friendly bulk offers.

For instance, stores where you can get customized tattoos and friendly bulk sale offers.

Where You Want the Tattoo?

Finally, it would help if you considered which part of your body you want your Tattoo put.

Then, this will determine the size and type of Tattoo that you get. 

For instance, f you want a full-arm tattoo, you may want to go with large and bold options.

For your hip, a cute colorful flower or inscription may do better than a bold tattoo.

For your biceps, considering a small ant tattoo may be too modest.

Parting Shot

Tattoos are cute, but not everyone wants to walk around in them, especially office personnel.

Some love the look but are not sure this is what they want for the rest of their lives. 

For this reason, temporary tattoos come in to bridge the gap.

And with them are committed stores and tattoo parlors that do anything to stand out in the profession.

So, why not take advantage of these stores to explore different tattoo themes?

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