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Is Canmake a Good Brand In 2024: Here’s The Truth

Canmake is a very popular cosmetics company in Japan especially among the younger generation with its cute and fashionable, yet affordable products. This brand offers a variety of makeup products ranging from eye makeup, nail products, lip products, base makeup, and brushes.

It is extremely popular in the demographic of young Japanese women because of the colorful and girly packaging of the makeup which will surely capture your eyes when you first step into a cosmetics store or drugstore (yes, Canmake is available in select drugstores as well).

In this article, we will review Canmake, a popular Japanese cosmetics brand that has been around longer than most of the known cosmetics household brands that we all know.

Is Canmake a Good Brand?

Canmake is a Japanese cosmetics brand that has garnered a loyal following for its affordability and quality. Known for its cute, feminine packaging and wide range of color cosmetics, Canmake offers products that often boast impressive pigmentation and performance, especially considering their price point. The brand is particularly celebrated for its blushes, lip tints, and eyeshadows. Canmake is also praised for its use of gentle formulations that suit even sensitive skin types. While individual experiences with makeup brands can vary, the general consensus in the beauty community is that Canmake is a good brand that provides value for money and a variety of effective, aesthetically pleasing products.

Overview Of Canmake

Canmake was relatively new in the cosmetics scene in Japan when it first opened its doors and brand to the Japanese people back in 1986. 14 years later, Canmake expanded its reach and debuted its lineage of quality and affordable makeup products to the world.

Currently, Canmake has 800 stores across the Asia-Pacific region which makes the brand much more accessible to neighboring countries near Japan. Canmake is extremely popular among teenagers, young adults, and makeup artists.

As a brand launched in this generation, Canmake envisions its use of makeup as a way of enhancing one’s beauty and not by defining it. Canmake strongly aligns its philosophy with self-confidence among the patrons of its products.

It is famous throughout Japan because of its trendy and aesthetic look on its makeup products and packaging. Canmake products are widely accessible too and it’s even available in select drugstores throughout Japan.

Almost all of Canmake’s products are natural and specially catered for Asian skin and climate. Canmake also boasts a wide selection of colors and tones to choose from, making it much more inclusive to almost all skin colors and types.

Common ingredients used in Canmake products are water, Morus Alba root extract, Arginine, Sodium, Hyaluronate, Jojoba esters, Prunus Yedoensis root extracts, Zinc oxide, Titanium dioxide, etc.

Since Canmake uses plant-derived ingredients and other natural ingredients, they do not test on animals nor harm animals in the process of their product creation. Safer alternatives of testing are done instead to make sure that the makeup products are still tested and checked accordingly. Canmake is definitely cruelty-free!

Quick Facts About Canmake

Founded: 1968

Based in: Japan

Canmake Specialty: Affordable and trendy makeup products

Popular Products: Peel Off Base Coat, Glow Feur Cheeks, Stay on Lip Rouge, Cream Cheek, Shading Powder, Marshmallow Finish Powder and Quick Lash Curler.

Canmake Review

Is Canmake Legit?

Canmake has been in the Japanese cosmetic industry for almost four decades. And in the international market for more than two decades. They have established themselves as a reliable brand for all and the products speak for themselves.

The majority of the online reviews for Canmake products are positive, although some of the people residing farther from the Asia-Pacific region are asking for more avenues to get a hold of Canmake products

In terms of issues with logistics, there are no reported issues of delivery of Canmake products outside of Japan. If there are, it might be because of backlogs with the logistics partner of the e-commerce platform used to order Canmake products.

Where To Buy Canmake Makeup

Apart from going to cosmetic shops around Japan or Canmake’s flagship stores instead. There are a lot of ways to conveniently buy Canmake products without leaving the comfort of your home.

Amazon is the best place online to grab your Canmake products with various discounts and free shipping promos that will save you a lot of money. Canmake Amazon shop virtually has every product available with hundreds of items ready to order.

You can also opt to shop on Canmake’s official site where you can get exclusive promos and discounts as well. There’s a free shipping voucher for a minimum amount spent so be sure to look at your cart if it’s eligible for the promo!

If you want to see and feel the products, you can always opt to go to the nearest Canmake flagship store near you. Although Canmake has only expanded in the Asia-Pacific region, you have to try your luck with general cosmetic stores if you’re outside of the region.

