All about Airbrush Makeup

All about Airbrush Makeup

Long lasting flawless makeup look, protection against bacteria infections, less time of application, and class is what comes to my mind when someone asks about Airbrush makeup.

If this is the first time hearing about Airbrush makeup, you are not that late. Join me in this guide as I tell you all you need to know about Airbrush makeup.

What is airbrush makeup?

Over the years, new methods of makeup application frequently emerge. Each of the new method is aimed at outdoing the existing methods.

One of the most recent method of makeup application is Airbrush.

Airbrush makeup is the process where makeup is applied using an Airbrush machine. The airbrush makeup uses pressure and very light weight products for it to function as it should.

What is the difference between Airbrush makeup and regular makeup?

Each of the two methods application are unique in their own way. So, the method you decide to use for your makeup application is dependent on several factors.

Some of the notable difference between Airbrush makeup and regular makeup include;

Products used

Since airbrush uses pressure, you will have to use some products that are formulated specifically for airbrush.

Airbrush makeup products are mostly lightweight, and in liquid form. This makes it easy to spray without blocking the airbrush machine nozzle.

Regular makeup on the other hand relies on your skills and hands. You can decide to use cream, liquid, or powder makeup products.


When it comes to the issue of cost, Airbrush makeup is quite expensive than regular makeup. You will need to use specific makeup products that are meant for airbrush, you will also need to buy an Airbrush makeup machine. It is for this reason Airbrush makeup is used mostly by professionals.

Buying brushes and sponges for regular makeup application on the other hand is quite affordable. The makeup products for regular makeup is also affordable than for Airbrush makeup.

Application time

Time taken to apply makeup in both methods is determined by a number of factors.

One is the under of makeup products one is using. If you are doing the whole face glam, you will take a longer than when using a few makeup products.

Another factor that determines the time you will take to apply makeup in both methods is the expertise. A person who is skilled when it comes to using an Airbrush machine will take less time doing a full face makeup than a beginner. Expertise in regular makeup also determines the amount of time taken.


Both methods require some sense of hygiene for the application to be considered safe.

Using dirty brushes and sponges might lead to some skin reactions. Also an Airbrush machine needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure there is no product buildup.

Generally, we can consider Airbrush makeup safer than traditional makeup. This is because you do not touch your face unlike when using regular brushes and sponges.

Makeup finished look

At the end of the day how your makeup appears is what you are going for when choosing the method of application.

Airbrush makeup results to a more flawless look. This is because makeup is applied in layers until you achieve the coverage you are going for.

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There are some chances of your regular makeup producing a cakey makeup due.

How long it last

Airbrush makeup lasts 5 times longer than regular makeup. So, if you want makeup for events or it you have an oily face, you should consider Airbrush makeup.

You can also make your regular makeup last longer by using waterproof makeup.

What are the pros and cons of Airbrush makeup?

What are the pros and cons of Airbrush makeup?

Since the information above is not enough to make a decision on whether Airbrush makeup is good for you or not, you should keep reading this guide (what to do before airbrush makeup).

 Below are some of the things you should expect when using Airbrush makeup.

Pros of Airbrush makeup

  • Very safe

 Even if you want to turn heads day long or just feel good about yourself, your safety should come first.

Provided you clean your Airbrush machine regularly, you can be assured your make-up application is safe.

Also,  there are low chances of getting bacteria transferred on your face as compared to traditional makeup.

  • Easy to apply

The first stages of makeup application is the hardest. However, after you get to learn the skill, makeup application using Airbrush will be so easy. You will however have to be patients and learn the skill.

  • Flawless makeup look

Since you are applying makeup using a machine and the makeup is build able, there are less chances of your makeup becoming cakey.

  • Last longer than ordinary makeup

Airbrush makeup is meant to last longer than ordinary makeup. Once you apply the makeup, you can cry, hug people, sweat and the makeup will still be intact. This is why Airbrush makeup is used for red carpet events and also weddings.

  • Lightweight

Airbrush makeup products are formulated light. You may decide to apply a full face makeup and still feel your face breath.

Airbrush is also build able meaning you can choose to apply light coverage to full coverage without your makeup looking cakey and heavy.

  • Small amount of products are enough

Despite ordinary makeup where you might find yourself using tones of makeup products to cover your face. Just a few amount of Airbrush makeup products will offer something between light to full coverage.

Cons of Airbrush makeup

Despite of Airbrush makeup being good, there are some downside to it.

  • Very expensive

Compared to traditional makeup where you just buy the products and tools from your local beauty store and use your hands to apply, you will need to buy an Airbrush machine and Airbrush makeup products for you to use Airbrush.

The machine and the products are quite expensive and you might find yourself incurring some cost learning to apply Airbrush makeup.

Since most people don’t want to incur the costs, they tend to go professionals for Airbrush makeup application mostly for special events.

  • It will take you a lot of time learning how to apply Airbrush makeup

Just like any other makeup application methods, you will make a few mistakes and take quite a long time learning how to apply makeup using Airbrush.

If you don’t apply the makeup the right way, your pores might be clogged and the makeup end up looking cakey.

  • Difficult to find the products

If you don’t live in a region where Airbrush makeup is embraced, you will have a hard time getting the products.

Unfortunately, you can not use your regular makeup products as they can jam your Airbrush machine.

Other than the few disadvantages, Airbrush makeup is quite advanced and for you to taste it’s advantages, you will need to learn how to use the Airbrush machine.

How to use Airbrush makeup?

How to use airbrush makeup

From the few videos in the internet on Airbrush makeup, it might seem very easy using the Airbrush to apply makeup. However, there is a lot going on and for you to achieve a flawless makeup look, you need to put in long days of practice to achieve perfection.

