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Top 20 Best Tanning Lotion For Fair Skin: Lets Fall In Love With Your Glowy And Gorgeous Look [year]

Not all girls and boys are blessed with a glowy brown skin tone. The truth is fair-skinned girls are often harder to tan and their skin tone fades faster. That’s why you need our today’s list of best tanning lotion for fair skin. After researching the market, we’ve rounded up 20 of the best and those are the ones that will pamper your fair skin and make it healthy brown.

Brown skin not only makes you look healthy and attractive, but it also helps your skin to be less affected by UV rays, protecting the skin from premature aging. I love girls with that skin, but I also appreciate girls with fair skin. The lotions we bring today need to work well, don’t make the skin sticky, give your skin a perfect shine and make your skin last for a long time.

Tanning lotion has appeared on the market for decades with many different designs and designs as well as improved uses. We understand how hard it is to go to the market when 100 pieces of meat are advertised as clean and without preservatives. So, I will help you choose the best one for each need in the final pick.

Best Tanning Lotion For Fair Skin Comparison [year]

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Top 20 Best Tanning Lotion For Fair Skin Reviews [year]

St Tropez x Ashley Graham Limited Edition

[amazon box=”B08V788GVP” ]

This best tanning lotion for fair skin will not let you down. ST Tropez is a well-known brand in the production of different lines of tanning lotions, so today in our list there will be several lotions from this brand. This lotion is applied to Universal Shade Technology, 100% natural ingredients, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It is a combination of natural caramel and bronzers, which can instantly and instantly dye the skin, giving the skin a healthy shine and the color can last up to a week. 

Triple Action Moisturizers triple-action moisturizing will make your skin always retain moisture and accelerate the tanning process, the skin will be shiny, elastic, and not damaged when tanning. It contains leading moisturizing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid Complex, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Glycerine, which instantly soften skin, retain multi-layer moisture and increase skin elasticity. An infusion of Rosehip and Vitamin E is an excellent ingredient to prevent oxidation and protect skin texture.


  • Perfect tinted color
  • Great and light scent
  • Moisturize and soften skin perfectly
  • Provide long-lasting skin color which is up to 7 days


  • A bit pricey

COOLA Organic Sunless Tanner Spray

[amazon box=”B06XSMS8QT” ]

If you love products with natural extracts that you can use regularly and pamper your sensitive skin, then COOLA is the perfect product. It is extracted from very high nourishing oils. The first is argan oil with a high content of vitamin E, which nourishes skin cells, helps skin moisturize and maximize elasticity. Next is aloe vera, a great ingredient for soothing sunburned skin. Finally, hibiscus flower extract with many amino acids keeps your skin free from oxidation and gives it a long-lasting youthful appearance.

In terms of tanning support, if you have fair skin, this product will give you a light brown color, very natural and seductive, you apply it overnight and the next day you will see yourself. glistening in the sun. Especially if you are under the spotlight, this product will give a great effect.


  • Natural ingredients for moisturizing skin
  • Provide a natural and gradual glowing tan color
  • Fast-absorbing
  • Super easy to use


  • Tanning effects may not last long

St. Tropez Sttropez self tan

[amazon box=”B00KSS3MJ0″ ]

The next ST Tropez tanner on the list of best tanning lotions for fair skin will give you flexibility with different levels of tanning. The product is advertised by the company as a 3-in-1, it can control the depth of tanning and provide a streak-free, even-toned, and healthy brown effect. If you want a light tan, apply 1 hour before showering, if you want a deeper bronze, wait another hour, and if you want an extra tan, spray 3 hours before showering.

It has no chemical smell or fake tan smell, the smell is quite mild and the tanning effect lasts up to 1 week. This will be a quick solution for those who need quick tanning for their skin, You can even get the tanning color adjusted. This product is non-sticky and safe with nature, suitable for people who like plant extracts.


