how long does eyeshadow last

How Long Does Eyeshadow Last and Expire

Eyeshadow is solidly up there in terms of beauty staples something found in practically everybody’s makeup bag. And, as makeup bag essentials, we learn to keep them out of the factors, and we’re also familiar with checking if they’ve not expired with a few of them, such as skincare. 

However, it’s understandable that many people have yet to determine what kind of make-up products should be retired. Here are some resources to help you answer the question “how long does eyeshadow last?” In this piece, we’ll cover a few key points to help you understand expiration dates for cosmetics and how long does eye shadow lasts. 

They are as follows:

  • What are all the different varieties of eyeshadow
  • Does eyeshadow have an expiration date
  • How long do you think you’ll be able to wear your preferred eye shadow
  • How do you know if your eye shadow has expired
  • Where do you go if you’re using an expired eyeshadow
  • Summary

What Are All The Different Varieties Of Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow has a far longer storage life than most other beauty products, which have a much shorter life span. The various ways to apply and style the eyeshadow are unlimited, whether it’s among the greatest eyeshadow kits from brand name favorites like Illamasqua or Nars or a plain but very efficient, not to say cost-effective, which is drugstore purchase.

Many are still unsure how to apply it, and how to answer the question “how long does eyeshadow last.”

Eyeshadow exists in a variety of shapes and sizes, and based on the look you’re going for, from bold to soft, there’s an eyeshadow palette or eyeshadow for you. Influencers as well as make-up professionals like powdered eyeshadow, but there are many different finishes and formulations to choose from. 

Typically, eyeshadow is available in one formula of the formulas as follows:

  • Powdered eyeshadow: It is the most prevalent sort of eyeshadow and is typically advised for makeup newbies. This is because it is the most flexible in terms of blending. It’s also available in a variety of finishes, such as glitter, shimmer, and matte.
  • Liquid eyeshadow: A word of caution: this is more difficult to deal with. Professional makeup artists use it because of the dramatic finish and color pay-off. Still, a drop to two of this liquid eyeshadow may drastically transform your appearance if you’re up for the challenge and would like to achieve a genuinely photo-worthy appearance.
  • Cream eyeshadow: This type of eyeshadow appears in a tiny pan or pot and can be spread with a brush or a finger. Cream eyeshadow has a lot of color and pigment, but it can dry up quickly if it is exposed to a lot of heat or wide open air, so keep the cream shadows well packed after each use. 
  • Eyeshadow with loose pigment: Another essential item in the make-up artists’ and professionals’ toolkits. Eyeshadow with loose powder is formed from powdered pigments that have been carefully milled to give it a beautiful finish.
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Before using your preferred eyeshadow or formula, all top make-up professionals recommend priming your lids using a primer. This ensures a flat surface for putting eyeshadow, as well as keeping it crease-free throughout the day and accentuating its natural colors.

Does Eyeshadow Have An Expiration Date

So, how long does eyeshadow last, and does it have an expiration date?  Yes, the eyeshadow has a shelf life, so pay attention to it. Makeup is often designed to last anywhere from one month up to two years, depending on the type. Eyeshadow, particularly powdered eyeshadow, has a two- to three-year shelf life. When it came to water-based or cream eyeshadow, however, the timeframe is a little shorter. 

Oils in these cosmetics, including such cream eyeshadow, may eventually break down and cause your item to go poor. Preservatives in certain cosmetics degrade over time, thus even powdered eyeshadow palettes shouldn’t be used after three years. 

In most situations, though, only one way to tell if the powdered eyeshadow is not quite as new as it ought to be is if it’s gotten particularly hard or challenging to blend. For that situation, it should most likely be discarded.

When it came to the shelf life of your eyeshadow, some considerations must be taken, as per the FDA. If eyeshadow comes into contact with moisture, low humidity, or germs from hands or even other dipping utensils, it may deteriorate faster. If you apply cream shadow using your fingers frequently, you may find that the product goes bad faster. 

When putting on eyeshadow, ensure to use clean hands or a fresh make-up brush.

How Long Do You Think You’ll Be Able To Wear Your Preferred Eye Shadow?

Stunning eyeshadow kits are packed with a variety of unique colors, but with lots of products, it could be difficult to get thru them all. Does your eye makeup have an expiration date and how long does eyeshadow last, or can it be used until it runs out? The standard rule for powdered goods, including such eye shadow, is twelve months.

Although it is essential to be conscious of the expiration dates for many make-up products, particularly those around your eyes, powdered eyeshadow can be used safely after the expiration date if certain precautions are followed. 

Depending on the materials used, cosmetics might dry out, separate, and degrade with time. This is primarily due to air exposure, as Ni’Kita Wilson from Cosmetech Laboratories claims causes a component to oxidize and break down. What was the result? Products don’t spread, blend, or remain clump-free as they should.

When you take a step back and check at the final look, you’ll notice a drop in performance: the outdated maquillage does not look or feel correct on the face. Remember the last time you went through the makeup bag and cleared it out? There’s a strong probability that too many of your items have been expired for months, if not years.