Reviews Of Popular Canmake Products

Peel Off Base Coat

Canmake Peel Off Base Coat
  • One of Canmake’s best-selling products, the Peel Off Base Coat is applied before putting on regular nail polish. What’s amazing about this product is that you don’t need nail polish remover anymore. You can just peel off your nail polish whenever you want to. It’s that simple!
  • The product containing Acrylates Copolymer which helps in nails become more water resistant after application. On the other hand Polyvinyl Alcohol is also present and it acts as the peel-off agent for the product and it helps peeling off the nail polish seamless and easy.
  • The ingredients of the peel-off base coat like the Polyvinyl Alcohol is not meant to be used on the skin which is why this product should only be used on nails and nowhere else.

Glow Fleur Cheeks

  • Another best-selling product of Canmake, the Glow Fleur Cheeks blush is made with a duo of luster powder foundation and translucence. It’s easy to blend with the skin and creates a natural-looking glow to your skin.
  • There are five (5) different colors in each blush palette and there are 8 different color sets to choose from.
  • Apart from the beautiful colors to choose from, this product also contains collagen, damask rose flower oil, and pomegranate extract oil which are moisturizing agents that help keep your face healthy and fresh.
  • This product is free from fragrance, alcohol, and petroleum-based surfactants which makes it skin-friendly for all skin types.

Stay on Balm Rouge

Canmake Stay On Balm Rouge
  • A lip pencil with a very moisturizing feeling of a lip balm. The Stay on Balm Rouge has a lot of colors that you can choose from as well which will fit any lip shape and color.
  • The product contains plant-derived oils like jojoba oil, olive oil, rosehip oil, and pomegranate oil which helps in moisturizing the lips and aid in UV protection against the sun.
  • This product does not have ultraviolet absorbers that causes dryness and chapping. It makes the product inclusive for more people in different climates.

Cream Cheek 

Canmake Cream Cheek
  • A blush in a creamy base, the Cream Cheek is a must-buy from Canmake because it’ll give your cheeks a perfect color tone for your skin color and make your makeup stand out.
  • The gel-like or liquid-like consistency of the product makes it advisable to use if you have dry skin but I don’t suggest it for people with oily skin because it might not give the look or color that it’s supposed to give.
  • The product contains Squalane and Dimethicone which helps make the skin softer and smoother. It also contains Silica and Dextrin Palmitate which aid in making it gel-like in terms of consistency.

Shading Powder

Canmake Shading Powder
  • It’s pretty difficult to get shading of bronze and the like in Japan which makes Canmake’s Shading. This powder gives an amazing matte finish with the shade.
  • The consistency of the product borders in between the creamy-feel finish and the powder finish which makes it more inclusive for people with different skin types. It’s great to use the product whether you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin.
  • This shading powder also contains Squalane and Dimethicone which helps make the skin smoother and softer. It also contains Titanium Dioxide that serves as a sunscreen after application.

Marshmallow Finish Powder

Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder
  • A base product that can stand as a foundation or a power, the Marshmallow Finish Powder is a great product to make your skin look smooth and cover your pores.
  • With SPF 26, it’s perfect to use on a sunny day and it’s easy to remove as well with just running water and nothing else. Refills are available as well for a cheaper price.
  • This product has 71% natural mineral ingredients which makes it inclusive for most skin types, including sensitive skin. It’s also free from tar-based pigments, alcohol, and fragrance.
  • The foundation powder also contains moisturizing agents like Aloe Vera extract, chamomile extract, Squalane, and grapeseed oil which helps soften the skin.

Quick Lash Curler

Canmake Quick Lash Curler
  • Another great product from Canmake, the Quick Lash Curler has three functions, a base coat, a top coat, and a mascara. What makes it amazing is that it’s waterproof and it won’t smudge from tears, sweat, etc.
  • This product is available in two colors and it actually won multiple beauty awards and is on Cosme’s cosmetic hall of fame.
  • The Quick Eyelash Curler has Tocopherol which is an active ingredient good for dry skin and anti aging.
  • The product also has Isostearic Acid and Dextrin Palmitate which can trigger fungal acne. This product is not advisable to use if you have sensitive skin.

Canmake Makeup Brand – Final Verdict

Canmake is definitely an amazing cosmetics brand and its affordable prices make it much more accessible to more people, especially to students who want to glam up. If you’re on a budget but you’re looking for good cosmetics products, Canmake should be on top of your list.

I hope that this review has been helpful in giving you an honest and thorough review of Canmake, its history, how to buy its products, and some of its famous products in the market right now.

See you in our next posts!

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