How to Make Eyelash Glue at Home

How to Make Eyelash Glue at Home

I suppose you are trying to look for an alternative to your eyelash glue because it either is causing damage to your lids or you ran out of it. If you’re currently reading this, then you might be thinking oh how to make eyelash glue at home.

I’ll tell you now – it is indeed possible to create a DIY lash glue at home, but it does take a little more effort. And aside from the extra effort, creating your own recipe of eyelash glue can either be a great or a worse idea. 

Still, if you’re really interested and curious about doing your own eyelash glue with your own hands, everything that you have to know is right here. All the pros and cons and even a detailed glue making procedure is right below so keep reading.

Should I Create a Homemade Eyelash Glue?

homemade eyelash glue
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So, before we proceed in teaching you a recipe for homemade eyelash glue, the first step is to know if you really should be doing this.

We have asked people around to create a survey regarding homemade eyelash glue, and the opinions are equally divided.

Some people would say that it is much better just to stick with commercial eyelash glues since they are always readily available.

Making your own homemade eyelash glue can be really unpredictable because the recipe that you would be trying to make may or may not irritate your skin – no one actually knows unless you try it!

But on the other hand, some people say that trying your own eyelash recipe makes you sure that you are taking control over the ingredients. Let’s give you one of the best recipes that we have tried doing on our own. 

How To Make Homemade Eyelash Glue

The ultimate benefit that a homemade eyelash glue can give you is its affordability. Compared to ready to use lash glues, you can create your own lash glue using regular ingredients that can be found at home.

You don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals that are contained inside bottles of commercial lash glues. 

Today, we will be making a natural lash glue to prevent any allergic reaction to your skin. Just a disclaimer, this recipe may or may not work on your skin. So, we can never assure you that it would work unless you try it for yourself.

Here’s a list of ingredients that you would be needing:

  • 2T water
  • ½ t sugar
  • 1 drop honey
  • 1 drop non-toxic glue

Now that you have gathered all of the ingredients, it’s time to start making your homemade eyelash glue! Take a look at the step by step procedure that you can follow:

Step 1: Grab a mixing bowl and put all ingredients into the bowl

Step 2: Use a whisk or a fork to mix all of the ingredients inside the bowl. The mixture has to be fully dissolved so you have to pay attention to what type of sugar you use. Using granulated sugar might cause damage to your eyes since it doesn’t dissolve easily.

Step 3: When the mixture has turned into a paste, you can now apply it on your eyes.

See, this recipe is very easy to do! It contains all simple ingredients except for the non toxic glue. Now, let’s proceed to the things you need to know when applying this homemade eyelash mixture on your lash line.

Step 1: Get a Q-tip or a small spatula before applying the homemade eyelash glue on your eyelids. Just make sure that the mixture is sticky enough for your false eyelashes to stick.

Step 2: Put your faux eyelashes like you normally would. 

Caution: Since this recipe contains natural ingredients, you have to remember that it can spoil like usual food items do. The mixture can turn crusty, and it can cause irritation when applied on your sensitive lash line. 

If you’re really pushing through with using this DIY recipe, you should be creating a fresh mixture every single time.

What can I use instead of eyelash glue?

Aside from making eyelash glue at home, there are also a lot of other ways that you can skip commercially made eyelash glues.

If ever your eyelids are already getting irritated from using false eyelashes and glues, the best way is to let them breathe and stop using these products for a while.

But, here are some the recommended solutions that you can try if you want to skip using commercial eyelash glues:

Self-adhesive Lashes

It is not a secret that false eyelashes definitely improve the appearance of your eyelashes. But if you are experiencing some irritation because of frequent use of eyelash glue, then you can try using self-adhesive lashes instead. 

They also work the same as regular false eyelashes but you don’t need to put on glue anymore. It’s very easy to use, and all you need to do is to remove the clove from the lash and you’re all set for brand new lashes!

Magnetic eyelashes

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Magnetic eyelashes are becoming more popular nowadays since you don’t even need to put on some nasty and irritating glue on your eyelids. Magnetic eyelashes come with cloves that you have to put on your lash line. 

These cloves sometimes need some eyeliner drawn on your lids but some do not need any eye liner. The cleats can be used for up to 20 applications so it’s really a great alternative than using regular false eyelashes. 

Here are the steps on how to use magnetic eyelashes:

Step 1: After you have put on your eye makeup, you have to curl your eyelashes and put on your mascara. Applying mascara will ensure that your eyelashes will go naturally with the magnetic ones. Also, never put on any mascara on your magnetic eyelashes.

Step 2: Apply the magnetic eyeliner that comes along with your magnetic lash kit. This eyeliner will keep your magnetic lashes in place. Allow the eyeliner to dry for at least 20 seconds.

Step 3: Use tweezers to apply your magnetic eyelashes. The best way to put your magnetic lashes is to sandwich them in between your natural lashes. 

Eyelash Extension

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Image source: agape_lashstudio

Eyelash extensions can be done permanently or semi permanently. Yes, it is a little costly than other methods, but it surely gives you great results and convenience.

Eyelash extensions can offer you with a semi permanent and permanent solution for your sparse eyelashes. 

Eyelash extensions work by hand gluing synthetic eyelashes in between or on top of natural lashes. Having eyelash extensions can help make your eyelashes look fuller and darker.

The usual materials used for eyelash extensions are silk fibers, milk, synthetic fiber, or faux mink.

You also have control over the length of the extensions, curl patterns, and even tints! However, you have to watch out for irritation and risks of infection.

You also have to consider that going for this option can impose damage on your natural eyelashes. 

Setting the negatives aside, going for this procedure doesn’t cause you any pain. It is usually safe, especially if you don’t have very sensitive skin.

For refills, expect that you would have to spend $50 to $150 every 2 to 4 weeks – which is really costly! 

So, having eyelash extensions is something that you really have to think about, especially money wise. But if money isn’t an issue at all, then you can definitely have instant full eyelashes through this procedure.

Is Homemade Eyelash Glue Worth It?

Now that you have learned how to create your own eyelash glue, you might be wondering if it’s really worth the craze. To give you a quick glance, here’s are the advantages and disadvantages of using a homemade eyelash:


  • The ingredients are natural so you won’t have to worry about any irritation that can happen to your eyes.
  • If you run out of eyelash glue, this all-natural eyelash glue can be a great alternative.
  • This DIY eyelash glue recipe is also cheaper than commercially available eyelash glue.


  • Creating your DIY eyelash glue can be dangerous since this can cause irritation to your eyelids’ sensitive skin.
  • It may also not stick as strongly as how commercially made eyelash glues do

Personally, I would not recommend creating a homemade eyelash glue because one minor mistake can impose damage to your eyelids.

Commercial eyelash extensions are generally safe, and as long as your eyelids are not getting any irritation, you can continue using them.

You can always check the label of the eyelash glue if ever there are certain ingredients that you want to avoid.

The decision is always yours, but if you’re really going for homemade eyelash glue, just be extra careful about the ingredients that you are going to use. 

Lastly, a skin test is always an important step to do before continuing the use of homemade eyelash glue. If ever you have tried doing a DIY false lash glue, let us know about your experience below and we’ll be happy to hear it!

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