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How To Make Cheeks Fuller: You Should Not Miss these Effective ways

A symbol of youth is to have full cheeks. So if you have cheeks that are sunken, you would want to know how to make cheeks fuller so you can achieve a young-looking appearance. Rounded and plump cheeks help your face look younger, meanwhile, sagging cheeks shows aging and sunken cheeks indicate weak health. 

One of the most efficient methods to enhance cheek volume is to inject with filters for temporary purposes. That way can immediately boost a natural appearance. You can combine other products to your skin’s surface as well as treatment. Voluma, for instance, is a common dermal filler to inject into you or you can undertake a fat transfer surgery. 

If you do not want to have cosmetic surgery, we can provide you with some easy but effective methods to improve the elasticity and circulation so your cheeks can be fuller. Let’s massage your cheek muscles or apply a natural treatment to soften and nourish skin for a glow. Natural techniques have slow effectiveness, but it is safe and will definitely give you what you want.

Today, we will introduce to you some outstanding methods to solve your concern. Let’s get started and find a solution that best suits your needs. These useful following information will be covered in this article:

  • Reasons why cheeks lose volume over time
  • How habits affect your cheek size
  • Useful tips for chubby cheeks
  • Effective methods on how to make cheeks fuller
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Sum up

Reasons Why Cheeks Lose Volume Over Time

When you get older, the reduction of facial fullness is understandable. We will all lose and reallocate fat padding and volume of the facial. This leads to a decline in slackness and angularity, which are features of the elder face. 

Besides the fat paddings declining in volume, there are some changes in facial structure that happen in both your bones and skin. When elastic decreases, the bones of the face will lose volume, as a result, the skin laxity and sagging rises. All those impacts can cause droopier and more sunken cheeks. 

How Habits Affect Your Cheek Size

Besides the impact of aging, there are several lifestyles that can influence your cheeks as well. Here are some popular habits:

  • Drinking and smoking: these are not only harmful to your physical and mental health but also have a significant impact on your skin. They are bad habits that can be dangerous to your skin, darken, and loss of your cheeks volume. This will cause the skin to become thinner and less active. 
  • Keep in mind to defend your face skin with sunscreen when hanging out to avoid yourself from dangerous UV rays. This habit will protect your cheeks skin as well as the whole face skin from the impacts of sun rays. 

Useful Tips For Chubby Cheeks

There is a statement that prevention is better than cure which is exactly related to the very first step of how to make cheeks fuller. We bring you some helpful and effective tips so you can follow, you will definitely see the difference after a while of applying these:

  • Use sunscreen. Wherever you go outside, applying sunscreen on your face will be a great way to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays. 
  • Avoiding as much as possible wearing makeup. That will help to allow your skin to breathe, which is a vital thing to help you maintain a youthful-looking. Keep in mind you always get rid of your makeup and carefully wash your face prior to going to bed if you wore makeup. 
  • Stay away from drinking alcohol and smoking. These bad habits make your skin lose elasticity which affects your looking as you will appear older. 
  • Drink a lot of water. Taking care of your body appropriately hydrated will assist your skin keep a young-looking appearance. 

Effective Methods On How To Make Cheeks Fuller

In order to know the efficient methods on how to make cheeks fuller, you must take plenty of factors into consideration. So we bring you the following methods that you can easily follow to help you get fuller cheeks for a youthful appearance. Let’s scroll down.

Method 1: Enhancing circulation

  1. This method is easy to carry out, just follow our straightforward guidelines below: 1. First of all, you should do some massage for your cheeks to brighten and lift your skin up. When you massage the facial yourself, use your fingertips gently, make circular movements around your cheek point. Ensure you massage your skin out and upward, prevent pressing it down because this may cause sagging. Concentrate on your cheeks’ bones.
how to make cheeks fuller

2. Practice yoga for the face to enhance the circulation of cheeks. Widely open your mouth and curl lower and upper lips inward for covering your front teeth. Maintain for 30 seconds in this position. Repeat this work 5 times a day.

  • Right below the apex of the cheekbones, put both your forefingers in straight near the nostrils. Create some outward circles for your cheeks about 1-2 minutes
  • Then, locate both your forefingers on both sides of your nose, anywhere close to your lips. Massages little circular movements by your fingers for about 2 minutes
  • Next, use your forefingers on the borders of your jaw. Maintain massaging with a motion of circular about 2 minutes. Repeat this face yoga exercise 5 times per day.

However, this method has no extra skin or fat that will fuller your cheeks. But doing some gentle exercise for the face will boost the circulation of your cheeks which might contribute to radiating and fulling your skin. 

You can check these excellent microdermabrasion machines to purchase. It helps you enhance the circulation movement not by using your hands. Therefore, it will be extremely effective on your cheeks. 

Method 2: Inject facial filler 

This is one of the most popular methods for provisionally filling cheeks is injecting filler for facial around and into your cheeks. It is an answer for those who wonder how to make cheeks fuller if they feel natural methods are too slow to see the effectiveness. 

The purpose of this treatment is not to make yourself become a cartoonish duplication of a doll made of porcelain, but rather to deliberately accurate volume loss that appeared over time. Injecting filler is to fulfill contour in the middle of your face, which contributes to lifting your cheeks. 