  • Quick tanning and long-lasting
  • Provide 3 levels of tanning for a deep tan
  • Streak-free application
  • Easy to use and apply


  • A bit sticky at first

Ocean Potion Dark Tanning Intensifier Lotion

[amazon box=”B000EH4TMY” ]

This product will support fair skin very well because you know, fair skin is very common in cases of sunburn even if it’s only been in the sun for a few minutes. This product will support you to lie on the tanning bed all day without burning or peeling, it protects your skin and accelerates the tanning process. The company says it will make my skin melt faster, darker and deeper.

For those of you who have fair skin and take longer to tan than usual, this lotion will shorten your time by 60%. Someone said that after just one day, their skin was more than 3 tones darker. You can use it as a daily lotion because it contains moisturizing and soothing properties quite well. But if your skin is too dry, you may need a more moisturizing lotion to keep it soft. This product can also be used for swimming pool tanning.


  • Super suitable for hard-to-burn skin
  • Reduce tanning time
  • Perfect for both outdoor and indoor
  • Great scent
  • Can be used as a daily lotion


  • Skin color after tanning may be slightly yellow

Josie Maran Argan Liquid

[amazon box=”B01INYSBW8″ ]

This is a self-tanning oil, you just need to apply it and it will make your skin look like a real tan. Argan oil extract, in addition to being an excellent moisturizer, also makes the tan last longer and fade more evenly. DHA ingredients make your skin look natural glow and healthy shine instead of pale. 

You are advised to shower 8 hours after applying, and you should gently exfoliate before applying. If you want to apply another layer, wait until the next day. This product is very committed to being benign and safe for health, so you can use it with your sensitive skin.

Be sure to let the product soak into your skin and dry completely before you plan to wear white, or it will transfer a bit. The finished product after you apply this oil is that your skin will look glamorous and luxurious instead of turning yellow or orange. This product will not be completely odorless, it will still have a slight scent, not much, but not too fragrant either. If you’re allergic to scents, consider smelling them or looking at reviews before you buy.

Clarins Self-Tanning Milky Lotion

[amazon box=”B01D9Y2MZO” ]

This Clarins tanning milky lotion can be used for both body and face, Clarins is a well-known brand in the production of skincare products, let’s see if it meets the needs of the user with the tanning lotion. This lotion has a milky texture, is extremely moisturizing, and is easy to absorb, the lotion in the middle is liquid and thick, so you can apply it comfortably without worrying about white streaks. The lotion may be a little sticky at first and feel a little uncomfortable, but it will absorb right away and smooth the skin.

This type can be used for the whole face, so you can be assured of its benignity and safety for the skin. As for the tanning effect, it’s not great, I have to be honest, it’s more about the moisturizing effect and gives a natural color instead of a deep tan look. With fair skin, it also won’t make your skin orange or yellow, which makes the tanning more natural and attractive. If you want a darker skin result then you can use the tanning lotion multiple times, it’s very easy to apply and doesn’t require any wait, like a regular skin moisturizer.


  • Use for both face and body
  • Milky and easy-absorbing texture
  • A glowy and natural look without turning skin orange
  • No time wasting


  • Strong smell

Isle of Paradise Fake Tan Water

[amazon box=”B07D8HN9V6″ ]

In today’s list of best tanning lotions for fair skin, we’ve also added a few non-lotion products just in case you need it. This is a vegan product from the Isle of Paradise brand, it is also a product with natural extracts and is gentle on delicate skin. Self-tan water contains self-correcting active ingredients, it will adjust the green and red pigment so that the skin can give the most beautiful bronze color. 

To best describe the color, it’s golden-glow, which is great for those who don’t go out in the sun and still want a bit of a bold skin tone. This product can be suitable for sensitive skin and still works well without causing redness. Read the product’s instructions carefully and make sure you don’t let the parts you’re applying lotion get wet.


  • Present and fantastic smell
  • Vegan extracts 
  • Self-correcting technology for a perfect finish
  • No orangeness
  • Affordable


  • The spray bottle may need to be improvedCons 1

Self Tanner – With Organic Aloe Vera & Shea Butter

[amazon box=”B00L2PB3BW” ]

Beauty by earth lotion is advertised as suitable for the fairest skin, you can see its tanning effect. With simple yet highly effective ingredients like DHA, aloe vera, and shea butter, this lotion is certified toxin-free and you can rest assured that you can use it regularly. The self-tanning lotion will help you have a tan without being exposed to direct sunlight. 

