Does Airbrush Makeup Cause Breakout

Does Airbrush Makeup Cause Breakout? |Important Guide

The answer is no.

There is no doubt professional makeup artists use airbrush makeup.

You may have seen a lot of speculations about the effects of using airbrush makeup. In this article, I will burst some of the most common myths about airbrush makeup.

You might have heard that airbrush makeup causes acne.

That one myth might give you a phobia of using the makeup application method.

Airbrush makeup might protect you from future outbreaks.

Does Airbrush Makeup Cause Breakout?

Does Airbrush Makeup Cause Breakout

Airbrush is one of the safest makeup application methods.

It is no wonder professional makeup artists use it on their clients.

When using an airbrush, makeup is not touched by bare hands.

This prevents the bacteria from dirty hands from touching the face.

In most cases, people store their makeup brushes dirty for a long time.

This increases the dirt and bacteria buildup on the brushes.

Then, when you use these brushes to apply makeup, you get the worst of the outbreaks.

Airbrush combines expertise and technology.

You can use airbrush makeup to hide some significant skin defects such as birthmarks, discolourations, rosacea, and severe acne.

Breakouts issue is not the only myth people have about airbrush makeup.

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Some of these myths are ridiculous, and we will burst them together as you continue reading this article.

I will also give you a guide on how to use airbrush makeup to avoid future breakouts.

Airbrush Makeup is Heavy!

People never lack narratives when it comes to airbrush makeup.

For example, some say that airbrush makeup is heavy and blocks your pores, causing breakouts.

The thing is that you can choose your desired level of coverage when using an airbrush makeup machine.

The desired level of coverage when using an airbrush makeup machine

To achieve this, check your makeup looks after every round of application.

In addition, most airbrush machines have to speed air flows that help you regulate the amount of makeup you are using.

Most airbrush makeup applicants have three-speed air low levels, and they are as follows.

  • One to two touches for light coverage
  • Three to four passes for medium coverage and,
  • Four to five touches for the full range.

Can Airbrush Makeup Damage Dry Skin?

Can Airbrush Makeup Damage Dry Skin

Airbrush makeup is primarily ideal for oily skin.

But that does not mean people with dry skin cannot use this method.

Regardless of your skin type, if you do not follow the proper makeup routine, you might damage your skin.

And this is not only when using airbrush makeup.

It would help if you always used a moisturizer and primer before applying makeup.

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To protect your skin from breakouts and other skin defects, I will give a clear and brief guide on using an airbrush makeup application for an ordinary person.

Go through this guide if you have dry skin.

How Airbrush Works

If you learn how the airbrush machine works, you will have an easy time using the machine.

Depending on the brand, airbrush machines have different units for measuring and regulating products.

In general, the machines sends a combination of air and product stream constantly into a pen.

The Airbrush machine then atomizes micro-pigments of makeup onto your skin.

Follow this makeup procedure to get a flawless makeup look.

Step 1: Prep your face using your regular makeup routine

Every makeup enthusiast has a skincare routine they follow before applying makeup.

It is not hard for my ladies at the beginner level to create a makeup preparation routine.

In most cases, a makeup application routine involves; cleaning your face with water, moisturizing your face and then using a primer before proceeding to the main makeup products. 

You can also prep your makeup application area by having towels, makeup products, and the airbrush machine

Step 2: Put an adequate amount of foundation in the airbrush machine

Every airbrush machine brand has an opening where you can put your product.

After placing the foundation, pull the nozzle back slightly to spray the foundation on the air.

This is for even distribution of the product.

 Place the airbrush a little further from your skin when applying foundation to your skin.

Using foundation closer to your skin will give you an unnatural makeup look.

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How to apply airbrush makeup

Apply the foundation until you are satisfied with the coverage.

Proceed to the following product of your choice by using the same airbrush.

Do not forget the rule of putting the machine away from your face.

Here is our interesting article on How to do airbrush makeup at home from onviw.

Use this guide to make yourself an eye-catching airbrush makeup.

So What Causes Breakout?

If you get breakouts when using an airbrush, you might be using the wrong products on your face.

Skipping your skincare routine might also cause acne.


Airbrush makeup is the most hygienic makeup application method.

The product does not come into contact with dirty surfaces or hands, therefore very safe for use.

If you have acne, take notice of the makeup products you are using.

One of the products might be reacting with your skin.

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