Why does my Airbrush Makeup Look Cakey

Why does my Airbrush Makeup Look Cakey? | Complete Guide

Are you tired of spending all your time doing makeup only to be flawed?

You might be trying new tricks but still get frustrated with the results.

If you ask yourself  ‘why does my Airbrush makeup look cakey” regularly without an answer, I am happy to inform you your solutions are in this article. 

So why does your airbrush makeup look cakey?

I am sure you have heard a lot of people praising how flawless airbrush makeup turns.

But, unfortunately, you might be even following youtube videos only to get mediocre results.

If that is the case, then you might be doing something wrong. 

This article will give you the possible reasons why your airbrush makeup is cakey. 

Why does my Airbrush Makeup Look Cakey?

If your airbrush makeup always looks cakey, there are several things you might be doing wrong. 

1. You are using the wrong primer

Water-based foundations are not compatible with silicone products.

So if you are using a water-based foundation and a silicone-based primer, the foundation will not stick to your face.

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Instead, it will just slide off the front giving you an uneven makeup look. 

2. Too much product

You should apply makeup to enhance your natural looks, and it is not to change how you look.

For example, a small foundation gives full airbrush makeup coverage.

However, when you use too many products, you will look like a clown. 

3. Applying makeup too close

Have you ever looked at airbrush makeup done by a professional makeup artist?

Their makeup is always flawless and looks natural.

If you are always complaining about how cakey your makeup is, you might be applying makeup too close. 

Using the airbrush close to your face creates harsh lines of the foundation.

The makeup also ends up looking too heavy.

Instead, apply foundation to a paper to test the perfect distance for a flawless makeup look. 

When targeting places with blemishes, add layers evenly and lightly.

4. You are Using the Wrong shade of foundation

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing someone with a foundation lighter or darker than their skin tone. 

Although airbrush foundations have a few color ranges, you should choose a color closer to your skin tone.

For example, use a lighter shade as the first layer to hide blemishes.

Then, follow it with a darker foundation or a bronzer to blend with the first layer. 

5. You are pulling the trigger back too much

Pulling the trigger too many forces too much product through the pipe. As a result, the excess product is blasted to your face too fast, giving you a cakey look. Pull the trigger lightly and learn to control your hand movements to avoid this.

6. Not Applying Makeup in Circular Motion

Moving the airbrush up and down will create harsh lines on the face.

This is even more visible when you apply blush. 

Applying products in a circular motion will create a fine finish. 

If you avoid the above mistakes, you will no longer worry about flawed makeup. 

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To go a little further, I will give you five tips to help you fix your makeup caking issue. 

How do you fix Cakey Airbrush Makeup?

What is cakey makeup? You might not describe cakey makeup, but you can identify a cakey makeup look from a distance.

For example, there is nothing sexy about walking and looking like a clown. 

Every beginner has been in the cakey look situation.

But I will be your guardian angel today.

If your airbrush makeup is cakey, use these tips to fix that issue.

1. Use a setting spray

Do you set your makeup with a setting spray? If not, why? 

Every brilliant makeup enthusiast uses setting spray after applying makeup.

Setting spray, keep makeup in place and wash off excess powder.

As a result, you will achieve a perfectly natural finish. 

2. Blend using a beauty blender

As much as you use airbrush makeup, you should have traditional makeup applicants. 

If your foundation is cakey, use a damp beauty blender to blend it to perfection.

A beauty blender distributes the makeup evenly while picking the excess product off the face. 

3. Moisturize your face 

So you have dry skin and are interested in airbrush makeup.

How about purchasing a moisturizer? Furthermore, why would you be applying makeup without a moisturizer?

Moisturizing the face creates a barrier between the product and the face.

After moisturizing, the product will blend evenly with the skin when you use airbrush makeup. 

After your makeup routine, you can also go a little further by applying oil using a beauty blender. 

4. Try the famous powder before makeup technique

During the 2020 lockdown, this famous Tiktok challenge was trending. So let me refresh your mind. 

  • Moisturize the face
  • Use a setting powder.
  • Follow with a setting spray.
  • Use a water-based primer in case you are using a water-based foundation.
  • Use an exceptional airbrush foundation.

5. Use less powder in your creases

Creases and folds in your face will always collect excess makeup products.

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So when applying makeup in places like on the nose and under the eyes, place the airbrush gun a bit further from your face. 

You should also pull the trigger lightly to reduce the amount of product reaching your face.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are pictures promoting airbrush makeup fake?

The answer is no. Those flawless pictures of airbrushed makeup look are as legit as possible. Airbrush distributes the makeup evenly and with full coverage depending on the expertise of the makeup artist. 

Between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup, which technique produce cakey makeup look results?

Any makeup application technique, if not done correctly, will look flawed. However, some people use the traditional application technique and produce a flawless finish. 

Although we don’t want to judge any technique, airbrush makeup is less cakey than the traditional application method. 

How long does it take for airbrush makeup to dry out?

Suppose you are worried that you will be late for your big day, no need to worry.

Airbrush makeup uses light makeup products.

As a result, it dries way faster, approximately 4-5 minutes.

The only thing to avoid is using too many products. 

Do makeup artists struggle with airbrush makeup application?

Just like any other person, there are days makeup artists struggle with blending makeup even when using an airbrush.

However, there are fewer chances a professional will make a mistake when applying makeup.

If a makeup artist makes some o the above makeup mistakes, they will produce a cakey look.

As a client, be patient with an artist.

It would help if you asked for a redo. No one wants to see a bride with ugly makeup. 

Do I get a manual on using an airbrush after I purchase it?

Some brands provide a user manual to their clients after buying the gun.

A manual will give you direction.

However, online videos are more informative since they show the makeup application process from the start to the results. 


Now that you are informed, I hope you will slay your next makeup look. 

Learn to control your hands when pulling the trigger and use the circular motion when airbrushing.

Do not skip your regular skincare routine. 

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