Normally, a filler is put in the middle of the face and upper cheek. The intensity of injection relies on the filler being utilized. Several filters are placed right above the bone, meanwhile, others are injected in the dermis area. Many people have cosmetic surgery to replenish the volume of their cheeks. 

Before starting the injection process, the doctor will use a numbing cream. However, this is not normally essential as almost all fillers have an anesthetic in them. Of course, you will have some discomfort and pain experiences. Inject facial fillers will have some risks such as bruising, swelling, discoloration or redness, tenderness, or pain. Therefore, it is vital to discuss with your surgeons about all the benefits and drawbacks of this method. 

how to make cheeks fuller
Attractive woman at plastic surgery with syringe in her face

After injecting fillers on your cheeks, you can use some face masks to moisture and calm your skin. 

Method 3: Using topical treatments

If you are looking for a substitute method for the above techniques, there are some options you can do at home as well. Firstly, you can add to your skincare regimen with products that assist enhance firmness and elasticity. 

  1. Topical retinol: it is a type of vitamin A, which can encourage the production of collagen and elastin, which people’s bodies gradually stop making when they pass 30s. Nonetheless, if you are pregnant, make sure you consult your doctor before using retinol treatments. 
  2. Ceramides are also great ingredients for making cheeks fuller. It helps to hydrate and defend the barrier of the skin and plant stem cells that can heal spoiled cells and rigid. 
  3. Another common option is the epidermal growth factor (EFG). It is popular as it helps to enhance the skin tone appearance, rigidity, and can encourage the production of collagen. Products include caffeine and hyaluronic acid can make a provisional tightening, plumping, and firming effect. 
  4. Aloe vera gel is excellent to make cheeks fuller. Using it about 30 minutes prior to taking a shower, massage this gel directly on your cheeks area and permit it to immerse in. Or you can apply the gel on the face and wash it off after 30 minutes with warm water. You should do it daily to plump and soften your cheeks. 
how to make cheeks fuller

Here are several face exfoliators for mature skins that you can add to your skincare routine to help you maintain and achieve a glow and youthful skin look. 

Method 4: Promote a healthy lifestyle

Wondering how to make cheeks fuller, you should first start a healthy lifestyle. It not only helps to maintain a youthful appearance but also is a great treatment for your health. Eating food that contains the correct quantity of carbohydrates such as rice, bread, and pasta, which are really carb-rich foods. Ensure you get a sufficient amount of carb foods because obtaining too low carbohydrate foods can keep you from reaching fuller cheeks. 

Furthermore, if you want to get cheeks fuller, you have to eat healthy foods to obtain fats for your cheeks including cheese, nuts, oats and seeds. These foods are considered healthy and light snacks to enhance the look of your skin. 

Using supplements is also a great way to help your cheeks fuller. Because food supplements include an adequate amount of calories which assist you to gain weight. Thanks to the antibacterial and moisturizing properties of honey, this ingredient will contribute to your young-looking appearance on the cheeks. You can mix equal amounts of papaya and honey, rub it on the cheeks and wait for 10 minutes prior to washing it with warm water.

Drinking enough water every day is also a vital factor. The essentiality of water in people’s lives is unquestionable. The influence of water on bodies is enormous. You ought to drink 8 cups of water every day to maintain your cheeks and body always in hydrated mode. Moreover, you should consume fruits and vegetables as well. Apples are great fruits as they include rich vitamins A, B, and C. The elastin and collagen in apples will maintain your skin appear more plump and soft.

how to make cheeks fuller

This video will show you some face yoga exercises so you can watch and follow to do them accordingly:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there medical choices for making cheeks fuller?

If some natural techniques we propose to you above are not suitable for you, you can freely choose medical options. Those who are seeking how to make cheeks fuller by gaining weight may select for fat transfer surgery. This process includes surgeons getting fat from another zone of the body and add it into your face.

Another choice is to get dermal fillers. This procedure will be carried by doctors to inject fillers into an area of your face, normally the cheeks, to offer your overall facial appearance a more full look. 

Cheek augmentation is also another good option to consider for a long-lasting solution. A rigid implant will be placed over the bones of your cheeks to underline the cheeks. However, surgery often includes risks, therefore, it is vital to be aware of the benefits and drawbacks with a professional doctor prior to deciding this extremely personal purpose. 

Does blowing balloons help to make chubby cheeks?

Yes. Blowing balloons is also one of the efficient methods to make your cheeks look plumper. And it is super simple to do. Just have to blow a balloon with your mouth and maintain the puff-up shaped cheeks for 1 minute. Then, free the air out of your mouth. Repeat this activity 5-6 times per day.

Sum Up

To conclude,we have proposed to you some effective techniques on how to make cheeks fuller. The lists provided are all easy and efficient to follow. Finding a suitable method to make your cheeks fuller is a great way to get back your young appearance. Using vegan face moisturizer is also beneficial for your whole skin, you can add it into your skincare routine and see changes over time.

This is all about methods to help you achieve chubby cheeks that we think are helpful for you. We hope this article is informative to you. If you have any excellent techniques to solve this problem and want to share, you can freely tell us. Cheers. 

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