For sensitive skin, you can dye your skin indoors. This product can be used by both women, men, teenagers, it also does not make your skin turn orange, your skin will look very natural as if you just came back from the beach. This lotion also has a very good moisturizing effect because its composition contains high moisturizing substances. 

Moreover, it is not only suitable for fair skin but also medium skin, pale skin. This lotion has a pleasant scent of coconut and vanilla, I love all products that have a coconut scent. The longevity of the product will be 4-5 days and then the skin color will start to fade.


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Pleasant coconut scent
  • Not transfer on bed sheets or clothes
  • Natural bronze color


  • A bit greasy at first

St. Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body

[amazon box=”B01B7JORB0″ ]

The next best tanning lotion for fair skin will help you have brown skin as quickly as possible. If you need a quick tan in preparation for an event then this product will help. You just need to take a small amount and apply it to your skin and your skin will be sparkling after 4-8 hours. When you want your skin to be darker, just apply an extra layer the next day and repeat the same.

This product won’t streak, won’t leave you greasy on your skin. You can even use it under makeup and it will still work just fine. It will have a slight cookie scent but if you are sensitive to scents you can use a small amount or spray your body first with a different scent. This scent will be controversial because it has a fake tan smell that many people don’t like. The texture of this product is quite thick, some people will not like this, others like it because it moisturizes well.


  • Can be used under makeup
  • Quick tanning but super natural look
  • Good moisturizing ability


  • The smell is not pleasant at all

TAN-LUXE The Gradual

[amazon box=”B07F411JQ4 ]

I love the packaging of this product, it’s simple yet classy. This is an extremely easy product to use, it is suitable for fair skin girls who are just starting. If you like quick tanning then this is a product you should consider. 

You only need to take a small amount and apply it to your skin, and you will see improvement within 2 to 4 hours. If desired, you can repeat it every day to achieve the desired tan. The texture of the product is liquid and absorbs quickly, it’s not like creams, it’s a standard lotion texture. Use this lotion and you can get dressed right after and don’t worry about it getting on your clothes. 

The smell of this product seems to be very minimal and it goes away after showering, so you can rest assured if you are sensitive to scents. It will give you a result on the fairest skin possible, no one will know that you are using fake tanning.


  • No smell at all
  • Super quick tanning in only 2 hours
  • Lightweight and fast-absorbing texture
  • Natural and even look


  • May cause patchy when fading

Australian Gold, CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator

[amazon box=”B0011UR1H8″ ]

This product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it has been a best seller for a long time and is a product worth trying. Natural ingredients include sunflower oil, panthenol (also known as a skin-restoring agent), aloe vera, olive oil, water, and some other natural ingredients. It contains a variety of oils that help the skin to be multi-layered with moisture and keep it elastic. 

The product does not contain mineral oil, so if you are allergic to mineral oil, you can consider it. This will be considered a product that supports indoor and outdoor tanning, so if you’re looking for a self-tan, it probably isn’t. The scent of the product will be coconut, and it will be a little sticky when you apply it but will fade when the product is fully absorbed into the skin.


  • Boost your tan effectively
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Does not include mineral oil
  • Affordable


  • Packaging should be improved

Instant Dark Tanning Lotion

[amazon box=”B01M296DQ3″ ]

This lotion can also be used both indoors and outdoors according to the company. This will be a DHA Free bronzers for those who are afraid of streaks after tanning, it will not leave streaks, limit exposure and give an even skin tone. The product contains Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6, Peptide, anti-oxidant, and anti-aging for the skin, so it can be used as a daily lotion. The scent will be a little bit chemical so maybe this is something you need to keep in mind.

