What to Do Before Airbrush Makeup

What to Do Before Airbrush Makeup? | Look at this

Imagine this, you are planning for your engagement party.

Your fashion sense might be best, but your makeup game is mediocre.

Would you want to spoil the look with poorly done makeup?

Of course not. For that reason, you might want to check airbrush makeup. 

Coming from someone who does her makeup in below 10 minutes, airbrush makeup application is tricky.

However, once you learn the technique, you will be amazed by how easy it is to use airbrushes. 

Everything You Need to Know About Airbrush Makeup 

  • Your skin type: First thing first, do you know your skin type? Or do you have any skin imperfections like acne or freckles? If yes, still, you can use airbrush makeup to enhance the beautiful skin you have. Research your skin type, tone, and what products can react to your skin.
  • Types of Airbrushes: Once you know what your skin requires, you can research the types of airbrushes depending on the coverage you desire. There are two types of airbrushes single-action and dual-action
  • Types of airbrush makeup: Airbrushes do not use the regular kind of makeup we use every day. Instead, airbrushes use a particular type of light product. Various brands sell this type of product. You can purchase through their sites or check their store outlets like Sephora. 
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It would help if you considered a water-based airbrush foundation to avoid skin damage.

A water-based foundation consists of thin pigments mixed with water.

To make this foundation last, use a water-based primer. 

There are mineral-based airbrush makeup products that last longer, are water-resistant, and are skin-friendly. 

If you sweat heavily and have blemishes, a Silicone-based airbrush foundation is the right product.

Silicone-based provides full coverage and lasts longer, but it may feel heavier than the other two options. 

Do not skip the primer and moisturizer step when using a silicone-based foundation.

The alcohol base on the foundation dries up the skin and can cause damage. 

Do not use a water-based primer if you plan to use a mineral-based foundation.

The two products are not compatible.

  • Applying airbrush makeup: Watch a few internet videos that explain how to apply airbrush makeup. Alternatively, your airbrush makeup can be done by a professional makeup artist. In either of the two scenarios, there are things you do to your skin before applying airbrush makeup.

Read on to get the routine you must do to protect your skin from breakouts before applying airbrush makeup. 

How Do I Prepare My Skin for Airbrush Makeup

Since you have reached this far and seem interested in the airbrush foundation, I will give you tips you should follow if you want to achieve flawless makeup and take care of your skin. 

Do you have a routine you follow to take care of your skin?

A bomb skincare routine is a thank you to your skin for being awesome.

Never forget that. If you do not have skincare, you should do a few things. 

  • Use a cleanser. There are a variety of brands that sell the best cleansers for any type o skin. Some cleansers act as an exfoliator and have some suitable pH balancing qualities. Before you use the cleanser, you should remove makeup with wipes or double wash your face
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I use a turmeric and cinnamon beauty soap to wash my face before using a cleanser.

You should avoid using regular bar soap on your face. Bar soap has reactants that crack your skin.

After cleansing, use a tiny amount of lip scrub (preferably pomegranate lip scrub) to cure your lips. 

  • Use a shaver. For your makeup to lay on your skin perfectly, use a shaver. There are a variety of shavers that use waves to get rid of facial hairs, like little mustaches. Most of these shavers are painless. 
  • Moisturize your skin. Moisturizing your skin is a step you should never miss, whether using makeup. Dry skin is prone to crack and scar easily. 

Make sure the moisturizer is fully absorbed before applying airbrush makeup. 

  • Use a primer: on several occasions, I have heard people say not to use a primer when doing airbrush makeup. Their reason is that makeup will stick to the primer and not your face. 

I am, however, against that theory.

Being someone who has struggled with skin imperfection, I wouldn’t let any makeup product come in contact with my skin directly.

A primer is the safest way to protect your skin from any reactant on the products. 

The discussed steps should be followed whether you are applying makeup or not. 

After preparing your face go ahead and apply your airbrush foundation and any other products, you use. Remember, a small amount of product still provides enough coverage. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many types of airbrush guns are there?

There are two types of airbrushes with different coverage extent: single action and dual-action.

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Is airbrush expensive?

Compared to traditional makeup, airbrush makeup is quite pricey

Do I need to pay to learn how to do airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a bit complex to learn on your way, but it is doable.

You can use internet videos or follow our guides to understand how it is done. 

Some airbrush brands hold free workshops for people who want to learn the technique.

However, if you are in a rush to know how to do airbrush makeup, you can always ask a professional makeup artist near you if they offer private airbrush makeup lessons.

How long does airbrush makeup last?

Products used in the airbrush gun are light and moist. When you spray in your ace, it takes about a few minutes to dry.

As a result, airbrush makeup can last a whole day without being spoiled when it dries. 


Learning to use the airbrush for your makeup is one huge milestone anyone can achieve.

Airbrush makeup is always flawless.

And you can also be sure your picture will be a bomb. 

You will make your airbrush in under 10 minutes once you get used to the process.

Have a working skincare routine to protect your skin from any reagents on makeup products.

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