Is airbrush makeup safe

Is airbrush makeup safe?

In the world of makeup, airbrushing has become a popular technique for its ability to create a flawless finish, but how does it fare when it comes to safety? It’s essential to understand what goes onto our skin and how it affects us. In this insightful article, we will take a closer look at airbrush makeup to address your safety concerns. We’ll analyze the ingredients, application process, and skin compatibility to determine if airbrush makeup is a safe choice for your beauty routine. Let’s embark on a journey to demystify the safety of airbrush makeup and ensure that you can make informed decisions for your skin and health.

Is Airbrush makeup safe?

Based on the methods of application and how you handle Airbrush makeup, we can attest that Airbrush makeup application, is the most safest makeup application method.

Since your makeup products are not coming on contact with your hands, contamination is controlled. This is not the only reason as to why we consider Airbrush makeup safe. Below are some of the other reasons why you can consider Airbrush makeup safe. 

1.Ingredients used to make Airbrush makeup

If you visit any local beauty stores, you will find quite a large number of Airbrush makeup brands. Each brand tries to cater for all skin types by using high quality ingredients. 

An example, if you have a sensitive skin, you will find Airbrush makeup that is dermatologists tested and approved to be hypoallergenic. 

You will also find oil-free Airbrush makeup for oily skin. 

Each brand will also indicate all the ingredients used and what their purpose is. It will be easy for you to spot an ingredient you are allergic to. 

Mineral-based Airbrush makeup is considered the most safe. This is because they only use mild ingredients. 

Silicone-based makeup last longer but will dry your skin if not applied the right way. 

2.Consistency of the Airbrush makeup

Aside from the ingredients used in Airbrush makeup, the consistency of the liquid makeup makes it easy to spray in mist form from the Airbrush machine. 

You therefore don’t need to use Beauty blenders and brushed to apply and blend in the makeup. 

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Once you have sprayed the Airbrush makeup, you are good to go.

This will eliminate transfer of bacteria from surfaces to your skin. 

3.Buildable and breathable

The consistency of the Airbrush makeup makes it lightweight

You can therefore add layers on top of other layers of Airbrush makeup without feeling the weight of the makeup. 

Since the makeup is breathable, there is low chances of makeup clogging your pores which might result to skin outbreak. 

When applying Airbrush makeup, always use small amount of Airbrush makeup for sheer to full coverage. 

Using too much products will clog your pores and make your makeup look unnatural. 

4.Airbrush is long lasting

Imagine when you have applied makeup and it rubs off during the day. You will be forced at that point to find a washroom and fix the issue.

In the process of fixing the issue (How to fix), you might carry some bacteria from the surrounding and transfer it to your skin. This might lead to itching and rashes. 

Airbrush is made with ingredients that supports it to last longer on your skin. 

The brush itself will last longer if well maintained. 

Always wash the Airbrush machine after every use. 

You should also disassemble the Airbrush machine after every use. This is for safe storage. 

5.The machine itself is safe

Provided you assemble the Airbrush machine well, you can use it without encountering any Airbrush makeup problems. 

  • Ensure the needle and the nozzle are compatible. 

Using a needle that is larger than the nozzle will make your nozzle expand. It is at that time your Airbrush machine starts to produce irregular sized makeup products. 

  • Do not pull the trigger with a lot of force, you might remove the trigger or make the trigger loose.

You will likely loose the control of your Airbrush machine and the products it releases. 

  • Always clean the Airbrush machine after every use. Since the machine is made of steel, using water to clean the machine might lead to rusting. 

Once the parts starts to rust, the Airbrush machine will be on its end days. 

If there is dried makeup products on the nozzle, soak the nozzle and the needle in oil-based cleanser. 

You should also wash the Airbrush machine with oil-based cleanser and dry it well before storage. 

Sometimes maintaining safety when using Airbrush makeup for clients as a Makeup artist is very hard. 

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You will need to cater for different people at ago and some people are too touchy. 

How do you maintain Airbrush makeup safety as an Airbrush makeup artist?

Applying airbrush makeup

As a makeup artist, you will find one of your client is touching all the brushes and the products. 

Another client does not know their skin type but want Airbrush makeup applied on them. How do you ensure that Airbrush makeup is safe for everyone?

1.Take an Airbrush makeup lesson

Even the vast information available online, nothing beats the practical’s and lessons you attend to learn a skill.

 If you want to be sure what is wrong and what is right in Airbrush makeup world, you should take a lesson. Most brands have shops where they teach their customers how to use Airbrush machine. 

Going for this free retreats can be beneficial for you. You can also register for this classes online. 

2.Do a patch test

An Airbrush product that will react with your skin will show a few seconds after application. 

After examining your clients skin type, you should be able to tell which products will work for them. 

Take the Airbrush makeup of your choice and try out a small patch at the wrist. 

If your client feels some irritation, you should not use the Airbrush product. You can keep testing until you find an Airbrush product that will work with the skin and also the skin tone. 

As an Airbrush makeup artist, you should always go for hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and Paraben-free. This types of makeup will work for all skin types. 

3.Give professional advice 

You will not miss situations where a client will come with an Airbrush makeup that you know for sure it is not for their skin type. 

If the customer insists on using the same makeup product that we have said is toxic, you can stop them by giving them the dangers if using the wrong makeup products and convince them not to use that product again. 

This way you will not only have saved your clients skin, but you will have gained a loyal client. 

4.Be vocal about your hygiene issues

In instances where you are working in a large space with different Airbrush makeup artists, you might find someone taking your Airbrush Makeup and tools and leaving them anywhere.

If that triggers you and for the sake of your clients, you should set boundaries when it comes to other people’s things. 

Sharing brushes and makeup might cause the spread of infections. 

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If you don’t set tough boundaries, people will walk all over you. 

5.Offer proper ventilation on your working space

People get used to the environment they are in very quickly. 

An example is that you might have all the safety kits when starting your makeup application career. As times go by, you find yourself neglecting the safety kits like gloves and mask. 

This is dangerous considering the same fumes produced when painting with a spray paint, are the same fumes your Airbrush machine might be producing. 

After inhaling the fumes for quite sometimes, you might find yourself dealing with chest issues.

  • Never neglect your safety kits as a makeup artist. 
  • To add to the safety, ensure your makeup application store is well ventilated.
  • This will ensure free flow of air. 

6.Avoid contaminating your tools and products

One other way to ensure the safety of your clients, is by keeping your makeup application area clean all the time.

  • Do not share towels from one clients to another.
  • Change your gloves after every client. 
  • Have multiple Airbrushes so that you can find a clean Airbrush every time you have a client.

This will also give you enough time to clean your Airbrushes. 

  • Always store the Airbrushes and the products in the box they came with. 
  • Do not clean your Airbrush machine with water and soap. Water will make the steel parts of the gun to rust. 

Prep your clients skin before applying Airbrush makeup. A clean skin surface makes your Airbrush makeup to last longer and look natural. 


Airbrush makeup application is the most safe makeup application method. This is because at no instance will your hands come in contact with the products. 

You also don’t need to use brushes and sponges to blend your makeup. 

Once you have sprayed the makeup in layers, you can be assured it will stay for more than 12 hours without needing touchups.

All these reasons reduces the chances of transferring bacteria from one surface to another. 

How you use the Airbrush also determines if it is safe. Read the guide above for all the things you should be doing to ensure your own safety as a beginner and the safety of the clients as the makeup artist.

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