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If you tan outdoors, the product will speed up the tanning process and bring out a more even skin tone. Customers say their skin is sensitive but in the end, this lotion satisfied them. So anyone with sensitive skin can consider. The price of the product is very affordable and it receives very few mixed reviews. If you are just starting then I think it is possible to give it a try.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Affordable, suitable for daily use
  • Speed up the outdoor tanning process


  • Color may not last too long

CosmoSun by Cosmopolitan

[amazon box=”B07VHFRQXJ” ]

This product is considered an instant tanner because it can change your skin color within 2 hours. Its packaging is luxurious and beautiful. The texture of the product is liquid milk, it is not thick like cream and not liquid like spray. Thanks to that texture, it can penetrate the skin quite quickly, you can wear clothes immediately after applying without fear of clothes being stained. Unfortunately, the product has not received any reviews on the market. In return, its price is quite affordable and you can buy it yourself.

In terms of moisturizing, I don’t have to argue too much because every lotion does its job well. My clients say it covers pretty well and leaves skin looking even and beautiful after it melts. I believe this product should be known and experienced by more people.


  • Lightweight texture
  • Quick absorb and streak-free
  • Affordable for beginners


  • Not popular and lack of reviews

Ed Hardy Coconut

[amazon box=”B009YKK78C” ]

This product gets too many good reviews. I am also quite curious about its prominence. Ultra-Darkening Skin Hydrating contains ingredients that are coconut milk, cocoa butter, and coconut oil, less irritating ingredients and many people can try. Also, you know, coconut oil is very moisturizing, so girls with dry elbows will probably love it. 

Quad Tyrosine Blend & Melano Bronze will help tan your skin faster, combined with Tattoo Fade Protecting Formula, your skin tone will last longer and your color will last longer. This product has a characteristic coconut scent, it is quite cool and the smell of coconut is a favorite smell of many girls. Customers say you can go to work or go on a date right after without worrying about your body smelling weird.


  • Light coconut scent
  • Nice sun-kissed glow
  • No fake tan smell
  • Boost tanning process as twice as normal


  • Some complaint about packaging and delivery

Millennium Tanning

[amazon box=”B0058E3XJI” ]

This product is extremely affordable and works great, both men and women are satisfied with it. It is in the form of a lotion to help tan skin faster, you just need to apply it before tanning bed, and 1 hour later you will immediately see the difference. It won’t make you feel itchy or hot, it’s completely soothing and leaves your skin moisturized. 

You should note that do not take a shower immediately after applying this lotion because it will not be colored, leave at least 1 hour or more for the lotion to absorb and work on the skin. The time for a fair-skinned person to become medium tone will be about after 2 times you apply the cream. The scent is said to be quite pleasant and easy to smell, no one complains about the scent. Moreover, customers are impressed with its color retention.


  • Great for outdoor purpose
  • No itchy or overburnt feeling
  • Great smell
  • Effective and affordable


  • Not be suitable for indoor tanning

Maui Babe Browning Lotion

[amazon box=”B000OFB5QO” ]

This lotion is right on the name as suitable for fair skin, it is quite versatile and can be used for all skin types. In its composition contains Light Mineral Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Antioxidant Vitamins E, C, & A, Kona Coffee Plant Extract, Aloe, excellent moisturizing ingredients. Note that it contains mineral oil, and some people may be allergic to it. 

Different from the scent of other types, this lotion is a combination of coffee and coconut, quite pleasant. It will give you a pretty clear caramel skin, if you want to be darker, use it several times. Customers say that they often get sunburned when on tanning beds but when using this product they no longer worry about that. Fair skin girls who are difficult to dye their skin are also really surprised about the effect of the product.


  • Give obvious effect on fair skin
  • Pleasant smell with the mix of coffee and coconut
  • Super affordable
  • Protect skin from sunburn


  • Some may be allergic to mineral oil

L’Oreal Paris Skincare Sublime Bronze

[amazon box=”B07G9777Z8″ ]

Another product that chooses coconut scent as the scent for this summer. This is a lightweight textured mousse that is easily absorbed and leaves no streaks. It comes out of the pump as a foam and when applied it is very watery. Do you see the packaging of this product, it looks beach and summer. 

