Airbrush makeup machine

Airbrush makeup machine

If you want to speak about convenience in makeup, you cannot do that without mentioning Airbrush makeup. And for Airbrush makeup to be done appropriately, an Airbrush makeup machine is a must-have (also you can use airbrush make up without an airbrush). 

Unlike years ago when only professionals could afford it, it is possible to buy an Airbrush makeup machine for yourself easily at a very affordable price. 

Before buying an Airbrush makeup machine, you will have to learn everything there is to learn to avoid future frustrations. Let’s get started. 

What is an Airbrush makeup machine?

An Airbrush makeup machine is a small machine that is made in such a way you can feed in some make-up products and spray them on your face. 

Normally, the Airbrush makeup machine is common among gurus and celebrity makeup artists, but that does not mean as a common makeup enthusiast you cannot learn how to use the machine. But first, we have to look at the common features and parts you should look for in an Airbrush machine. 

Even with a large number of Airbrush makeup machines in the market, there are only two variations in design. 

One design relates to how you feed Airbrush makeup in the gun and how the gun supplies the product. The other variation is the type of trigger used in the Airbrush gun. 

Aside from the variation in design, most of the parts in different Airbrush guns are common. 

The image below is a representation of components found on the Airbrush machine specifically the gravity-fed Airbrush. 

We will get into some of the most vital parts of an Airbrush machine. 


As said above, one of the variation that differentiate the types of Airbrush machines are the type of triggers used. Well, there are two types of trigger;

  • Single-action trigger: This type of Airbrush is the easiest to use. Pre-set the amount of makeup products you want coming from the gun and then press the trigger to release the airflow at the same time. 

Despite of this type of machine being easy to use, you can have a hard time controlling the amount of makeup coming from the gun. 

  • Dual-action trigger: A dual-action trigger Airbrush machine works opposite of how the single-action Airbrush works. 

When you press the trigger on the Airbrush, the gun releases some airflow. Once you pull the trigger back, makeup is allowed in the tank. 

How far you pull the trigger will determine the amount of products allows in. It is for this reason a dual-action trigger is better than a single-action trigger

Now that we are on the subject of the amount of products allowed in the gun, it is better if we look at the types of ways Airbrush makeup products is fed in the Airbrush machine. 

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  • Gravity-fed Airbrush: This type of Airbrush is the most common type of Airbrush machine. It has a little cup that is placed in the top of the gun. The cup is where makeup is fed in. 

A Gravity-fed Airbrush works by pushing the makeup products into the mixing chamber through a combination of pressure and gravity. 

In the mixing chamber is where the products will be atomised into fine mist. And for this type of Airbrush to work, you will have to hold the Airbrush machine upright. 

  • Bottom-fed Airbrush: Unlike the Gravity-fed Airbrush, this type of Airbrush has a plastic bottle attached to the bottom of the Airbrush machine. 

Another difference between the two Airbrush is that bottom-fed Airbrush holds too much products since the bottle is what holds the makeup products. 

Bottom-fed Airbrush works by sucking makeup into the mixing chamber through negative air pressure making it simple to use the Airbrush from any angle. 

This type of Airbrush is mostly used in bodywork and body tanning. 

  • Side-fed Airbrush: This type of Airbrush works the same way as the Gravity-fed Airbrush expect the feeding cup is placed at the side of the gun. 


For an Airbrush to work, there must be a way to atomize the makeup products into a fine mist for easy spraying. This will be only possible if there is a way you can let pressurized air into the machine. This is where a compressor comes in. 

A compressor is a tiny mechanical device that compresses air to create pressure. The pressurized air is what pulls make-up down to the mixing chamber. 

Once the makeup is sucked into the mixing chamber, the pressure created then forces the makeup out of the nozzle in a fine mist form. 

If you want to skip the part of using a compressor on your Airbrush, you can connect cans of pressurized air on your Airbrush. However, you will have to constantly replace the cans once the pressurized air is depleted. 

Although most Airbrush come with compressors, each machine come in different sizes and weight. This all depends on how you are going to use the machine. Professionals airbrush machine come with a large and a more powerful compressor than that used for personal use. 