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Luckily, it is achievable. The guide below will get deep into how the machine work, how to apply Airbrush makeup and common mistake you might make when applying Airbrush makeup.

How does an Airbrush work?

For you to learn how to use an Airbrush, you don’t have to know the interior functioning of the Airbrush machine. You only need to learn the basics.

An Airbrush machine has a cup on the top. This is where you feed in the makeup products. After the makeup enters the hydraulic tank ready to be used.

There is a trigger at the bottom part of the Airbrush gun. Pressing the trigger activates the machine and the products start coming out through the nozzle ready for use.

Once you are done applying makeup you should disconnect all the parts and clean the Airbrush. Do not use water and soap as the machine might rust. Instead use a cloth and a special liquid made for cleaning the Airbrush machine.

Dry the Airbrush machine with a dry clean cloth and store in a dry place.  

How to apply Airbrush makeup?

Learning how to apply Airbrush makeup might take you a long time. But with the help with some of videos on the topic and a few mistakes you will gate there.

If you want to try learning the tricks to make your Airbrush makeup flawless, follow the step-by-step guide I have prepared for your below.

Step 1: Prep your face

Before putting any product on your face, you should ensure your face is well prepped.

  • First use some mild cleansers to clean your face. This ensures your face is ready for the process.
  • Use a scrubber on to remove any buildup of products and remove the dead skin.
  • Cleanse your face once more to remove scrub.
  • Tone your face before going in with a vitamin E serum to calm your face.
  • You can use a hydrated mask for a few minutes to ensure your face is moisturized or use a normal  moisturizer.

The prepping process above is what I basically use when applying my makeup. If you gave your own skin care routine you can incorporate it above.

Step 2: Apply a primer

Despite of prepping your face, you will need to apply a primer before using makeup.

A primer creates a coating on your face protecting it against products that might react with your face.

  • Take the primer you are going for and then use a concealer brush to apply it on your face.
  • Dab the tip of the brush on primer bottle and pick some primer. Using a brush to pick the primer prevents the chances of transferring bacteria using your hands. It also makes application easier.
  • Tap your face with the primer until you are sure every part of your face gets the product.

There are quite a number of primers and the one you choose is dependent by the type of makeup you are applying.

If you are going for water-based makeup you should use a water-based primer. Avoid using silicone-based primer as it is not compatible with water.

 Silicone-based primer also contains some alcohol content that suck moisture from your face which might lead to cracks and skin damage. It might also lead to creased makeup look.

Step 3: Apply Airbrush foundation and Airbrush Concealer

After priming your face, Airbrush foundation is the next. When choosing the foundation, ensure you get the right shade. You should also ensure the Airbrush foundation you are using has the right consistency and is meant for Airbrush use.

You can start by dusting your face with setting powder to create a smooth surface on your face for easy application.

  • Fill the Airbrush machine with just enough Airbrush foundation through the cup. Three drops of the foundation will be enough to achieve full coverage. Applying too much product will make your makeup look unrealistic.
  • Press the trigger away from your face to check if the machine is working. If it is working, press the trigger lightly and start spraying it on your face.
  • Apply the foundation in a circular motion and far from your face.
  • If you are going for a light coverage, one layer will be enough. You can go two to three layers deep for a full coverage. Let the foundation dry and continue to the next products.
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After applying a foundation, you apply Airbrush concealer to hide the blemishes that will still be visible after the foundation.

You will repeat the same process you did for the foundation with the concealer.

Step 4: Apply the rest of the makeup

Most of the rest makeup is applied traditionally. You can choose to apply the or skip the process. If you decide to go on with makeup application;

  • Apply a finish powder over your face and let your makeup bake.
  • Use a lip liner and a lip color depending on the vibe you are going for.
  • Apply eye makeup to make your makeup pop up.
  • After a few minutes, blend in the finish powder. Finish powder will eliminate the glossy look from the concealer and make your makeup look natural.
  • Use a setting spray after to lock in the makeup.

Your makeup at this point if you followed the guide will be flawless. You can enjoy a day of hugging, crying, and sweating without your makeup rubbing off.

How long does Airbrush makeup last?

Depending on the products you used and level of expertise, Airbrush makeup can withstand a day full of activities and sweating without the makeup rubbing off.

Based on a few Airbrush experts I spoke to, your Airbrush makeup can last up to 12 hours without needing a touch up.

How to remove Airbrush makeup?

After a day of slaying, you will need to remove Airbrush makeup and let you face breath and ready for a new day. Below are some methods you can use to remove Airbrush makeup.

Airbrush makeup is waterproof. The usual wipes cannot work on the makeup. You will need more than wipes, soap and water.

  • Use makeup removers: makeup removers are made in a way they can Melt your makeup for easy removal.
  • Apply oil over your makeup: One of the best and the most safe way of removing makeup is applying oil over the makeup and let it breakdown the products for easy removal. Coconut and olive are the most common oils used on make-up removal (see this).
  • Once you makeup has melted, you can use alcohol free wipes to rub the makeup.
  • You can then go ahead and use water and cosmetic soap to wash your face. After, go in with your usual night time skin care routine.

Sleeping with makeup on is the worst mistake you can ever do. Makeup will block your pores causing you to start dealing with some irritation and breakouts.


If you learn how to apply the makeup, Airbrush makeup is one of the most convenient method of makeup application. You can enjoy a day of flawless makeup look for more than 12 hours without going to the washroom for a touchup.

Despite of Airbrush makeup being very amazing, it is expensive and takes time to apply the makeup. It is for this reason most people prefer going to a professional when they need their makeup done.

Learning how to apply Airbrush makeup is not complicated. If you don’t know where to start, you can read the guide above. It has all the tips you need to learn Airbrush makeup application. You should also subscribe to this page for more beauty hacks.


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