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Best Women’s Clothing Stores on Aliexpress 2024

In the digital age of fashion, where style meets affordability, savvy shoppers are constantly on the lookout for the next best deal without compromising on trendiness. AliExpress stands out as a global marketplace that caters to those fashion-forward individuals seeking variety, value, and the convenience of online shopping.

For women who love to refresh their wardrobe without breaking the bank, the question arises: What are the top women’s clothing stores on AliExpress? This curated guide is your insider’s look into the world of budget-friendly fashion on one of the most popular e-commerce platforms.

We’ll navigate through the plethora of options, handpicking stores known for their quality, style, and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re in search of the perfect outfit for a night out, everyday essentials, or that unique statement piece, join us as we reveal the hidden gems of women’s clothing on AliExpress that will elevate your style quotient while keeping your finances in check.

Best Women’s Clothing Brands on Aliexpress: Quick Summary

Best women’s clothing stores on Aliexpress Best For
Simplee Dress
OFTBUYLeather jackets
Couture dresses
SHEINSexy blouses
Ever-pretty store Evening dresses
Hi fashion jackets 
IYAEGE T- shirts
Sexy Goddess Coats
Leather jackets
Sis July Sweaters
Pretty clothes
Shemujersky Laced tops
Padded blouses
Couture dresses
Track pants 
Lace blouse
Spaghetti strap dresses
MIEGOFCE Trench coats
TrendyolCrop tops
Evening dresses
July’s Song Nightwear

Top women’s clothing stores on Aliexpress


aliexpress clothing brands

Simplee is a massive store with a wide range of apparels that are capable of making fashion statements.

Shopping on Simplee is a real treat because of the variety they have. You will find seasonal outfits that stand true with style, sexy lingerie, and elegant one-pieces.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab onto the amazing deals they have in store now. With 2.6 million followers and being out there for 6 years, this clothing brand on Aliexpress has acquired a whopping 97% rating of positive feedback. 

Simplee customer review 

“ Simplee stores has become my go-to for fashion because of their ever changing styles that always keep up with the latest trends. The delivery speed is also perfect. This is definitely the best thing that has happened to me on Aliexpress”


How often do you find stores solely dedicated to selling just jackets! 

Jackets have a myriad of styles and OFTBUY covers every one of them. This is a dream come true for all fashionistas as jackets make up for most of the fashion trends making the buzz today.

They cover all kinds of jackets including faux fur, couture jackets and leather. Customers have sworn by its quality as they are made up of high quality materials which aim at good durability.

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This is the absolute fashion store with hi-fashion jackets. We think it’s among the top women’s clothing brands on Aliexpress.

OFTBUY Customer review 

“Bestseller ever. OFTBUY has the widest range of jackets. I loved the buy and will come back for more. “


Best clothing brands on Aliexpress
Clothing brands on Aliexpress

Shein is no stranger to the latest fashion trends from trustworthy brands. It comprises every style of clothing that you would generally look for online. They are known for their sexy blouses and dresses which deserve a shout out! If you’re into bling couture, then SHEIN is for you. 

A special mention to their super cute nightwear collection. 

Shein customer reviews

“I ordered a blouse from Shein last month. Besides the super quick delivery, the material and the whole feel of the blouse has taken me by surprise. It has become one of my favorite places online to shop”

Ever Pretty Store

top aliexpress brands

Ever Pretty, like its name, fulfills our wishes for wedding dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses and every other dream-like piece of clothing you’d want.

They have been around for almost 10 years gaining popularity for their exceptional collection of dresses and high fashion outfits.

Like the name of the store, they promise to make you feel pretty with their extraordinary and latest clothing brands. 

Ever pretty customer reviews

“Ever-Pretty has a superb collection of party wear that is available in a wide range of colours and styles. Love their prom dresses as well.”


best clothes brands on Aliexpress
shein on aliexpress

This is a boutique-like store that has customized clothes in various styles. The best part about this store is that it has amazing deals on these styles of clothing.

You will find unbelievably reputable brands that normally cost a fortune at affordable prices on this store.

The store has a whopping 97% positive reviews from its customers. 

IYEAGE customer reviews

“Awesome brands at unbelievable prices”

Sexy Goddess Store 

best brands on aliexpress

Well, obviously this store is every woman’s dream. It has the best collection in dresses, coats, and lingerie which is sure to make you feel like a Goddess. At first glance, it looks like a store made just for runway models with its high fashion outfits.

They have amazing offers and customers have upvoted it with 95% positive reviews. So what are you waiting for? 

Sexy Goddess reviews

“Great deals. A must-visit store on Aliexpress if you want attractive clothes”

SisJuly Store

clothes on Aliexpress

This is the absolute best store for women’s seasonal clothing as they offer superb summer, winter and spring collections.

This store is vast which means you have a lot of options to choose from. They have an awesome offer on wholesale women’s clothing on Aliexpress and you should not miss out on this opportunity if you want to find some gorgeous clothes for jaw-dropping prices. 

SisJuly customer reviews

“This is an A+ recommendation. Amazing offers and an extravagant collection of wholesale clothes for women”


Top clothes on Aliexpress

This is a hot store on Aliexpress with sexy laced tops and other super attractive outfits that you just can’t resist.

It has a strong presence on Aliexpress with its 97% positive reviews from its customers.

In addition to their super hot collection they offer such great deals which makes it a fashion hotspot on Aliexpress. 

