Can you Put Powder over Airbrush Makeup

Can you Put Powder over Airbrush Makeup? Best Guide

Yes, you can. Airbrush foundation is applied using an airbrush gun, while powder is applied the traditional way. 

The powder can elevate your makeup significantly. But how do you apply the powder without spoiling the airbrush?

Read on to find the different ways to use powder when applying airbrushes. 

Can you Put Powder over Airbrush Makeup?

It is easy to assume that you cannot combine airbrushes and traditional airbrushes.

However, there are some steps in makeup that should not be skipped.

Powder application is one of these steps incorporated into your makeup routine.

So how do you put powder on your airbrush makeup?

There are two ways you can apply makeup: before your airbrush foundation and after the airbrush.

This guide will provide you with enough information to help you understand how you can use powder with your airbrush makeup. 

Do you Use Powder After Airbrush Makeup?

Depending on several reasons, there are different ways you can apply powder to your airbrush makeup. 

You can apply powder before airbrush makeup and after.

However, you cannot use the same powder before the airbrush and after.

So which powder do you use when, and how does it affect your makeup look?

There are two types of makeup powder: setting powder and finishing powder. 

Setting powder: Setting powder comes in loose form and compact powder. You can use either of the two depending on your preference. For example, the compressed powder is easier to apply than loose powder when applying traditional makeup. But if you are using an airbrush, foundation lose is the best option. 

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Finishing powder: finishing powder also comes in compressed and loose form but is softer than setting powder. The finishing powder is also translucent.

We will discuss the two powders in detail to avoid a mix-up when applying makeup. 

Difference between Setting Powder and Finishing Powder

Airbrush makeup is done only on special occasions and should be done perfectly.

If you used the wrong powder on a step, it would mess up your finished look. 

Below is an in-depth view you can use to identify the two powders and their unique functions. 

Setting powder: setting powder is sheerer and more natural-looking. This is the reason it is mainly used with airbrush foundation. Here are some of the uniqueness of setting spray.

  • If you have oily skin, the setting powder will absorb some oil on your skin, making your makeup look flawless.
  • The setting spray offers a smooth, natural layer for your airbrush foundation. Applying foundation on top of the setting powder will be done perfectly with no creases. 
  • Setting powder can hide blemishes on your skin, playing the role of a concealer before applying airbrush foundation.
  • Applying setting spray before your foundation will help reduce the stickiness of the airbrush foundation. 

Applying setting powder before your airbrush foundation is a genius hack that every makeup enthusiast should know.

If you want your makeup to look glossy, use a tiny amount of powder before airbrushing foundation. 

Finishing powder: On the other hand, finishing powder is applied after the airbrush foundation. It is translucent and gives your makeup a natural look. Here are some of the unique functions of finishing powder.

  • Applying finishing powder on top of your airbrush foundation is essential in the evening of all the makeup imperfections.
  • If you are looking for a matte makeup look, finishing powder is your option. The powder absorbs some of the moisture from the foundation. 
  • When you apply finishing powder after airbrushing your foundation, your makeup will last longer than when you don’t.
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Both finishing powder and setting powder can make your makeup look flawless if applied the right way.

So what happens if you mistakenly use finishing powder before applying your airbrush foundation?

 Finishing powder used before the airbrush foundation will not be performing its role.

The finishing powder is applied after the foundation to even out the makeup while hiding any imperfections.

How to use both setting powder and finishing powder in one makeup look

Now that you have gotten this far, you can distinguish between setting powder and finishing powder.

You also know they don’t have the same role but can be used together in one makeup application. 

  • Before doing your makeup, it would be best if you prepped your face with your skincare routine. 
  • Allow the skin to absorb the Moisturizer before applying a primer. You should make sure your primer and airbrush foundation is compatible. 
  • Use a setting powder either in compact or loose form, depending on your preference. However, for easy navigation of the brush, use loose powder. 
  • Make sure you blend the setting powder until it creates perfect coverage. 
  • Airbrush your foundation a little further from your skin to prevent harsh lines and creases. 
  • Use fewer products to avoid your makeup looking cakey.
  • After being satisfied with the coverage, let the foundation dry up for about five minutes. 
  • Apply the finishing powder mainly on the cheekbones, forehead, under the eyes, and chin.
  • Blend the finishing powder using the right brushes till your makeup looks flawless.
  • Apply blush and the rest of the makeup enhancers.
  • Spray a setting spray a distance from your face for even distribution. 

After the process, your makeup will look flawless ad will last longer on your face. 

Make sure you remove the makeup and clean up the face after slaying the day to reduce breakouts. 

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Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser, Moisturize the face or use a night cream for your skincare routine. When you take care of your skin, it will love you back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a setting powder after airbrushing my foundation?

The main aim of using setting powder is to make your makeup last longer.

So you can apply it either before or after airbrushing the foundation.

First, however, let the foundation dry for about 5 minutes to reduce the chances of spoiling the foundation.

Then, use loose powder as it blends easily. 

After how long do I use finishing powder after airbrushing foundation?

The finishing foundation is meant to even out the makeup after application.

Airbrush makeup takes five to six minutes to dry out sufficiently. 

If you use finishing powder before the foundation dries, you will probably cause uneven lines on your makeup. 

Can you use setting powder without a primer?

Setting powder comes in compressed or loose particles.

You can use the setting powder direct on your skin and have a makeup-free day. 

It will control the shine during your day while giving you a natural look. 

Can I use a setting spray with setting powder?

Setting powder is mainly applied before the airbrush foundation.

This helps hold the foundation particles in place.

The setting spray is primarily used after the whole makeup routine.

Setting spray will lock all the products in place. 

So if you want a flawless poreless makeup look, use both setting powder and setting spray.


The beauty of makeup is customization as long as you will feel like the best version of your beautiful self. 

To make sure that the makeup passes the test of time, use a setting powder before applying makeup.

And if you want that picture-perfect look, use the finishing foundation after applying makeup. 

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