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Colourpop Eyeshadow Review – A stunning eyeshadow is awaiting for you!

Summer is the perfect time for you to get creative and rock your look. With tanned skin, blossoming eyeshadow with a few specks of blush and highlighter, no one can turn a blind eye to you.

I adore summer makeup so much that I even collect a collection out of it. One of the superstars that I want to share with all my makeup-gurus is Colourpop Best Coast Scenario. 

Do you want to know what’s so special about this Colourpop Best Coast Scenario eyeshadow? Check this article now!

Things to consider before buying an Colorpop eyeshadow

Consider your eyes’ color and your complexion

best coast scenario colourpopEyes’ colors vary from ordinary colors like black, brown, gray to more sophisticated ones such as blue, green, etc. This variation causes the process of choosing the perfect eyeshadow for one tricky since each color will suit a different color tone.

Only by applying specific colors on your eye did you learn the best color combination can rock your vision.Skin complexion is also one of the criteria to put in mind when choosing eyeshadow color.

Warm undertone likely gets along with warm colors while cool undertone matches with bold, vivid colors such as burgundy. And if you have a neutral undertone, lucky for you, everything seems to be a fit!In their eyeshadow area, you can discover various sorts of shades made for various skin hues.

Check the shading choice first and afterward choose whether they will be beneficial for you or not. Bunches of aides are accessible online to pick the best shades for your composition, eye shading, event, and significantly more. 

Remember Your Wardrobe

best coast scenario colourpopFor instance, if you never wear dim shading outfits, you should not accept dim shading eye shadows because these shades work with more dull shading dresses. It would help if you kept your outfits/closet at the top of the priority list while looking for eye shadow packs on the web. Never purchase something which will be a total waste.

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Presenting Colourpop Eyeshadow – Best Coast Scenario

best coast scenario colourpopColourpop describes Best Coast Scenario as a “matte bright tangerine.” Being one of the eyeshadows in Colourpop’s sunset-inspired collections, its stunning orange color can stunt you because of its charm.To be more explicit about the color, this is a bright, vivid orange with a pinkish undertone. This way, the orange that this eyeshadow delivers is not too vibrant yet a very soft, gentle feeling that can corporate to any of your outfits.Best Coast Scenario has a matte finish, so it won’t be a tiring thing to redo your makeup after a few hours. 

Compared to other versions of Colourpop’s eyeshadow, the formula of Best Coast Scenario is high-pigmented to the point that it even creates some staining when you do the makeup removal.

Best Coast Scenario will best suit those looking for an eyeshadow that can rock their summer palette.

Or for those who seek a fun color to play within their makeup collection, Best Coast Scenario is worth purchasing for you to play with your creativity.

However, with those looking for one everyday-use eyeshadow, Best Coast Scenario can be too pale if you wear it alone. Its texture and pigmentation require extra colored layers to pop its hue.

For those who want a color that can work with a few brushes solely, Best Coast Scenario might not be the perfect fit.

best coast scenario colourpop
  • Thing we liked
  • Things we didn’t like
  • Stunning orange eyeshadow for a summer makeup look
  • The color can be layered up for more creative looks
  • High-pigmented texture
  • Matte finish
  • Suitable for every skin complexion
  • Wearing this eyeshadow alone can be too pale
  • Not for simple to-go makeup
  • There are stains after removal

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Colourpop Coast Scenario’s best features

Coral orange color

As we have mentioned before, Best Coast Scenario is a medium coral bright orange with a pinkish undertone. The cool undertone makes the color not too vibrantly hot, yet delivers a warm feeling and gentleness that is effortlessly suitable for every summer outdoor makeup look.

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Best Coast Scenario offers one of the most beautiful warm-toned oranges in their eyeshadow’s collection, so if you are on the search of an easy-to-work-with orange, you should lay your eyes on this stunning coral hue.

Matte finish

best coast scenario colourpopWe all know that girls love glitters, and you might think that it would be a waste for you to spend money on matter-finish products, especially on hot summer days. However, think again.Glittery eye colors cannot be popped out outstandingly without the help of a solid matte base color, and in this case, it’s Best Coast Scenario. The high-pigmented texture of this eyeshadow color will make your upper colored layers more long-lasting. 

Still, the color itself prevents you from redoing your eye makeup after several hours, especially on tropical outing summer vacations.

Best Coast Scenario is loved and treasured by anyone who has purchased it. I can confidently say that because before purchasing this sweetheart, I scoured the Internet for some reviews about this eyeshadow color, and all I saw were positive review comments!

This guarantee is one of the reasons I make up my mind to purchase Best Coast Scenario without any hesitation. Despite some of its minor flaws such as staining, the color receives numerous compliments by anywho has put this color in their shopping cart.

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​Top dupes of Best Coast Scenario


You’re a gem is also a Colourpop eyeshadow that represents the summer spirit. As pretty much the same as Best Coast Scenario, this is also a light-to-medium coral orange tone along with a matte finish. It retails at the same price as Best Coast Scenario, so I would say that You’re a Gem is a 95% dupe.

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The differences that I can tell are You’re a gem has no cool undertone, and the color is even lighter than Best Coast Scenario. Using this eyeshadow means you have to layer up with colors or put on eyeliner/mascara.


If you can’t shake off the idea of not having glittery effects on your eyes in the summer, check out ColourPop Animal. This eyeshadow is a moderately warm-toned, light-medium coral with a sparkle finish that can satisfy your wish.Compared this color to Best Coast Scenario, the same color offers extra glitter finish which makes this option preferable for those who can’t stand the idea of makeup without some shimmering effect.


ColourPop Centerfold is a warm-toned, medium-dark coral pink and orange mixing along with a matte finish.Compared to Best Coast Scenario, this color has a more pinky tone, suitable for anyone who adores pink but not too heavy pink. It is also a great transition color like Best Coast Scenario.If you want to look at these colors, check out this link for more Best Coast Scenario’s dupes.

Final Thoughts

And that’s pretty much everything about our Colourpop Best Coast Scenario review. This eyeshadow color from Colourpop is a charm for your summer makeup looks. It will be a perfect base color for you to work with your creativity to the fullest.

Farewell, my beautiful ladies and enjoy all of the goodness from Best Coast Scenario. 

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