Shemujersky customer reviews

“Sexy outfits for great deals. DO NOT miss out on this store. One of the best on Aliexpress”

Toyouth Teenage Fashion Store

best women's clothing brands
aliexpress clothing brands

With a 97% of positive reviews, ToYouth has managed to stay faithful to its motto of providing youthful and trendy clothes.

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There is a mixture of vibrant and sassy outfits that can brighten up everyday.

If you are someone who is up to date with style and trends, we are sure you will love what is in store for you! 

Toyouth customer reviews

“This store just stands out on Aliexpress because of the variety they bring. Never fails to impress me” 


online women's clothing
aliexpress customer reviews

COLROVIE is new in the market and yet has managed to build a rep among customers for its beautiful variety of outfits.

The store has a certain vibe about the kind of dresses they sell. The prices are nominal which is a huge surprise considering they have a wide variety to choose from and exceptional quality.

You will fall in love with their body cons and lingerie because they are definitely head-turners. 

COLROVIE customer reviews

“ I bought lingerie from COLROVIE and i absolutely loved it. Will definitely come back for more” 


best brands on aliexpress 2020
brands on aliexpress for women

Each time the season changes, all you want to do is change your entire style! 

That is exactly why MIEGOFCE  is the exact hub for your seasonal outfit changes. They have fun and sassy trench coats, jackets and raincoats which are so in style.

They have 98.8% positive feedback on Aliexpress with dedicated fans for their outfit collection. 

MIEGOFCE Customer reviews

“ The best raincoats I’ve bought online. Their prices are so reasonable. Will come back for more.” 


aliexpress top clothing brands 2020

Trendyol is the ultimate hub for your everyday fashion. This store has everything you need for a fun day. Their casual wear is so chic and in trend. Crop tops, tunics, evening dresses and tees. They’ve got it all.

They are known for their cheap prices and great quality. You just cannot ignore this one! It’s among the best women’s clothing brands on Aliexpress.

Trendyol customer reviews

“Latest fashion trends are always present on this site. So happy with the collection”

JULY’s Song Store

best brands on aliexpress for women
top brands on aliexpress for women
clothing brands on aliexpress

If you want sexy lingerie and don’t know a store that specializes and flaunts a whole variety of them, JULY’s Song is the place for you! It is hard NOT to purchase nightwear from this store because of its cute and sexy lingerie and nightwear.

If you want to awaken your Night beauty queen, then make sure to visit the store. 

July’s Song customer reviews

“ I was looking for lingerie on Aliexpress but did not expect to find one whole store dedicated to nightwear. I had a satisfying buy. Loved the experience.” 

ONLY Store

best womens clothing brands in aliexpress

Only caters to the millennial fashion. Not only is it upto date with trends, it is often a trendsetter by itself. Only’s collection has a very wide range, which customers love. It features different fits, colour palettes, styles, fabrics, and textures. The brand has its own identity in this way. 

Only also caters to all of your needs. You can find streetwear, formal wear as well as leisure wear. 

Customer Review – “..I must say that I am delighted with my shopping experience. Both the blouse and the tunic fitted me perfectly. They also arrived very quickly in just a week after I placed my order..”

EAM Store

An outlet known for its expression of postmodern fashion, EAM is the place to go if you are looking for runway style looks. They have elegant, chic pieces which will make you stand out. You will find long and crop coats, chunky sweaters, and long sleeve tee shirt dresses, among others.

Vadim Store

aliexpress clothing stores

Vadim is known for its timeliness with fashion and design. It is always up to date on trends, and features pieces that are of top quality fabric. Having been on Aliexpress for 6 years now, they are appreciated especially for the type of clothes that they sell which are suitable for all physiques, body types and fits. 

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The prices are extremely nominal for the quality they provide, and they also have a really good collection of daily wear pieces!

Customer Review – ‘Very beautiful. Well sewn. Very good quality. Size fits perfectly on XL in Europe. Recommend!!’

FAQs about Aliexpress clothing brands for women

Now that we have directed you to some of the best places to keep up your fashion trends on Aliexpress, to purchase online you need to keep yourself thorough. Have a look at our answers for some of the most asked questions on Aliexpress. 

Are AliExpress clothes good quality?

While it is true you will come across fraudsters on Aliexpress you sell products with low quality, you will find really trustworthy brands like the ones we have mentioned above.

It is easy to be tricked online so make sure to go after the most sought after brands. Reading through customer testimonials is an important way to determine the reputation of the site.

Aliexpress has some very good reviews for vendors who sell products for a good price which are the same in quality as well. 

Best Women’s Clothing Stores on Aliexpress

What are the top-selling clothes on Aliexpress?

Get ready to be stunned by the kind of clothing brands that you might find on Aliexpress of you go to the right stores. 

Are Aliexpress clothes good quality?

Reviews and evidence suggest that clothes on Aliexpress are good quality. But like on any site where vendors sell wholesale, there is always a possibility of a few bad pieces making it to the backend. But people believe that that gamble is worth making as the pieces on Aliexpress have very good value for money as compared to other sites.

How do you know what size to order on Aliexpress clothing sellers store?

Go according to the size charts on the website. And if you are in doubt, we suggest you go one size big!

How do you know women clothing sellers on Aliexpress are trustworthy?

The vote of confidence for Aliexpress is 50-50. However, there are ways to cross check which seller is genuine, and who might be scamming. By going to a seller’s page, you will be able to click on their Facebook tab for a complete breakdown.

Style is an important part of presenting yourself to the world and how hard it can be when you have the best clothing brands one click away. These clothing brands for women on Aliexpress will be the dawn of a new shopping experience for you!