Jamie Greenberg, a well-known make-up artist, advises using the senses to verify that the cosmetics you’re using are both effective and safe. “You have to smell the make-up,” Greenberg advises. When something doesn’t smell right, it’s time to toss it out. 

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Although powder lasts longer compared to wet solutions, Greenberg advises against routine inspection. “Toss it once the formula alters. If it stinks, toss it. Then if the color scheme isn’t working, toss it!” Many people are unaware that, like any perishable item, cosmetics have an expiry date.

Aside from that, you wouldn’t hold the old makeup very well; if you do not take good care of this, this can be detrimental to the skin and create discomfort. 

The open jar sign on most beauty labels indicates how long it’ll last after cracking, however, cosmetics in the United States do not require an expiration date.

And, when it comes to maquillage, it varies depending on the product. Foundations, primers, blushes, and eye shadows, for example, can last up to two years.

These expiration dates are based on the average usage of the items. Your make-up might last more than the suggested expiration dates if you follow precautions to ensure it is safe. Before handling the goods, clean your hands as well as brushes frequently. If you must share your cosmetics, make sure to use sanitizers and appliances.

Also, be careful that when used near the mouth and eyes, which are the most prone to get infected, cosmetics like eyeshadows might induce flu and pink eyes if used while in an illness or infection.

How Do You Know If Your Eye Shadow Has Expired

You noted that almost all pallets (based on the packing) expire after one to two years of use. In some circumstances, the phrase “six months” is used. But why do you think you’ll finish an eyeshadow palette in six months or even a year (unless you’re a cosmetic artist)? How long does eyeshadow last? Are the eye shadows still good after one to two years? 

Well, that is debatable. If you don’t use your eye shadow daily and keep that cold and dry, you could use it as long as it looks and feels wonderful. However, if you notice any changes, now is the time to get rid of them. 

It can be difficult to determine whether eyeshadow has genuinely expired, particularly powdered eyeshadow, however, keep an eye out for all the products with a foul odor or mold development. 

Additionally, if eye shadow has been exposed to severe conditions, including such places with a bunch of dampness or extremely high temperatures, keep a close eye for indicators that this has gone wrong and, if that has, discard it. 

We believe it is time to get over a shadow if you can not get it right for you. But if you do not, we’re sure you acquired identical hues, and they’re now all over the place. Even when you are not a makeup professional, you probably have an abundance of old products in your maquillage kit. 

Many people who apply makeup have a lip tube in their eyeshadow pallet that is only used occasionally and for an indefinite period. Although it’s normal to keep the outdated make-up, those goods have such a life span. 

Makeup is a fantastic tool for enhancing our natural features. Makeup, on the other hand, may become hazardous once skin, lip, and eye products have expired. Expired skincare products might even infect and break your face. Who has time for such nonsense? Keep microorganisms at bay by checking your cosmetics. 

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To be honest, all of these exact expiration dates are a lot easier to remember. Ensure that your items are assessed regularly. A quick once-up or scent test will do the trick. Here are several indicators that these items have outlived their usefulness.

  • Look at the label

Many cosmetic products include a little jar on the label with numbers and the letter M around it to indicate how long the product will last once opened. Three months are 3M, 6 months are 6M, a year is 12M, and so on. 

These figures, for example, show the ideal duration for using the items after they have been opened and exposed to air. After this time, the items will degrade in quality, becoming a source of bacteria.

  • Color changes

If the maquillage has changed to a different look (and hasn’t reverted), it’s time to discard it. Change of color is a sure sign that your makeup is about to expire, as well as bacterial growth.

  • Unusual smell

Smelling a product to see whether it has expired is one technique to tell. Before you apply the product, bring it up to the nose and scent it. If the item has an unusual fragrance or feels wrong, it could have expired.

  • Texture variation

Creamy items should have a creamy texture. If you’ve observed a product that’s applying unevenly or poorly, it could be off consistency. This indicates that your make-up has dried out and has most likely expired. Throw away the dried cream items to protect yourself from bacterial diseases.

  • Clumps are forming

Clumpy liquid maquillage cosmetics should be avoided. If you discover any lumps or bumps in your products, toss them. Bacterial clumping might be a warning indication.

Where Do You Go If You’re Using An Expired Eyeshadow

Now, you have known the answer to the question “how long does eyeshadow last”, but what happened if you try to use the expired one? Expired products may create serious difficulties in the area surrounding your eye, which is very fragile. Rashes, acne, pink eye, and allergic reactions are all possible side effects of using old or poor eyeshadow. 

It’s best to be prepared than sorry when it came to the eyes. Even though eye shadow is among the most long-lasting and durable make-up products, extra caution is required to avoid using anything that’ll injure your eyes.


You now understand the expiration dates for cosmetics and answer the question “how long does eyeshadow last”. Of course, if you have any additional knowledge regarding eyeshadow that you’d want to share, please do so in the comments section below! You can also check out our top list of the best natural eyeshadows we make specially for you.

Thank you for your interest in reading this article. Have a fantastic day!

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