This product you need to apply and wait for it to absorb and then after 4-8 hours to shower. Within a day you can apply 3 times to achieve the desired effect. The product’s main ingredients and vitamin E, an excellent moisturizer and emollient. With fair skin, after tanning with this product, you will have a light glowy golden skin color, very natural without looking fake.


  • Watery texture for non-greasy apply
  • Solid packaging 
  • Suitable for even sensitive skin
  • Great scent of coconut


  • The texture is foam, so it is difficult to quantify the product

Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Body

[amazon box=”B00Q23KDOM” ]

This is a self-tanner, you can use it indoors and it gives you a great fake tan. The product contains a high content of glycerin, which is a substance with good moisturizing and skin-restoring properties. The alcohol Denat in the product may not be suitable for those who hate alcohol, but it will help the product absorb quickly and not be greasy. 

The product is said to have a fruity scent, but you’ll need to test it or read reviews to make sure the scent won’t bother you. Watery products will penetrate more shallowly into the skin than oil products, so their fading will also be faster, but in return, it will be absorbed quickly, completely comfortable on the skin. This self-tanner will last longer than bronzer, bronzer will last 2-3 days and self-tanner product will keep about a week.


  • Contain a high amount of glycerin for a better moisturizer
  • No streaking, no orange
  • Not transfer onto bed sheets
  • Fruity light scent


  • It may leave a bit feeling of sticky

Millennium Tanning Paint It Black

[amazon box=”B00147FGJ8″ ]

The next product on the list of best tanning lotion for fair skin will come from the Millennium Tanning brand, which has a very typical packaging of this brand. This bottle of tanner contains a lot of silicon, that’s why when applied to your skin it becomes smooth and soft but if you are allergic to this ingredient, be careful, and also not recommended for facial skin.

The product will be very useful for hard to tan skin, it supports and accelerates the tanning process twice as usual. It is quite suitable for those who are just starting out and for clumsy girls. Customers are very trusting and tanning their skin. They say that no matter how much you apply it, your skin won’t get orange. The product is affordable, so you can buy it in the sale season to use it continuously.

Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion

[amazon box=”B004FEKA3E” ]

If you like to tanning out a bold color, you can immediately see the difference, then you should choose this product. This product has a pretty neutral scent, so men might like it. Since other products on the market are more feminine-scented, it’s rare for men to find a suitable scent. 

The product does not have too many reviews, but everyone is quite praising luxurious ease of use, the scent, and most are not satisfied with the skin color obtained. You can consider this point. This product is lightweight and can be put in a car backpack if you need to carry them everywhere.


  • Neutral scent for both men and women
  • Lightweight texture and easy to apply
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor


  • Finished results may no be noticed

Common Questions When Choosing Best Tanning Lotion For Fair Skin And Buying Guide

One thing we’ve noticed is that you often choose a tanning lotion based solely on what it’s used for, not knowing what skin type it works best on. Moreover, have you not wondered how to understand your skin and choose the safest tanning products for your skin? Also, I believe you probably don’t know tans properly and there are still many questions to ask. We can only list common questions here, but if you need any more answers, comment below and we’ll be happy to help.

How many types of tanning lotions are there?

best tanning lotion for fair skin

When you’re starting, you might think that tanning lotions come in only one type, and are meant to be applied before sun exposure. But actually, there will be 3 most common types on the market

  • Pre-Tanning Lotion

You’ll apply this a few hours before you head to the tanning bed. The task of this type is to help your skin remove dead cells, the skin will absorb the sun better and the complexion will look smoother and healthier.

  • Indoor Tanning Lotion

This type, you do not need to use it a few hours before sunbathing, but you can use it directly before tanning the skin. It will help your skin to be tanning more evenly, healthy brown color will cover every millimeter of skin without patching.

  • After Tanning Lotion

Do you know the cases after exposure to the sun, the skin is burning and red, peeling? After tanning lotion will assist in keeping the skin from burning and providing extra moisture to the skin. It can be understood as a moisturizing lotion that helps the skin not to be damaged by the sun.