Aside from the size of the compressor, compressors come with different features that contributes to how they work. Below are some of the most distinctive features of a compressor;

  • Auto shut-off: Due to the noise that is produced by the compressor, some compressors come with feature that shuts off the compressor when not in use. 
  • Adjustable PSI: Different parts of your body require different amount of products. And PSI is what determines the amount of air pressure allowed in the Airbrush. It also determines the amount of makeup released from the nozzle. 
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For example, if you want to tan your body, you will need a large PSI than when working on your face. 

Having a compressor that has adjustable PSI means that you can work on any part of your body at the optimum pressure. 

  • Carry handle: For the purpose of portability, you will need a compressor that has a handle. 
  • Gun holder: Some compressors come with an inbuilt holder that holds the gun when you are working with the gun. The holder also keeps the gun safe and secure. So, if you find out that your compressor does not have a holder, you can buy it separately. 
  • Water trap: As the name suggests, a water trap work by trapping water droplets in the air from mixing with the makeup. If the water droplets gets a way to mix with the makeup, it might interfere with the makeup pattern. 

Most compressors come with a built-in water trap. However, if you find out that your compressor does not have, you can buy one separately. 

4.Hose pipe

A hose pipe is a long rubber that is attached to the Airbrush machine and connects it to the compressor. 

When choosing a hose pipe for your Airbrush, check if the fitting and the thread are compatible. Different brands use different sizes of threads and rubber. 


Another important component of an Airbrush but not commonly used is a manifold. If you want to connect more than one airbrush machine and a rubber hose you will need a component that will support that and this is what a manifold does. 

Before you learn how to use the Airbrush machine, you will need to assemble the Airbrush. While doing so, ensure you are doing it right. Otherwise, your machine will not work as expected.

Know that you know all the components of an Airbrush machine, you can watch this video to learn how to use an Airbrush makeup machine. 

Just like any other machine, you will need to take good care of your Airbrush machine for it to serve you longer. 

An Airbrush machine should last you up to 2 years. However, the lifespan of your Airbrush machine depends on how you maintain your machine. Below are some tips you should use to make your Airbrush machine longer. 

Care and maintenance of an Airbrush makeup machine

An Airbrush is made of different components each with unique features. For each component to work as expected, you will need to handle each component with care. Some of the things you should to your Airbrush machine include;

  1. When assembling the Airbrush, handle each part with care. 
  • For starters, the needle of the Airbrush is sharp. Handle the needle with care to avoid injuries. 
  • The needle and the nozzle should be compatible. Otherwise, your Airbrush will not release any products. 
  • You should also use less pressure when pulling the trigger. Otherwise, you might end up making your trigger loose.
  1. One other thing that might you should do every time you finish up with your Airbrush machine is disassemble the parts. 
  • Leaving the parts connected might lead to some injuries and also some damages. 
  • Clean the Airbrush machine thoroughly to remove all the makeup that might be stuck in the nozzle. 
  • Since most Airbrush makeup  are waterproof, you cannot use water to clean the machine. 
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Aside from water not working on the makeup, it might also react with the metallic parts of the Airbrush causing them to rust. 

  • If the Airbrush machine has some dried makeup particles, you can soak the nozzle in any oil based makeup remover. 
  • After removing the makeup you can pass a makeup remover and use a dryer to remove all the products. 

Once you have cleaned your Airbrush, you should store every part separately in the packaging they came in. Store in a cool dry space. 


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Airbrush makeup is one of the most extraordinary makeup application method of the century. It is safe and results to the most flawless makeup look of all the makeup application methods. 

For you to achieve a flawless makeup look, you need to learn how to use the Airbrush gun. And for the gun to work, you also need to know the components of the gun. 

An Airbrush machine has quite a number of components which all have unique features. In the guide above, I have discussed some of the most vital components you will find on an Airbrush. 

The guide also contain some of the maintenance tips you can use to make your Airbrush machine last longer. 

Read the guide carefully and consider subscribing to this page for more beauty related information.


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