How much does Luminess airbrush makeup cost

How much does luminess airbrush makeup cost? | You need to know

Have you been considering airbrush makeup?

The truth is that there is pretty several airbrush makeup in the market.

However, I will discuss the Luminess airbrush makeup in-depth in this article.

For a 7-piece kit, you can purchase it at $132.14 on Amazon as of 6th January 2022.

However, prices are subject to change with time. 

We will unbox a Luminess kit with you describing everything in detail.

At the end of the article, you will know what to expect.

You will also get to know its price. 

How much does Luminess airbrush makeup cost?

How much does Luminess airbrush makeup cost?

Luminess is one of the famous airbrush makeup brands.

It’s the most commonly used makeup by professional makeup artists. 

Luminess is invested in providing you with quality products at an affordable price.

To find out why Luminess is the best option for you, we will describe everything during the unboxing. 

Why choose Luminess Airbrush makeup?

Why choose Luminess Airbrush makeup?

When choosing products to put into your face, you should ensure they are tested and verified by a dermatologist.

For example, a luminess airbrush makeup kit is approved by a dermatologist and tested fit to use every day. 

Secondly, every makeup artist that I know uses Luminess airbrush makeup products.

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Below are some of the reasons why you should buy this kit.

All in one kit

Not many airbrush brands produce makeup products sued with guns.

But for Luminess, you can get 7 in 1 option and 9-in-1 option.

Both of these kits have a 4-in-1 airbrush foundation. 

Another thing you are going to get is

  • One primer
  • One illuminator
  • One blush
  • Four bottles of airbrush foundation (Medium)
  • One airbrush system and
  • A charger


Luminess produces quality products. You will only need a small amount of products to acquire the coverage you need.

Luminess foundation gives ten times the range any other airbrush foundation could offer.

Luminess airbrush makeup also allows the skin to breathe while covering acne, wrinkles, blemishes, tattoos, etc. 

Helpful components.

Among the most significant pros of the Luminess airbrush foundation are the ingredients.

Luminess airbrush foundation has an anti-aging serum, high-coverage concealer, primer, and foundation. 

You do not need to buy other products to use together with the foundation.

For that reason, the finish is flawless and even. 

Luminess ingredients constituents are skin-friendly.

They include cucumber extract hydrolyzed silk. Vitamin A, vitamin C, Neem extract and Licorice Extract. 

Luminess airbrush makeup also provides the skin with nourishment and hydrates your skin.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Airbrush makeup might seem so complicated.

However, once you master the art, you can apply makeup with closed eyes. 

The Luminess airbrush system is so straightforward.

You put your makeup product in the cup on top of the gun and press the compressor to the level you want.

Please do not press the compressor too hard as it will push excess products. 

With Luminess airbrush makeup, a little goes further.

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Luminess has workshops where they train people to use the airbrushes for free. 

Last longer

No one enjoys the hustle of re-applying makeup after every hour.

For that reason, Luminess produces products that have a long-lasting quality on your face.

As a result, you can go for up to 18 hours without retouching on your makeup.

Adding to the advantage is that Luminess makeup does not dry in-between applications.

Therefore, you will have adequate time to rectify a mistake imperfection without fear of creases and harsh lines. 


There is nothing extraordinary more than getting quality for your money.

This is what exactly you get with the Luminess airbrush kit. 

The prices of the silk kit are approximately $132.

However, the price changes frequently.

You can also buy Luminess products from their site and get a 50% off using a promo code. 

Luminess offers a 1-year limited warranty on all their products.

They also have a 100% money-back warranty and free shipping. 

Customer feedback 

A brand that interacts with its customers is always successful.

This is because the customers feel appreciated and valued.

Thereby they continue buying from the brands.

Luminess interact with their customers on all their social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

They also have a website with all the information you might need to know about Luminess.

Luminess also acts on customer complaints.

For example, if you buy any product from them and it isn’t very accurate, they allow exchange and send you an apology.

That is why most makeup artists prefer Luminess Airbrush makeup kits more than other brands. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Luminess airbrush messy?

No. makeup does not need to be messy.

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Before applying makeup, wear a band to protect your hair.

If you get used to using the airbrush, you can do it with your eyes closed.

So long you feel the mist on your face. 

Is it possible to use another liquid makeup?

No. you cannot use your regular liquid makeup.

Airbrush makeup comprises pigments mixed with special oil and water.

Therefore, it is easy to apply using an airbrush gun than other makeup.

For more info, Read our complete guide here.

Do Luminess airbrush makeup work on wrinkles? 

The first layer of Luminess airbrush foundation will settle on the wrinkles.

However, overdoing the makeup will deviate from looking good to looking cakey.

If wrinkles are too visible, use a wrinkle filler before applying makeup. 

How do I know what color fits me?

Luminess foundation blends easily with the skin.

You can buy the kit with various color ranges and mix it until you get your perfect fit.

Avoid using a lot of makeup products on your face. 


With all the above qualities offered by Luminess, you can be comfortable with the kit.

Luminess airbrush products are both affordable and high quality.

In addition, the products are cruelty-free and have benefits to your skin.

Buying a set of 9 products for only $132 is quite affordable.

Most of the items in the kit, like the four bottles of foundation, are hard to buy from any place.

The foundation also comes with color ranges that suit you. 

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