Can I use sunscreen when tanning my skin?

The answer is no. You know, the principle of skin tanning is to let UV rays shine directly on your skin and color your skin. If you use sunscreen, the UV rays can’t reach your skin, so the evening effect is very poor and little. If you are afraid that your skin will be damaged too much, that is why you should use a tanning lotion to moisturize and protect your skin.

How to speed up the process of tanning fair skin?

Before tanning, you need to keep the skin moist and exfoliate. Dry, rough skin will not make this process go smoothly. Exfoliate and keep your skin well-moisturized so that it can better absorb the new skin color and keep it longer.

During the process on the tanning bed, don’t stay there too long, don’t burn yourself. You should set the time, you should only lie on the tanning bed for a certain amount of time, if you try to lie down more, the skin can be damaged and slow down the tanning process. Many people overslept on a tanning bed and it made their skin seem burned. That was not fun at all.

After tanning, make up for the time of tanning by using methods of tightening, moisturizing the skin, gentle massage, use creams containing carrot oil or oils suitable for your skin so that the skin is always moisturized and protected.

Finally, before increasing the tanning time, you need to wait for the skin to have a base tan. While the skin is not tanned, can use bronzer or skin spray to look more healthy.

Does fair skin mean sensitive skin?

best tanning lotion for fair skin

Many people think that white skin will be extremely sensitive and easily burned in the sun. This is not wrong, but simply sunburn occurs more on fair skin, rather than sensitive skin that is fair skin.

Any skin color can be sensitive, if you are afraid of this, you should understand your skin better to see what it is, if it is sensitive, you will observe that it often turns pink and thinks like burning when going out in the sun. If you find your skin often has skin problems, prepare yourself a good moisturizer to avoid skin loss of moisture and damage when lying on a tanning bed.

Have you determined your tanning goal yet?

You may not know it, but tanning can give your skin many different levels of skin color and depend on your goals. Do you need immediate tanning or do you have time for this? Do you want your skin to be as brown as possible or in moderation? Do you dye your skin to add vitamin D or for more cosmetic purposes?

Can be divided into 3 types of tanning that can satisfy you. Those are Intensifiers, Bronzers, and Tingles. This we have consulted in several forums.

  • Intensifiers: This substance is suitable for extremely fair skin. It won’t work by way of numbing or bronzing your skin. It contains high moisturizing substances and keeps your skin in a certain state of plumpness, which makes the skin tanning process faster, the skin tone is more even and the skin will not be sunburned.

It is especially suitable for fair skin, who want to dye their skin slowly, build a strong tan base, increase vitamin D in the skin and always keep the skin in a wonderful condition.

  • Bronzers: This is an instant treatment, it’s like a lotion bottle with natural colorants and you can apply until you achieve your desired skin tone. It is recommended to shower 8 hours or more after tanning with bronzers, as it can affect the tanning process of your skin.
  • Tingles: This is a fairly strong method and not for those with sensitive skin. When you apply tingles, your skin will feel hot, itchy because it works to increase the skin’s microcirculation and oxygenation, which in turn can cause the skin to tan more deeply and give the skin an instant blush. Those who have skin on the body that is more difficult to dissolve than other parts can also apply to that part. But be careful with sensitive skin like I said above.

If you need more information, please click on each product to read customer reviews carefully before buying, their reviews are very helpful. If you want to watch the video, I will leave you a video for reference here:

Heading 2 Conclusion

For first-timers, you need to prepare a lot of things, but investing in the best tanning lotion for fair skin will make the process shorter and simpler. Please read the other buying guide carefully, because I know that many people do not have the knowledge to hurt their skin, especially for Asian girls for the first time, you may not have much experience when exposed to the sun and need careful preparation.

I believe this will be an extremely detailed and complete review for your reference. I have read many websites about the category of tanning lotions and I distill the information from there. I want to give the most gentle and effective things to my wonderful girls.

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